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The start of a good book punches you in the teeth Eva Dolan s debut novel A Long Way Home sticks a meat hook in your guts, twists it 90 degrees then gives it a good yank.Set in the fenish town of Peterborough, Long Way Home steps straight into the sinister world of modern day slavery and murder Away from the gritty, hard ass London crime scene and far removed from the light whimsy of middle class murder of Midsommer, Dolan sets the scene in a unique surrounding, supporting it with a unique angle on a human trafficking plot.Protagonists DI Zigic and DS Ferreira are not characters which bring big egos Balanced as much as anyone is and individual they deliver their own voice, hang ups and opinions without overshadowing or dominating the crime in hand A welcome change from the convention of crime novels to focus too heavily on the IO s issues Do I care if a character drinks too much Whores too much Or has trouble sleeping Hell no, I bought the book because crime s afoot and while character richness is key in keeping pace, I not a fan of having it dominate while we re all there in the first place.Points to Dolan on that one.Through elegant narrative and a well crafted supporting cast of characters, individuality in voices and the Bonios of information they deliver as part of our reader s journey in deciding whodunnit come through with a sense of normality A normality and everydayness which amplifies the sinister nature of its subject because it doesn t shout Look how awful this is Of course when dealing with a subject such as migrant labour, prejudice becomes a feature Always a hot and topical, the matter is tackled from different angles, but ultimately highlights that inherent fact of life whether positive or negative everyone has prejudices This delivers yet another unique angle to the novel, after all who s voice can you take for gospel when there are ulterior motives sat behind it A rich, authentic and original dish from an author shortlisted for the Debut Dagger Award in her teens I d happily stick 20 quid on Eva Dolan being one to watch in the future for offerings of a tantalising nature Long Way Home is an awesome start to what promises to be an enthralling and edge of your seat crime series. Coming January 2014 from Harvill Secker.Thank you so much to Eva Dolan and Alison Hennessey for the copy of this book to review.Peterborough is changing Migrant workers, both legal and illegal, are working in the fields, the factories and the pubs of the town When a man is burnt alive in a suburban garden shed, it brings an unwelcome spotlight on to that world, and two detectives are faced with investigating a murder in a community that has reason than most not to trust the police.So, a debut novel and the start of a new detective series, you may ask, well, do we need any My answer would be a resounding YES especially if they are going to be of this quality and standard You always know you are onto a good thing when you pick up a book during a spare ten minutes then look up dazed an hour or so later and realise you missed your bus.DI Zigic and DS Ferreira are the very definition of a perfect yin and yang working detective team well drawn, intriguing personalities, well rounded backgrounds and sitting well in their surroundings, the reader has two perfect, yet often contradictory, sets of eyes with which to follow the action..Tightly plotted and intelligently written, with a definite eye towards current affairs, I was intrigued and fascinated by this world of which I know little There is a high degree of authenticity and an extremely realistic feeling to the whole story Cleverly done indeed.In the world of crime and mystery fiction this series is going to be one to watch certainly when the next one becomes available I shall be knocking hapless book shop goers out of the way in my resolve to obtain a copy Happy Reading Folks @READ E-PUB ë Long Way Home Ø The Launch Of A Major New Detective Series From The Publishers Of Henning Mankell, Arnaldur Indridason And Fred VargasA Man Is Burnt Alive In A Suburban Garden ShedDI Zigic And DS Ferreira Are Called In From The Peterborough Hate Crimes Unit To Investigate The Murder Their Victim Is Quickly Identified As A Migrant Worker And A Man Several People Might Have Had Good Reason To See Dead A Convicted Arsonist And Member Of A Far Right Movement Has Just Been Released From Prison, While Witnesses Claim To Have Seen The Dead Man Fighting With One Of The Town S Most Prominent Slum LandlordsZigic And Ferreira Know All Too Well The Problems That Come With Dealing With A Community That Has Reason Than Most Not To Trust The Police, But When Another Migrant Worker Is Attacked, Tensions Rapidly Begin To Rise As They Search For Their Killer Always nice to find a new series to read This one, the first of the series, has a lot going for it The story is complex, with several murders that are somehow related, but it s not apparent how Add to this the complications added by the fact that the participants and victims are mostly poor, undocumented foreign workers who don t trust the police and can t speak English well, if at all, not to mention victims who don t always remain dead, and you ve got a story that will grab your interest to find out what is going on.It s a good look at a part of society most of us don t usually see much of The main protagonists, Zigic and Ferreira, are an interesting pair also They are both police, working in the hate crimes division, one male