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I thought it would be a good idea to brush on my non existent knowledge of epics I cannot rate the Epic of Gilgamesh because I only listened to it as it was among the first piece of literature known to man and I was curios Plus it was short I am reading the Literature Book, an excellent history of the art of the written word and this was the first entry The first category is called heroes and legends and covers titles from 3000 BCE to 1300 CE I am planning to read some of the books mentioned there while I go through that tome so I will be mentioning TLB quite often in the following period Ok, back to the Epic of Gilgamesh It was written on tablets in ancient Sumer, at around 2100 BCE and discovered in 1853 The fragments tell the story of King Gilgamesh of Uruk, an oppressive ruler of how he changes to a hero after he is taught a lesson by the gods It is probably the first bildungsroman in history.I cannot say I enjoyed listening to this Epic but I am glad I did Since I am so confounded I decided not to give any rating My Epic adventure continues with The Iliad, which is definitely not short as this one, so it will probably takes some time Wish me luck that I will enjoy the process. . READ DOWNLOAD ♘ Shūtur eli sharrī ♪ A Epopeia De Gilgamesh Um Antigo Poema Pico Da Mesopot Mia, Sendo Uma Das Primeiras Obras Conhecidas Da Literatura Mundial Acredita Se Que Na Sua Origem Estejam Diversas Lendas E Poemas Sum Rios Sobre O Mitol Gico Deus Her I Gilgamesh, Que Foram Reunidos E Compilados No S Culo VII A C Pelo Rei Assurbanipal Recebeu Originalmente O T Tulo De Aquele Que Viu A Profundeza Sha Naqba Muru Ou Aquele Que Se Eleva Sobre Todos Os Outros Reis Sh Tur Eli SharrA Sua Hist Ria Gira Em Torno Da Rela O Entre Gilgamesh E Seu Companheiro Ntimo, Enkidu, Um Homem Selvagem Criado Pelos Deuses, Para Distrair O Primeiro E Evitar Que Ele Oprimisse Os Cidad Os De Uruk Juntos Passam Por Diversas Miss Es, Que Acabam Por Descontentar As Divindades A Parte Final Do Pico Centrada Na Reac O De Gilgamesh Morte De Enkidu, Que Acaba Por Tomar A Forma De Uma Busca Da Imortalidade As for human beings, their days are numbered, and only their achievements that could establish their name to the latter generations The oldest discovered truly literature epic ever in history, the immortal outstanding Odyssey of Iraq Gilgamesh, the two thirds god, symbol of Sumerian myth Origin of all stories and tales, which the old ancient civilizations quoted Source of myths and superstitionYou would be surprised by knowing the ancient assets of present, that the men just do developing rather than innovate from nothingUnmatchable effort from the archaeologist Taha Baker to reintroduce the Arabic edition, further the high quality translation, he made great analysis and imagination to the missed parts of the mud tablets, and wrote margins to match the bible phrases to the one in THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH Penguin edition was twice long as the Arabic one, because it offered several texts of Babylonian and Sumerian tablets so don t worry about any skip in the Arabic translation.I think the following paintings are able to seduce you to read the EPIC 8 The first eight paintings by the Iraqi Raad Felih 1GILGAMESH meets SIDURI the god of beer and wine 2GILGAMESH catches the horns of the holy bull 3The monsters treated ENKIDU as a traitor after a prostitute seduces him 4GILGAMESH and ENKIDU verse HUMBABA, the guardian of the Cedar Forest 5GILGAMESH and ENKIDU on their own journey 6ENKIDU after cutting the head of Holy bull sent by Ishtar s dad 7GILGAMESH crosses the death sea, to reach the flood hero UTNAPISHTIM.8GILGAMESH sends a prostitute to seduce ENKIDUAnother must seen paintingsDiscovering of two statuses to men with a body of winged Bull Comparing to lion body, this is how big is GILGAMESH GILGAMESH with a whip GILGAMESH and his friend ENKIDU GILGAMESH sorrow after ENKIDU s death GILGAMESH after a serpent robbed the eternity fruitA short video about story line of the EPIC A song about the EPIC by KAZIM EL SAHER, soonThe EPIC as a carol in Arabic should push you into the mood The EPIC as a carol 5.0 stars I thought this story was AMAZING However, before I go any further I do want to point out that this review is solely for the version I read which was Gilgamesh A New English Version by Stephen Mitchell I say this because for a story written over 4000 years ago approximately 2100 BC about a King who lived over 4700 years ago approximately 2750 BC and was written in cuneiform in an extinct language Akkadian , I imagine that the particular translation one reads may have a