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The least insulting thing I can say about this book is maybe that Pinchbeck was too young to write this when he did It s a complicated topic and he deserves some credit for addressing its intrigue In general, I got the feeling he wrote this to enhance his hip, New York bachelor, image Pinchbeck s background is in journalism, and that style is expressed pretty grossly here He travels around being the witness, relaying different accounts of psychedelic or shamanistic encounters without expounding on differentiations between the terms His personal anecdotes all seem too recent, and too egotistical he doesn t create the isolation of self that could make one trust that he has the foresight enough to qualify these experiences.I didn t finish this book, I probably should have read the conclusion but I think it ended somewhere on the playa and I ve always respected the solitude of the desert too much to get in to spaces like that. Pinchbeck is the type of person that gives psychedelics a bad image While the book starts off with a rational Pinchbeck, one can already tell his rationality is of a misplaced materialism By the end of the book Pinchbeck appears to have lost all rational inquiry as he comes to believe he is a modern day shaman Highly disappointedfirst time I ve ever really disliked a book. Reading through Pinchbeck s incredibly well documented experiences with various plant substances such as iboga and ayahuasca, along with his quest for knowledge in understanding the dwindling shamanic culture of the rainforests was a thrilling way to live vicariously through someone s most intimate and trippiest moments He s just that good at getting it all down on paper But the best part of this book is the message that really gets driven home to the heart of who we are, the potential of what we have yet to learn about ourselves, something humankind has barely scratched the surface of which he saves for the few chapters toward the end I won t spoil it for you, but Pinchbeck definitely has a lot to say about where we sit in this particular branch of time and the how much these ancient plant worlds play a huge part Without getting too cheesy here, I have to say if there ever was a perfect role model of a modern day shaman, he is it. Since November of 2007 to present day August 27, 2009 I have read an estimated 160 books Daniel Pinchbeck is a voice that speaks to me than any I ve encountered along my self developmental path With a supreme command of the English language, Pinchbeck accounts the history of his and many great minds of the Beat generation while venturing into unfamiliar cultures, ritualistic initiations, and transcendent states of being and alteration through a number of organic substances and synthetic solutions Mindful encounters with the drugs iboga, ayahausca, psilocybin mushrooms, DMT dimethyltryptamine , and DPT dipropyltryptamine among others lift the veil from this remarkable author s eyes as he hears, This is it Now you know This is it Now you know Undeniable spiritual encounters, true hallucinations, and the emergence of fresh realities relayed via a vast lexicon render this title one I have purchased at least 4 times and hand delivered to friends This is my number one pick for 2008 Daniel s voice and topic leaves the reader thirsty for of his words. this is one of the few books I ve ever thrown across a room Wow, I have rarely seen such an arrogrant prick writing so lazily If the subject matter hadn t been absolutely fascinating, it would have gotten 1 star Because of the subject matter, I only hated it or precisely, hated the author. Alright, I ve gotta call it quits on this one.Probably just read Castaneida instead Or drop acid and cut out the middle man. *Download Book ✖ Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism ↚ A Dazzling Work Of Personal Travelogue And Cultural Criticism That Ranges From The Primitive To The Postmodern In A Quest For The Promise And Meaning Of The Psychedelic Experience While Psychedelics Of All Sorts Are Demonized In America Today, The Visionary Compounds Found In Plants Are The Spiritual Sacraments Of Tribal Cultures Around The World From The Iboga Of The Bwiti In Gabon, To The Mazatecs Of Mexico, These Plants Are Sacred Because They Awaken The Mind To Other Levels Of Awareness To A Holographic Vision Of The Universe Breaking Open The Head Is A Passionate, Multilayered, And Sometimes Rashly Personal Inquiry Into This Deep Division On One Level, Daniel Pinchbeck Tells The Story Of The Encounters Between The Modern Consciousness Of The West And These Sacramental Substances, Including Such Thinkers As Allen Ginsberg, Antonin Artaud, Walter Benjamin, And Terence McKenna, And A New Underground Of Present Day Ethnobotanists, Chemists, Psychonauts, And Philosophers It Is Also A Scrupulous Recording Of The Author S Wide Ranging Investigation With These Outlaw Compounds, Including A Thirty Hour Tribal Initiation In West Africa An All Night Encounter With The Master Shamans Of The South American Rain Forest And A Report From A Psychedelic Utopia In The Black Rock Desert That Is The Burning Man Festival Breaking Open The Head Is Brave Participatory Journalism At Its Best, A Vivid Account Of Psychic And Intellectual Experiences That Opened Doors In The Wall Of Western Rationalism And Completed Daniel Pinchbeck S Personal Transformation From A Jaded Manhattan Journalist To Shamanic Initiate And Grateful Citizen Of The Cosmos I enjoyed this perspective on modern ancient psychedelic experiences The author has a frank honesty about the rationale for his drug use and seeks out spiritual experiences throughout this novel for his own personal fulfillment I enjoy books that suggest other authors for me to check out and point back to an author s reading experience and journey as a learner and this book was not short on those suggestions This book seemed to me to be the evolution of perspective that one might have on drugs if a student followed their passion for the psychedelic experience into their adult life after college The blending of other culture s spiritual perspectives within the world of mind altering substances is an interesting study in the strange stance that our society takes on drug use as well as other perspectives that are possible to hold An enjoyable, entertaining personal journey novel that asks the reader to come along an interesting path that other cultural perspectives offer the modern adventurer. I came across this randomly in a bookstore and was intrigued, partly by the hallucinatory cover But I m glad I did I ve always had a fascination with altered consciousness, particularly with a spiritual slant to it, as though the hallucinations represent a different world altogether I appreciate books that change the way I think to a degree, and this book did in the fact that I do look at plant life differently At times his tone seems like it pushing too hard to open one s mind to a psychadelic journey, but in the end, most people that open and read a book on contemporary shamanism are probably already open to it But I believe the book started as a series of articles, so perhaps there is where the didactic tone comes from In the end, I very much enjoyed the book as it fed into an interest of mine with not only a highly detailed personal account but a thorough anthropological examination of its tribal history.