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~DOWNLOAD ☨ Having Her (Lies We Tell, #2) ☧ Behind Every Heroine Is The Pain That Binds HerManga Caf Owner Kara Sinclair Has One Burden She S Been Carrying Around So Long It S Bordering On Pathetic Her Virginity Getting Rid Of It, Though, Means Doing The One Thing That Scares Her The Most Letting Down Her Guard With A Relative Stranger Which Makes Her Best Friend S Older Brother Vin Fox S Offer Too Tempting To RefuseVin Barely Has Room In His Schedule To Turn Around, Much Less Worry About Kara And Her Crazy Quest When She Insists On Going Ahead With A Plan That He Considers Unsafe, Though, Enough Is Enough If She Wants To Lose It, She Can Lose It With Him Bonus He Gets To Play Out His Darkest Fantasies, Slave Collar And AllKara Thought Dealing With A Known Entity Like Sexy As Sin, Controlling As Hell Vin Would Smooth The Way But When It Comes Right Down To Doing The Deed, Not Even The Safety Of A Costume Can Fool Her DemonsBy Then The Game Has Gone Too Far And The Consequences Could Bind Them Together Forever Or Tear Them Apart At The SeamsWarning Contains A Sexy, Brooding Fix You Hero And A Heroine Who Isn T Afraid Of Anything Except Normal More Kinky Cosplay Losts And Founds Than You Can Shake A Riding Crop At WTF Infirmary Is Booked Up Please Make An Appointment Before You Read 2.5 5 3 stars B Although this book felt a bit formulaic in the old fashioned Harlequin style, it had some modern touches I did like the authors exploration of teen mental health issues as well as some of the ways adults carry all their childhood baggage around with them Overall it was a decent contemporary romance, even though the trope was one I don t like The trope I am referring to is where the main characters are hostile to each other, cover up their allegedly great personalities with prickly rudeness, and find true love after some sex, some fighting, and some misunderstandings. this book is a great, sexy read the relationship between Kara and Vin is believable I never understood why the virgin trope uses insta lust with strangers Vin is hardworking, over protective he has set aside his own dreams desires in order to take care of his mother her mental issues , protect his sister and start build a business unlike many of the alphas in romance, he doesn t always know what to do he is commanding, though, and tries to control the variables around him however his motivations come from a very real need to take care of those around him even when he knows that makes him a prick Kara has always taken care of herself her appearance and attitude is very in your face she has always thought Vin was overbearing but hot she has tried to lose her virginity several times but gets flustered which is not typical for her leaves one of these times, Vin has to pick her up and the chemistry factor is through the roof Vin is someone she can trust In Kara, Vin finds someone that allows him to be himself an unexplored and unknown until then self and it is hot This is an angst read you learn about Kara as the story progresses.I really enjoyed that Kara remained strong and mouthy even when she allowed Vin to take control And did I say hot the 2 in the same room could generate enough heat to provide electricity for a small town I know a lot of star war nerds would enjoy the story I already want a sequel there is not a cliffhanger, I just already want to revisit them. Warning This is pretty much crack in book form DO NOT START AFTER MIDNIGHT Not unless 3 a.m and you are BFFs or unless you have self restraint than me This is one of those books that had me stopping every so often to thump a pillow or bite my fist with how utterly perfect the narrative was Not unsurprisingly, I doubt I ll be able to write for a week after this because I have serious, serious talent envy now The trope at play here is little sister s best friend and I LOVE this trope so hard, but I m very picky about seeing it done well Here, it s perfect BFF is mainly out of the picture, off dealing with her own stuff, so there s not a lot of friendship stuff stealing the focus from hero and heroine Also, they both have really good internal conflict keeping them apart beyond just the I don t sleep with my sibling s friends And the smex If you want to know how to write Alpha RIGHT, this book must be on the list Vin is unquestionably Alpha, but he s not an alphahole and his alpha ness is very well motivated Demanding, controlling, dominating smex with heroine enjoying her submissive side it absolutely burns up the pages, but what s unique is how much he values her independence and freedom OUTSIDE of the bedroom This is the safe sane consensual side of master submissive and it s not so OTT as to be unbelievable this is a pairing that s going to make it long term for a whole variety of reasons beyond the kinky fun times. I loved this book I ran to get dinner and read while I ate I put my sheets in the wash and they re still sitting in the dryer right now because I had to finish reading this before I could do anything else.I ve read several titles by Jackie Ashenden, and I ve enjoyed each one for different reasons I thought I wasn t going to be able to like this than the first book in the series, Taking Him, but I was wrong As hot as Hunter and Ellie are togetherVin and Kara are off the charts.The chemistry between them is just fantastic I loved the Master slave dynamic they created, and it felt real Not just fabricated to add BDSM elements to a book It was a real part of the characters, and it worked The problems they faced, how they dealt with them, and the resolutions they came to were wonderfully written.Thank you, Jackie, for yet another amazing book You don t disappoint. There are books I read once and there are books I read again and again Having Her is one of the latter I read it for the first time two months ago and, since then, have read it again and again It s sexy, unexpected, romantic, smart, and, in places, achingly sad The novel meets my criteria for a superb erotic romance the sex shared by the characters is integral to the plot and both are wonderfully done.Kara Sinclair is twenty five and not afraid to stand out in a crowd She wears brightly colored contact lenses, dyes her long hair colors never found in nature, favors biker boots, unusual outfits, and facial piercings She owns a manga Internet cafe, has been living on her own since she was seventeen, and is a bit of a hot head She s also a virgin, a state she d like to change But every time she tries, she ends up running away There s something about sex that makes her feel awkward and insecure She believes if she could just get laid, sex would become easy for her.As the book begins, she s resorted to picking up a strange guy at a bar and going home with him But, the minute it is time to get naked, she runs and finds herself stranded in an iffy neighborhood at eleven o clock at night She calls her best friend Ellie Fox to ask for a ride but it s not Ellie who answers the phone It s Ellie s older brother