profound impact on the reading experience I also note that the version I read has been criticized by others for being too subjective an interpretation I will probably read an alternative translation at some point to compare the two but for now all I can say is that I LOVED STEPHEN MITCHELL S VERSION In addition to having the complete text of the epic poem, Mitchell includes about 75 pages worth on analysis and insight into the story that I thought enhanced the reading experience for me Rather then go into the details of the story which are adequately explained in the book description and are fairly well known, I will just give some thoughts about my impression of the story This is an epic heroic story in the ancient sense of the word Gilgamesh is a hero like the Greek gods, not necessarily good but rather smarter, stronger andpowerful than all those around him Later when he meets his friend brother Enkidu, the two embark on the first quest adventure ever written and their travels make for a wonderful story While reading this, I kept finding myself thinking that I can t believe this was written over 4000 years ago and is still so incredibly entertaining I was also amazed that this story again written over 4000 years ago includes an almost verbatim version of the Great Flood story from the Old Testament down to the smallest details There is a similar allusion to the loss of innocence through the machinations of an evil serpent that bear a striking example to the Fall of Adam and Eve I thought this was fascinating on many levels Finally, and most importantly in my opinion, this story is about the journey of knowledge and self discovery and about learning that the home you may have once run away from in order to look for greener pastures can turn out to be a pretty special place after all From that perspective alone, this is a beautifully written and powerful story and one that I would strongly recommend One final note I listened to the audio version narrated by George Guidall who did an absolutely superb job and added to my enjoyment of the narrative HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION The one who saw the abyss I will make the land know Of him who knew all, let me tell the whole storyin the same wayIs there a king like him anywhere Who like Gilgamesh can boast, I am the king From the day of his birth Gilgamesh was called by name An exorcist priest named Sin Leqi Unninni is famous for being the scribe who recorded the best preserved version of the Epic of Gilgamesh He lived in Mesopotamia between 1300 11oo BC His name translates roughly as The Moon God is One Who Accepts my Prayers The poem is thought to have existed as much as a 1000 years before Sin Leqi Unninni transcribed this version, which would make this story over 4000 years old It is remarkable that we have these clay tablets at all We have pieces of the story in other forms, and any translator who takes on the task of looking with fresh eyes at these cuneiform shapes relies heavily on the other scattered pieces to fill in the gaps of the missing sections of clay or the parts that have been rubbed into obscurity Here is an example of what is readable out of the severely damaged tablet V column VI road a second time threw down EnkiduThey cut off the head of Humbaba It makes me think of when I was a kid watching a show, and the TV signal would start going on the fritz The picture would start flipping and turning to static probably a passing low flying UFO I would be banging on the set because that always helps and frantically wiggling the ears until the rabbit is squawking I d get pieces of sound with distorted dialogue Finally, the signal would be reacquired just in time for me to hear, That was amazing, Magnum Fortunately, John Gardner and John Maier were able to resurrect the missing pieces from other sources, and they share that with us so we can see what we probably missed It would have been wonderful to read how Sin Leqi Unninni would have interpreted that particular dynamic scene of Gilgamesh and Enkidu subduing Humbaba One can only hope thatGilgamesh pieces are still out there to be discovered and maybe, even possibly, another copy of this particular translation When I think of Gilgamesh, I also think of Beowulf Both are epic, larger than life heroes whom I frequently, in my youth, mixed up It wasn t until I was at college, taking literature courses, that I managed to pry the two apart into two separate beings Gilgamesh VS BeowulfWho would win Well, Gilgamesh is two thirds celestial being and only one third human When Enkidu is created as a counter balance to him by the Gods, it really isn t a contest Despite Enkidu being