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Damien is a blind pack leader Julia is his true mate Someone is trying to capture her why What secrets does her grandmother know and why did the wolf who tried to kidnap her say They didn t know what she is Love this series. Copy from netgalleyOk I will start by saying I was lost from the first section of this book Netgalley said it was a stand alone but I think reading the first part would make it a lot easier to understand I eventually managed to catch up and get the idea of the story The story itself was quite good but it was very obvious I had missed a lot of stuff int he first book, and with it being a short read I felt it was just jumping in half way through Saying that it was written well and I did enjoy the storyI just wish I hadn t missed the first part before venturing in @Download Á Perfect Mate ß The Standalone Romance Novella Which Follows The Bestselling Shifter Romance Blind Wolf Julia Always Thought That She Was Human When The Blind Leader Of A Pack Of Straggling Misfits Claims Her As His One True Mate, She Accepts That She Is In Love With Damien Despite Their Radical Differences But After Another Shifter Wolf Attacks Them, He Points To Her As He Dies And Utters Words That Will Change Julia S Life Forever She S Not What You Think She Is From New York Times Bestselling Author Aubrey Rose Comes A Thrilling Sequel To The Bestselling Shifter Romance Blind Wolf That S Equal Parts Romance And Suspense This Werewolf Shifter BBW Romance Novella Is , Words Long, Has Some Naughty Language, And A Lot Of Naughty Sex Be Warned ARC received through Netgalley Perfect Mate was a nice and short story, following the first book Blind Wolf At first I thought it could be read as a standalone but well if you haven t read the first part, then you ll be lost like I was at first It took me a little time to understand that Damien was blind and was the leader of his pack composed of shifters who s been cast out from their original pack shame on me I know, but I was tired so The end was better but I still wouldn t put up than 3 stars even if I was touched by the characters such as Damien, Dee she s pretty strong for a grand ma or even Jordan who put a light touch to the book I love the cover and the summary buy my expectations were higher maybe a little too high so I was a little disappointed. Ok. 3.5 starsPerfect mate is 200% better than Blinded Wolf The wolf who was captured and was unconscious now has woken up and has secrets to reveal that will change everything But he isn t the only one who is keeping things for our characters Grandma Dee is not who she seems to be, someone from the pack is going to betray them and the happily ever after for Damien and Julia is not for sure If there is another book in the series I want it to be about Jordan and not JD I feel sad for those who read and disliked the first book and won t read this. d book is just as d name suggests it. Not as good as the first, but a great continuing of the story I liked that there was info on the world and Julia especially On a minor note, I wished others found her goodlooking too Last book the hero s pack member thought her looks were beneath the hero s This book the villain commented on how fat she was It is what it is Other than that, I will def check out the next book in the series Great story. Sigh Yes, I m a masochist. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in place of an honest review.I hate to say that I didn t read the first book of this series but I will be going back to read it to see what I missed Julia is the mate to Damien who is a wolf That isn t all that makes it so special, Damien is also blind He can since emotions and it has helped him hone in on his scent of smell and hearing I know I am missing some great things that happened in the first book so I just got it on the tail end of Damien fighting another wolf I know that Julia isn t comfortable with herself or Damien s love for her.As I read this book I noticed that not everything is what it seems There is still some secrets that need to come out You don t know until the very end who is on which side I was pulling for these two until the very end I just about had a heart attack when I heard Dee say that they had to leave and Julia had to stop seeing Damien I loved the ending and couldn t have imagined a different one.