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Good story This book was another quick read It is enjoyable reading about places you know and have visited The characters are well developed and the plot holds your interest. Grace Conley has lived her married life in Nashville She has four grown children and has been recently widowed She finds herself at a loose end and talks to herself or her husband about everything She is visiting her daughter who goes to town in Gatlinburg and comes across a deserted property.A strange woman in Gatlinburg sees her surrounded by mimosas running an inn.In what appears to be a foolish and rash decision to her family, Grace Conley buys the old bed and breakfast and sets to work resurrecting the Mimosa Inn In a short time, she is the beloved new resident of the small town of Townsend The river runs right by her property and a small hanging bridge connects to the other side, where the handsome Casanova Jack Teague makes his home Jack has a redoubtable reputation even in his fifties, but there is some attraction between the two.Down by the River is a feel good book The characters are likable and believable This is an inspirational story, and there is a lot about finding God, or leaving your troubles to a higher power There are no quotes from Scriptures like some books have, but the theological points put forward are thought provoking At the same time they do not take over the book.Find outabout this book at A Million Kindle Books. DOWNLOAD BOOK ☹ Down by the River ♲ A Charming Portrait Of The Smokies, Their People, And A Wonderful Way Of Life Deborah Smith, New York Times Bestselling Author Set Against The Backdrop Of Tennessee S Breathtaking Smoky Mountains, Lin Stepp S Down By The River Is A Warm Hearted Novel That Proves It S Never Too Late Or Too Early For A Fresh Start While On A Visit To The Smokies, Grace Conley Makes A Stunning Decision She S Going To Walk Away From Her Busy Life In Nashville To Move To Tiny Townsend And Open A Bed And Breakfast There S A Beautiful Old Inn For Sale Along The Little River That Will Do Perfectly Of Course, Grace S Family Is Scandalized After All, She S A Middle Aged Widow And As A Career Homemaker, She S Always Been Available For Babysitting, Chauffeuring, And Generally Being The Peacemaker Among Her Grown Children Has Grace Lost Her Mind She Begins To Wonder The Same Thing Once She Finds Herself Attracted To The Local Ladies Man But The Surprises Don T Stop There To Further Complicate Her Move, Grace S Daughter, Margaret, Has Grudgingly Come To Live With Her Having Just Graduated From College, Remote Townsend Is Not Where She Envisions Her Future Yet The Handsome Young Minister Next Door Is Convinced He And Margaret Are Meant For Each Other As Life Choices Abound, Soon Both Women Will Discover That The Biggest Decisions Require Confidence, A Sense Of Humor And A Deep, Abiding Faith Praise For Lin Stepp And Her Smoky Mountain Novels I Ve Finally Come Across Someone That Believes In All The Things That I Dolove, Family, Faith, Intrigue, Mystery, Loyalty, Romance, And A Great Love For Our Beloved Smoky Mountains Dolly Parton A Wonderful, New Southern Voice Joan Medlicott, Author Of The Bestselling The Ladies Of Covington Series I really enjoyed this book by Lin Stepp First, it is set in the beautiful East Tennessee Smoky Mountains in a small town near Gatlinburg Second, it is about a middle aged woman whose family is grown, her husband has been deceased for three years and she is ready for a new start in life So she buys an inn against the wishes of her children and her formidable mother in law She had always been treated like a beautiful trophy wife who was just a housewife and mother It is wonderful watching her character evolve with this new venture I really enjoyed the character of Grace because she is a similar age to me and facing some similar situations I was impressed that her character was able to see her worth in the amazing crafts that she created despite her family having trivialized her crafting in the past And that her homemaking and event planning skills were put to use in her new business endeavor.It is not always easy for Grace Conley Though she was the perfect wife and mother for thirty years, she neglected her own ambitions and neglected her family She did what a lot of people do she didn t always think about how her actions were affecting others Luckily she has a mother to set her straight Many of the characters in this story grow in their Christian walk which is very inspiring.This is a romance, a mystery and a Christian novel Lin Stepp, the author, has provided a study guide at the end of the novel if you are reading this in a small group or book club This is the first book of Lin Stepp s that I have read and definitely will not be the last Thanks for taking me back to the glorious Smoky