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A good rendition of the story of the Reeds and the Donner party that is appropriate for high school reading lists for certain I found it to be sympathetic without obscuring the truth You get the picture of the tragedy, while also the many mistakes that were made by several parties. RtC This is a wonderful historical novel for middle grade and young adult readers and for adults It is an account of the Donner Party s harrowing trip from Missouri to California as seen through the eyes of 13 year old Virginia Reed The writing is excellent and the characters come alive You feel the suffering and pain, the love among family members and friends, and the conflicts that develop Although I knew the basic story of the Donner Party, which was stuck in the Sierra Nevada mountains for a snowy winter, I never understood all that happened along the way It is a sad, yet inspiring, story. A really compelling story in which the author captures the voice of the young female narrator perfectly It is well written and well researched The emphasis on the difficulties in the earlier stages of the cross country trek were a revelation to me and I appreciated the fewer pages devoted to the horrific winter with which we arefamiliar. I received this book in the mail and proceeded to read it until I had finished late that night This book was one of those I can t put it down books and I even called for Chinese delivery so I didn t have to take time out to cook The book is very well written and it seems the author really did her research She even lives close to Donner Pass The characters were well developed and I thought of them for days after reading the book I can t wait for her next book Fantastic historical fiction I was at Sutter s Fort in the gift shop when I found this book If you are interested in historical fiction and specifically want to knowabout the Donner Party, I highly recommend this book. Part of Jess Walter s novel Beautiful Ruins referred to The Donner Party story It interested me enough to pick up this book so I can learn . 3.5 This was not what I expected, but I enjoyed it It was a gripping story about a disastrous journey from Illinois to California in the 1800s, and while the infamous thing everyone knows about the Donner Party is not as big a part of the book as I had thought it would be, I wasn t disappointed because I was pleasantly surprised about everything else. We all think we know what happened to the Donner Reed Party This book tells the story from the point of view of 13 year old Virginia Puss Reed It is very well researched and written perfectly so that an elementary student learning about pioneers could easily read and understand The book details the everyday occurrences that happened along the trail with vividness The reader can begin to understand how little mistakes can add to up a huge consequence I was a bit nervous about how the book would address the winter that they were snowed in, but the book did a great job of addressing what happened without going into details that would disturb a young reader I received a copy through GoodReads First Reads. ^Pdf ↡ All We Left Behind ☜ It Is , And Thirteen Year Old Virginia Reed Is Pioneering Two Thousand Miles From Illinois To California With Her Parents, Younger Sister And Brother, And The Donner Family She S Proud To Ride Ahead Of The Wagon Train Each Day Beside Her Beloved Father, JamesBut Enthusiasm Turns To Alarm When Her Father And Other Party Leaders Make Decisions That Put The Families Dangerously Behind Schedule Provisions Dwindle Hardships Mount Anger Erupts In A Frantic Effort To Reach California Before Winter, The Donner Party Takes An Untried Shortcut, With Heartbreaking ResultsVirginia Painfully Realizes The Fallibility Of The Adults In Her Life And Begins To Rely On Her Own Judgment When The Party Becomes Trapped In The Sierra Nevada Mountains By Early Snows, She Must Find The Courage To Defy Her Father In Order To Save The Rest Of Her Family