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{Download Epub} ô Vampire's Fury (Vampires Destined, #4) Ø He Returns Home To Find A Killer Instead, He Connects With A Vampire Whose Heart Is As Lonely As His OwnDevlin Never Expected To Find Love AfterYears, But Detective Joely Grayson Slowly Strips Away The Barriers Around His Heart In The Midst Of A Potential Vampire Rebellion, He Discovers A Woman Whose Been Desperately Trying To Fit Into The Human World To Which She No Longer Belongs Joely S Been Struggling To Live The Life She Used To Have, But All That Changes When Someone Tampers With The Local Blood Bank Supply Her Hunger Overwhelms Her, And The Creature Overtakes The Human She S Pretending To Be Saving Joely Will Help Prevent A Massacre Of A Small Town, But It Will Also Reveal The Truth Devlin Isn T Ready To Face And It Could Rip Away His Only Chance At The Happiness That Has Been Eluding Him Since He Was Changed I read the Vampire Destined series and decided to give this book a try I have to say that I wasn t disappointed It has a great story line and the characters are wonderful This is the kind of vampire story that I really love to sink my teeth into.Detective Joely Grayson is going through some changes and doesn t know if they are normal or not She finds out the blood she had been getting from the blood bank is been tainted Now she has to get down and figure out the mystery on who is in charge of doing it.Devlin is a vampire that has heard about the killing of his niece Imagine his surprise when the lead person is the woman that completes him and brings his life back He knows that he has to get to the bottom and find out what really happened before he can have a relationship with the woman he can t stay away from.This was an edge of the seat book I became so involved in what was happening and I forgot that this was just a book and not something that was really happening I knew that I wouldn t be able to put this book down until I had finished it So I spent another sleepless night and read it That seems to be a regular thing with me I can t wait to readbooks by this author. Joely is a night detective and a vampire Unfortunately, she is losing large amounts of time She isn t close to anyone to find out if it is normal.Devlin comes home after he finds out his great niece was murdered When Devlin finds out that the blood supply is tainted with THC, which causes the munches with vampires as well, he needs to help Joely detox from the affects of THC, As Joely and Devlin and Devlin s best friend and his wife search to figure out who is behind the tainted blood, can Joely and Devlin admit their feelings for each other Vampire s Fury is a tale of murder, love and intrigue. LOVED this book Full review to follow shorty.