a powerful and great warrior, he is no match for Gilgamesh, so I d have to say my head proclaims Gilgamesh would win against Beowulf, but my heart is always going to be with Beowulf Enkidu is raised by wolves, well basically the whole wildlife kingdom, and when it is time for him to give Gilgamesh his comeuppance, they decide the best way to bring Enkidu into the arms of civilization is to tempt him with the charms of a womanHere he is, courtesan get ready to embrace him.Open your legs, show him your beauty.Do not hold back, take his wind away.Seeing you, he will come near.Strip off your clothes so he can mount you.Make him know, this man as he was, what a woman is.His beasts who grew up in his wilderness will turn from him.He will press his body over your wildnessAnd man, did it ever work It is like mainlining the poor bastard with some pure China White He is hookedSix days and seven nights Enkidu attacked, fucked the priestessThough this might resemble a honeymoon, never leave the hotel type situation, I doubt it was quite the same Enkido and Gilgamesh, after their property destroying epic battle, became best friends Inseparable until death parts them They kill the Bull of Heaven after the beast is sent for by the scorned goddess Ishtar You see, Gilgamesh turns her downWhich of your lovers have you loved forever Which of your little shepherds has continued to please you Come, let me name your lovers for you, which is actually very astute of Gilgamesh, who is really better known as a love them and leave them type There is, in fact, a lot of grumbling about his Middle Ages type insistence that he has firsties with any new bride in the kingdom I guess the rat bastard aristocracy of the Medieval period had read a copy of Gilgamesh, or maybe we can assume that men with absolute power have always been the same Enkidu and GilgameshThere must be a price paid for killing the Bull of Heaven, and the Gods are not going to strike down their golden boy, Gilgamesh, so that leaves his best friend, Enkido, to be the fall guy When you are on an away mission with Gilgamesh, you always wear the red shirt The grief that Gilgamesh feels is actually poignantSix days and seven nights I wept over him.until a worm fell out of his nose.Then I was afraid I really think that maybe Gilgamesh hopes the gods will take pity on him and listen to his lamentations and restore life to Enkidu, but my rule has always been, when a worm falls out of a loved one s nose, it is time to bury him or run like hell because Uncle Ted has just joined the Walking Dead Gilgamesh travels to the underworld looking for his friend I love this lineHis face was like that of one who travels a long roadI can see his mental and physical pain etched into the lines of his face There is a long digression in the story while Sin Leqi Unninni relates THE FLOOD story, starring Utnapishtim as Noah The rest of the starring characters, that would be us sinners, are drowned We are merely bobbing nuisances in the water, as a backdrop to Utnapishtim s celebratory high 5s with the giraffes, gorillas, and gazelles Though nonsensical for Sin Leqi Unninni to shove Gilgamesh off center stage, it is actually very interesting to readWhen he orders bread at night, he Shamash will rain down wheat,enter the boat and close the gateMy family raises a lot of wheat, so the whole image of raining down wheat to feed Utnapishtim and his family is something I have never heard of in connection with the Noah version, but I really like the visual of wheat cascading from heaven to fill up the deck of the boat On his journey, Gilgamesh finds a weed that will restore his vigor and youthfulness He wants to take it back to Uruk and share it with others I m already thinking to myself, gobble it down man, save some for others, but gobble yours now Well, then a snake shows up, and This is a blast to read The notes that Gardner and Maier provide are invaluable to help me better understand the story, so don t just read Gilgamesh, allow yourself to be immersed in the whole experience I would read the text from the tablet and then read the notes to find some, not so subtle, changes occurring to my own interpretation of the meaning Use these experts to heighten not only your knowledge but also your overall enjoyment of reading one of the oldest known stories in existence John GardnerI keep pondering the unexpected death of John Gardner in 1982 He died in a tragic motorcycle accident at the tender age of 49, before this book was published I couldn t help thinking of him because the notes are infused with his charismatic personality and his boyish enthusiasm He had been drinking but was below the legal limit at