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[Read Epub] ⚖ Perfect Harmony ☢

I did like this novel but part of it felt out of touch, like I couldn t get into it emotionally wise. this book was just ehh for me did not care for the beginning of the book, Melody was too weak minded and Chase was a jerk As the book progressed i felt it got better so that is why i didn t give it 2 stars. [Read Epub] ♂ Perfect Harmony ♂ Openhearted File Clerk, Melody Watts, Dreams Of Being A Singer However, When She Discovers Her Agent Boyfriend Is Having An Affair With Her Best Friend, She Sneaks Into Her Boss S Empty Office One Night To Be Alone In Her Misery Shy And Self Conscious, Melody Has Given Up On Love And Life, Believing There Is No Reason Anyone Could Ever Want Her However, Her Life Changes When She S Caught Sobbing By Her Handsome Boss, And They Re Both Gripped By An Undeniable AttractionChase Strong Is The Suave Billionaire CEO Of Multinational Record Company, Harmony Records After His Starlet Fianc Gives Him An Ultimatum On Marriage, Chase Is Furious And Willing To Do Anything For Revenge Even If That Means Seducing The Mousy File Clerk He Discovers Weeping In His OfficeChase Offers Melody A Choice Swap Her Grey Sweatpants For A Breathtaking Dress And Dance The Night Away With Him In A Fairytale Dream Come True But Only For One Night Melody Has Never Taken Such A Risk Before, But Will A Night With This Gorgeous And Powerful Stranger Be Than She Bargained For Or Will She Risk Opening Her Heart To A Man Incapable Of Love, Who Will Promise Anything To Get A Woman He Desires Into His Bed A charmingly fast read A cute storyline with interesting dialogue but neededcharacter development detail she is wearing a black dress then all of a sudden she is wearing a red dress there a few a these misprints in the book they do distract from the fun story Still it was a good read. 2.5 stars A little too abrupt for my taste Could be better withdepth and characters development It was so so. This book had the potential to be great however the story lined jumped around alot The two characters only spent a small amount of time together and then Bizarre If the author could take this book back and add in the missing chapters I would easily give it 4 stars. it was greater than average but not anything extraordinary fits all the standards of a typical romance novel Abrupt but it was ok. I tolerated it, gave it a three stars cause still, I managed to finish it It was very lacking in a lot of angles Like how they were inconsistencies in tiny details Like for example, she was described as wearing pants a second ago then he put his hand under her dress a second after There were few of those technicalities I have noticed Also, I didn t like the fact that when the good bits came, that s when both of their POV won t come It keeps you hanging and wondering what the hell did he think about that Also again with the inconsistency, both characters eere inconsistent with their views and attitudes I was like, WTF , the next. I am really torn about this book as I enjoyed it but was left somewhat disappointed in the end I did enjoy the story line but the book moves through the story at break neck speeds which did keep me reading this all in one session I would have loved afleshed out story with the chance to really get to know the characters and understand the choices they made.