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Why, oh writer, do you need to have a Mike and a Mark and a Jess and a Cass Why do you need to throw some twenty similarly named people all with the same job of being in the British Navy at the reader in the first ten pages Why do you start a page in one time and place, only to shift to another time and place in the next paragraph Of course, we have no clue until five paragraphs later that we are now back in time I suspect if I were in the mood for this type of storytelling it might have gone down better The setting was great, the scenario was interesting to a point I don t care about thing one and thing two s impending divorce But I m just not up for a book that reads like a fever dream, where a sentence or gesture from one character propels the story into a time shift Whosits will reach for a glass of wine and it will make FlippityFloo flash back to a long ago dance party The reader of course gets no warning Reader has to figure out from the context if we re in modern day or back in the early days Honestly I really wanted to like this book It had potential But it is too bogged down in quirks to merit than two stars. If ever a book needed a cast of characters listing in the beginning then The Sea Garden by Marcia Willett is it It was incredibly confusing and took me ages to figure out who everyone was A young girl, Jess, is awarded the David Porteous Botanical Painting Award and is invited by David s widow to stay with her in Devon Here Jess meets a bewildering array of people who have been friends forever, plus their children, and their children It transpires that these people knew Jess s grandparents So the book flashes back to the heady 60s then to the present while the mystery of Jess and her grandparents slowly untangles The story has an old fashioned air about it in a rather Rosamunde Pilcher way, and as I couldn t relate to the quirkiness or nonsense of the characters all of whom are unhappily married, divorced, widowed, just hanging in there or determined not to be married, I felt a little apart from it all The author s love for this part of the world is evident and there are some lovely descriptive passages Reading reviews after I had written this, I discovered that this is a continuation of Willett s other stories which involve these characters one reviewer said you need to start at her first and then read them in order None of this is mentioned in the blurb, so false publishing I say @Download Pdf º The Sea Garden Ë Jess Penhaligon Is On Her Way To Devon To Receive An Award For Her Botanical Painting Hosting Her Will Be Kate, Who Gladly Welcomes Her Into Her Home Jess S Own Family Fell Apart Several Years Ago, So She Is Grateful For Kate S Friendliness And Her Close Unit Of Extended Family And Friends, Who Embrace Jess Just As WarmlyAs This Group Begins Reminiscing On Their Pasts And Sharing Their Stories With Jess, It Becomes Apparent That Her Family History May Be Linked With Theirs Long Buried Secrets From Past Generations Begin To Be Uncovered But At What Cost Have They Been Kept Hidden I loved this book even without the back story for the characters I agree that it takes a while to get your head around the characters I did have to write them down in the early stages, but once I d got that straight I really loved the book Marcia s books are so comfortable and relaxing xx I am on the second to last of Marcia Willett s booksjust finished the Sea Garden and immediately began to read Postcards from the PastIt is the only way to tackle Willett s novelsstart with the first one and simply plough through to the last.she repeats her characters in subsequent stories, but not necessarily in sequence, which unless you read them one after the other makes for incredible confusionYou find yourself reading backwards to try to remember where you saw that character, and who was that girl, or was that the guy etcher books are deceptively complicated, the plots twist and turn to the past and back again making you dizzy, but excited to see what happens nextthey are not simple page turnerson the contrary her descriptive passages are lyrical and you get the feeling with each book that you would like to pick up and fly to the moors she describes so wonderfullyI am sorry that there is only one after this one and I have to wait for it till the end of the yearhowever the great thing is that the very complicated plots and numerous characters that might confuse the reader, mean that I can start all over again without feeling that I read the books before I found this very confusing at the start because of all the different characters but once I knew who was related to who it became much easier and I enjoyed the book Some of the descriptive passages were excellent and I could see the image clearly as I read. Great story, an enjoyable read little mystery with tangles family and friends relationships. I found this to be a pleasing, gentle story, somewhat reminiscent of Maeve Binchy and Rosamunde Pilcher What a relief, as thrillers are everywhere and I ve certainly read my share recently This is my second novel by Marcia Willett, and, again one finds a recurring, poignant awareness of those loved ones who have gone before The intertwining generations, the nostalgic glimpses of days gone by, and the author s rich depiction of natural elements are all factors which weave the tale together successfully From my Arizona summer perspective I particularly savored this description of a season ebbing, with emphasis on the water element The long spell of fine autumn weather changes Atlantic fronts sweep in from the west, bruise colored clouds piling and toppling into downpours of rain Rivers run high and fast, burst their banks, and smash small ancient bridges Then suddenly, all is quiet again The storms race away to the east and a waning moon, cast about with a shawl of stars, rises in the clear night sky The temperature drops, hoar frost whitens bare twigs and fallen leaves, and puddles creak and splinter underfoot as ice begins to form Sorting the characters was initially a bit daunting, but they did become clear as the novel progressed In the audio version the narrator was very effective. This book is full of relationships it s a continuation of the saga that began years and years ago with the story of the Navy families, and I don t wonder that some people gave it up, because there s a lot of relevant back story in 5 or 6 other books and no mention of that at all in the cover copy Huge backlist opportunity lost by the publisher I promise you will care a lot about the characters if you ve been reading Willett for a while and know the back stories So, in context, as part of that large story, this is a small gem Go read her other books, then come back to this It is a bit short, though Sigh.