the time John Maier feels that he was overworked from too many projects and too little sleep I first encountered Gardner when I read his wonderful, slender volume Grendel 1971 , which I really need to reread so I can write a review for it I didn t know that he was already dead at the time that I read Grendel, but when I did find it out later, I felt that temporary displacement of learning bad news as if it had just happened RIP John Gardner May you be able to complete your tasks in the next life If you wish to seeof my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at He Who Saw The Deep A Hymn to Survival The Gilgamesh epic is one of the great masterpieces of world literature One of the early translations so inspired the poet Rainer Maria Rilke in 1916 that he became almost intoxicated with pleasure and wonder, and repeated the story to all he met Gilgamesh, he declared, is stupendous For him the epic was first and foremost das Epos der Todesfurcht , the epic about the fear of death.This universal theme does indeed tie together the various strands of the epic poem it tells of one man s heroic struggle against death, for eternal life first through immortal renown through glorious deeds, then for eternal life itself It then goes on to describe of his despair when confronted with the inevitable failure, and of his eventual realization that the only immortality he may expect is the enduring name afforded by leaving behind some lasting achievement.The epic is also a work from which one is expected to learn from the poet enjoins us in the prologue, to read about the travails of Gilgamesh, all that he went throughThe lesson is that maturity is gained as much through failure as success Life, of necessity, is hard, but one is the wiser for it Thus, it is also a story of one man s path to wisdom , of how he is formed by his successes and failures.It also deals with profound debates on the proper duties of kingship, what a good king should do and should not do in the end, Uta napishti s lesson to Gilgamesh is of the duties of kings and discourses on the inevitability of death and the fleeting nature of life.The wisdom he received at the ends of the earth from the survivor of the Deluge, Uta napishti, enabled Gilgamesh to restore civilization to its earlier splendor The quest has taught Gilgamesh how to build his city back to its antediluvian glory The Flood A Hymn to Survival Through Uta napishti , the epic also artfully weaves into Gilgamesh s own story the traditional tale of the Deluge, the great flood that permeates most ancient myths.Here, Gilgamesh brings home an important meaning of the ever present flood myth It allows us to see that the conquering of death is impossible but that preserving of life and culture and civilization ancient myths like to personify entire civilizations in its heroes is the most important challenge And it is achievable.Gilgamesh has always been thought of as a life affirming epic that asks us to live life and abandon the quest for avoiding death But look once again at the advice of the flood surviver, Uta napishtiO man of Shuruppak, son of Ubar Tutu,demolish the house, and build a boat Abandon wealth, and seek survival Spurn property, save life Take on board the boat all living things seed No one at all sees Death,no one at all sees the face of Death, no one at all hears the voice of Death,Death so savage, who hacks men down Ever do we build our households,ever do we make our nests,ever do brothers divide their inheritance,ever do feuds arise in the land Ever the river has risen and brought us the flood,the mayfly floating on the water.On the face of the sun its countenance gazes,then all of a sudden nothing is thereGilgamesh does not ask human kind to avoid the fruitless quest It was in fact his quest for the unreachable that allowed Gilgamesh to find his way, to find himself and to restore life civilization The quest is as unavoidable as Enkidu s death that prompted it.As long as Enkidus die, Gilgameshs will try to soar beyond human capacity This is the cause for great hope Gilgamesh celebrates an hopeful view that even mighty floods and decay cannot completely wipe out human civilization It comes mighty close and it takes a wise king like Gilgamesh, but it is possible to overcome, to prevail That is the hope that Gilgamesh holds out to us Post Script A Damaged MasterpieceThis edition is probably the most comprehensive and scholarly version of the epic yet published It is not dumbed down for the general audience and is not easy reading The translator has opted for the integrity of the text over the ease of the reader The text presented in this translation is fragmentary at