Vincent who is a complete control freak, arrogant, and the most patronizing bastard she d ever had the misfortune to come across He is also possibly the most beautiful man she d ever met It s true that Vincent is a control freak He s had to be His mother is a schizophrenic who, when violent, wants to kill his sister, and his father abandoned their family when Vince was young Vincent is the one who has always had to be in charge In his early thirties, he owns a successful construction business For years, every choice he s made has been predicated at making sure his sister, mother, and business are safe He s never applied to architecture school his childhood dream and has never had time for a relationship He can t remember ever doing anything that was just for himself.Vince picks up Kara and is shocked to hear she s a virgin and appalled to hear she s planning to give herself to a stranger He tells her she can do better, in fact, she damn well better do better She says, unless he wants to be the one, he can damn well stop telling her what to do At first Vince says he s not interested but after a few days of Kara sending him provocative texts of the guys she s considering, he makes her an offer.You know what I m offering, baby girl You want to lose your virginity Then it needs to be with someone who ll keep you safe With someone who knows what they re doing and who ll make it good for you Who won t take advantage of you.Vince doesn t just make it good for Kara He makes it extraordinary not only for Kara but for himself He does so by setting up rules that are perfect for them both You don t have to do anything, Vin went on, still quiet, still in charge All you have to do is follow my orders Because you re here for my pleasure and my pleasure alone Do you understand His pleasure alone Shit She should be protesting, shouldn t she Telling him where to stick his sexist bullshit Yet the words stuck in her throat.Because this is what you want This is exactly what you want.Kara struggled to take a breath Yeah, God, it was what she d fantasized about Someone telling her what to do Taking away the burden of her inexperience so she didn t have to worry about it And even important than that, he was giving her a role to play A mask to wear Some extra armor to protect herself in a situation where she felt unprotected A way to feel less vulnerable.She didn t have to be Kara, the freaky ass chick with the weird hair who dressed funny The girl nobody, not even her family, wanted She could just be a slave girl.Vin s slave girl.Kara and Vin enter into a sexual relationship that is twisted, complex, and powerful Theirs isn t a typical dom sub liaison There s no violence, and, when Kara needs it, Vin gives her control When they are not having sex, they are equals, each pushing the other to ask from life Their path is hard and both find it almost impossible to not be limited by their troubled pasts Their HEA made me cry.I loved their story and, if you like demanding erotic romance, you will too. After a late night recommendation from Maisey Yates, and a copy of the book from Jackie Ashenden, I set out to explore the dark awesome of Vin and Kara.HOLY CRUST I mean, oh my god This was dark, it was harsh, these two were by no means perfect people, but I freaking loved every single word.There was snarkiness, there was incredible sexual chemistry, there were moments of dark, heartbreaking emotion I read this almost in one hit today, and I cannot express in words how much I loved it.So I will express it through gif This book had the perfect balance of sexy times interesting plot emotionally written characters It was perfectly written with damaged characters but no manufactured drama Stubborn Kara and Vin were both in an epic stare down to see who would blink first and show any weakness or vulnerability They both had pretty messed up childhoods and I really enjoyed the story as they worked through their issues and opened up to each other.I don t want to give too much away about the plot, but I highly recommend this amazing book Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review4.5 STARSI swear I don t know what it says about me that I HAD to read this book by author Jackie Ashenden purestdelightawardwhen the first book in this series left me mentally exhausted and a little bit crazy, but I had to and I did and let s just say once again I m mentally exhausted and a little bit crazy It s even in the warning on the book WTF Infirmary is booked up please make an appointment before you read They aren t kidding this is another book that was arousing as it was confusing, it was sweet as it was hard core, and it was as honest as it was effed up But who will be standing in line when the next one comes out Yep that would be me, so I think I deserve a freakin wing named after me at the WTF Infirmary We met both Kara Sinclair and Vincent Fox in the first book in this series Kara is Ellie s best friend and Vin is her older brother There were enough hints in the last book that something was going on between them but holy hell nothing prepared me for everything these two were dealing with These two characters have some seriously messed up baggage and so putting them together quadruple their issues But, I couldn t leave it alone I could not put this book down it had me from the first chapter and despite a few parts where I wanted to strangle one or both of the main characters, so help me I loved this ugly, brutal, crazy messed up love story.Kara and Vin embark on a purely sexual relationship, one that benefits them both However, it s not a plain old vanilla relationship, oh hell no it is one strange, mixed up, leave you inhibitions at the door and explore your kinky side relationship I honestly think they were both a little shocked at how they dealt with being together but somehow it worked until it didn t, and then wow some really interesting turn of events happen They both have to deal with their past, what is going on right now, and the fallout from being together means for their future.I d love to say really I would because this book is just stuck in my brain but I can t without giving too much away Let me repeat that author Jackie Ashenden is a superb writer her stories are emotionally gripping, they make you think and feel, and they are not pretty However, Having Her will keep you entertained, it will than likely have you saying WTF than once, and it will definitely make you a fan These books aren t for people who want the fairy tale these books are for people who know sometimes you ve got to crawl through the trenches to come out on the other side alive, whole, and happy. 3.5 starsOh, the angst Had a few quibbles e.g., cutting placement on wrists rather than upper arms, thighs, stomach but overall enjoyed this quite a bit There was actual interaction between the h h beyond just sex, including fights and apologies and personal growth It s a sad comment on the genre when this is something worthy of note rather than just a given Will definitely be looking for by the author.