Mountains through your words Review of Down By the River by Lin SteppIt is absolutely refreshing to read a contemporary romance about two middle age adults Lin Stepp, weaves a wonderful romance between Jack Grace At first glance, these two do not seem that they would ever be compatible Jack loves the ladies and makes no bones about it, while Grace, a fairly recent widow, is very conventional Lin does a commendable job taking these two adults on a journey in which they discover quite a bit about themselves Who says you can t change and reform as you get older This novel takes place at Townsend in The Great Smoky Mountains and Lin always maintains the unique ambiance of these people It makes you at the very least want to visit and stay at The Mimosa Inn to meet the people, stay for dinner and set a spell.I highly recommend this novel.Mary MoorePublisher The North Pole Press Not my usual choice of reading material, but I think this novel will speak to many Christian literature lovers I was lured in because it takes place in Tennessee s Smokey Mountains Grace is a woman of a certain age and stage in life where she is done being used up by everyone She shocks her family by leaving and getting a life of her own Now I understand many people are rolling their eyes, because it doesn t seem earth shattering but keep in mind this is a woman who lived a traditional life where her family was her center It s funny how out of sorts people get when reliable mom has a thirst for life She falls for the local womanizer, then her college graduate daughter comes to live with her and as is often the case, life takes them to places other than they had planned for It is a sweet read about family and who wouldn t love the Smokey Mountains Again, I think it just isn t my usual genre but I think it s lovely all the same. When I picked up the Advanced Copy, I was completely unfamiliar with the author I liked that it was set in the Smoky Mountains and that it was about an older woman who wanted to make changes in her life What I didn t know was that it is Christian Fiction book, and that most of the changes Grace makes are moved by God.I liked the story line of the book The characters are realistic and endearing There are a few plot twists to keep you reading I found the whole thing to be completely charming. I wish I could like this book However, when I can tell you who will end up with who, how they are going to get there, and most of what will happen along the way within the first few chapters Not so much.Having said that, I have never written a novel to completion Praise should be given for at least that I was not aware this was a Jesus book when I started I was intrigued because it is set in my favorite Tennessee city of Townsend, a place where I used to take my boys camping every summer I stuck with it just to read about the places I knew so well My problems with the book were, Grace s children were not happy with her decision to buy the BB They had one daughter involved in the story line but never mentioned if the other 3 kids dealt with it or what Also at the end of the book they brought up this mysterious unsolved murder WTF Maybe this is a series I don t know, don t care The author described people as flouncing waaaaay to much This is my latest title set in the Great Smoky Mountains It will be out May 27th, published by Kensington Publishing of New York and is already up for pre order on , Barnes Noble, Books a Million and other sites Early reviews are all strong and I hope everyone will love reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it From the publisher s fact sheet about the book With the charming small town setting and light inspirational tone of Jan Karon s beloved Mitford books, Lin Stepp s Smoky Mountain series will delight readers looking for a sweet, satisfying novel of faith and friendship, filled with loving relatable characters While on a visit to the Smoky Mountains, recently widowed Grace Conley decides to buy a beautiful bed and breakfast in the small town of Townsend, Tennessee Her plan to leave Nashville and renovate the old inn scandalizes her family, who rely on Grace for babysitting and for helping out her grown children and young grandchildren Even Grace starts to wonder if she s going a little crazy when she finds herself attracted to the local ladies man, Jack Teague If things weren t complicated enough Grace s college aged daughter Margaret comes to live with her, sparking the interest of the young minister next door Making a new life down by the river will require a lot of self confidence, a ready sense of humor, and a deep abiding faith qualitites that Grace fortunately has in ample supply If you enjoy this book, there are five others published and manyto come, including Makin Miracles, set in Gatlinburg, TN and coming out in January 2015 Forabout my books, see