best and could be frustrating for the reader It takes patience and imagination from the reader to work through passages such as thisindicate missing text In spite of all the difficulties, it is worth persevering For this translation is definitelyrewarding than the freer translations such as Stephen Mitchell s However, a cautionary note for the reader from the translator While there is a temptation for a modern editor to ignore the gaps, to gloss them over or to join up disconnected fragments of text, I believe that no adult reader is well served by such a procedure The gaps are themselves important in number and size, for they remind us how much is still to be learned of the text They prevent us from assuming that we have Gilgamesh entire Whatever we say about the epic is provisional, for new discoveries of text may change our interpretation of whole passages Nevertheless, the epic we have now is considerably fuller than that which fired the imagination of Rilke Approach what lies ahead not as you might the poems of Homer but as a book part eaten by termites or a scroll half consumed by fire Accept it for what it is, a damaged masterpiece. Gilgamesh A New English Version, Stephen MitchellGilgamesh A New English Version is a book about Gilgamesh by Stephen Mitchell It was published in New York by The Free Press in 2004, ISBN 978 0 7432 6164 7 The literary history of Gilgamesh begins with five Sumerian poems about Bilgamesh Sumerian for Gilgamesh , king of Uruk These independent stories were later used as source material for a combined epic The first surviving version of this combined epic, known as the Old Babylonian version, dates to the 18th century BC and is titled after its incipit, Sh tur eli sharr Surpassing All Other Kings Only a few tablets of it have survived The later Standard version dates from the 13th to the 10th centuries BC and bears the incipit Sha naqba muru He who Saw the Deep , in modern terms He who Sees the Unknown Approximately two thirds of this longer, twelve tablet version have been recovered Some of the best copies were discovered in the library ruins of the 7th century BC Assyrian king Ashurbanipal 2004 2005 20061333 12345 6 7 8 9 10 1112 I will reveal to you a mystery, I will tell you a secret of the godsThere is something very humbling about reading stories writtenthan 4,000 years ago One of the most fascinating things about The Epic of Gilgamesh is how you can easily see the influence it has had on Homer and Judeo Christian Islamic mythology And I get chills just thinking about how this narrative reaches across the millennia and takes us inside the minds of people who lived so long ago.This is one of those cases where I really wish I could read and understand the original text The translation is a little wooden, and the rather dramatic series of events reads almost like a textbook I should point out that, though a little dry, it s not difficult to read at all at least not in the English translation that I read and can be read in a single sitting if you have a couple of hours to spare My favourite part is, not surprisingly, the relationship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu I definitely find myself leaning towards agreeing with the homoerotic interpretations of their relationship, and they almost certainly served as an inspiration for pairings such as Achilles and Patroclus, and Jonathan and David Whether they were lovers or not and no one really knows how the Ancient Sumerians would have felt about a gay couple the intensity of Gilgamesh s love for Enkidu, whom he loves as a woman , is the driving force of the epic This love leads him on a long and strange journey in the hope that he can find a way to defy death An intriguing tale.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube The Epic of Gilgamesh, Anonymous, N.K Sandars Translator The literary history of Gilgamesh begins with five Sumerian poems about Bilgamesh Sumerian for Gilgamesh , king of Uruk These independent stories were later used as source material for a combined epic The first surviving version of this combined epic, known as the Old Babylonian version, dates to the 18th century BC and is titled after its incipit, Sh tur eli sharr Surpassing All Other Kings Only a few tablets of it have survived The later Standard version dates from the 13th to the 10th centuries BC and bears the incipit Sha naqba muru He who Saw the Deep , in modern terms He who Sees the Unknown Approximately two thirds of this longer, twelve tablet version have been recovered Some of the best copies were discovered in the library ruins of the 7th century BC Assyrian king Ashurbanipal 2006 1333 12345 6 7 8 9 10 1112.