and one female They are pretty different in their methods, so they make a good team, in a way If you want to read something a bit different, you might enjoy this one However, I personally wouldn t recommend this audiobook, as I found it a little hard to understand at times But that might just be me. Long Way Home by Eva Dolan is a debut book introducing the Hate Crimes Unit in Peterborough with DI Zigic and DS Ferreira A man s body is discovered in a burnt shed with a padlock on the door to keep him inside The Hate Crimes Unit is called when the man is identified as a migrant worker from Eastern Europe An investigation begins and the author explores the issues of immigrants coming into the UK and being exploited by gang members who take advantage of the migrants helpless situation to earn money and return home A good starting point for a new series.So, why only 3 stars I have the hardback edition that is 391 pages and should only be a 325 page book Too slow developing and too many details on drinking coffee or tea, too much bad food, too many traffic problems and on it goes Also, the ending was of a whimper than a bang I will not present any spoilers but I think something could have been made at the end The book seemed to need some editing to be a great police procedural. An extra star because the wrapping up wasn t so bad.One star for the rest slow,boring,too much description. Police procedural and the start of a series An interesting premise about the exploitation of migrant workers from Europe Detectives Zigic and Detective Ferreira work for the under resourced Hate Crimes Unit and it s their job to hunt for the murderer of an itinerant worker The murder mystery component was strongly delivered and well plotted There were enough twists and turns and red herrings in this novel to satisfy the most jaded reader of this genre.I wish there had been a touch back story on Zigic and Ferreira, it was difficult to gain a true sense of their characters To my mind Ferreira was the interesting of the two, volatile with a bit of a chip on her shoulder Other than that I enjoyed it and could not tell for certainty how it would end. Set in Peterborough, and among the Eastern European population attracted there to the agricultural jobs, which are sheer back breaking hard work This book explores that culture It is populated with prostitutes, slave gangs, murderers and the and the generally down trodden, abused men and women etc all being protected and investigated by a very weary police force who are themselves of mixed race All in all, thoroughly dispiriting The plot centres on a burned body in a shed which has an interestingly complicated back story using the oldest motives for murder, jealousy and love.It is interesting to realise just what an effect the immigration form Eastern Europe has had on this area Its grip is deep and seems to have a law of its own Its unremitting seediness and low life characters are not entertaining to read about All is cold and grey and nobody seems to be getting any pleasure out of life The casual attitude to the trafficking of men as slaves and young girls as prostitutes is disheartening to say the least.The end is satisfying because it ties up all the loose ends that have been created by a chaos factor that no one could have foreseen and is thus, very clever. Loved the first few chapters of this book Unfortunately the tag line says it all Silence hides the worst crimes the investigation goes nowhere for most of the book, as no one is talking The mid point of the novel drags I had to force myself to keep reading Far too many descriptions of dilapidated neighbourhoods, the dreary landscape, and bad bad food and or lack of food for the detectives, gets old The locals do not have a shred of decency when it comes to migrants They are even intolerant of the detectives immigrant heritage Even though the immigrants are shown in a better light, other than the main detectives, there are no likeable characters in this book The author has a tendency to paint the locals as all bad the migrants as the poor misfortunates At times, it felt as if she were lecturing the reader rather than writing a crime mystery.Surprisingly the reviews have been good for this book As a result, I had high expectations and sad to say, that I did not like this book enough to recommend it Too little happened and the story as a whole moved far too slowly for me It could have used a good editor.Hence, I cannot recommend this book, nor will I read any further books in this series. This is a pretty exceptional perceptive crime read, full of intricate descriptions and wonderful dialogue It is hard to believe that it is the first novel by Eva Dolan.The story is set in Peterborough, present day, and features Zigic and Ferreira who work at the Hate Crimes Unit We get to know Peterborough, with its poverty, migrant communities and racist undertones Slowly we see how the landscape of a town has changed and the social problem of migrants legal and illegal , that we so often hear about, has a very human face Dolan uses the migrant workers and their gang masters, as a backdrop for murder We get to see how the gang masters make life literally hell for their slaves The story begins with a suburban shed being burnt down and a body discovered.I found myself getting very fond of DI Zigic and wanting to know about him Ferreira less so.There is nothing better than a gritty dark crime read, which presents the worst aspects of our society for scrutiny I hope we get many novels by Eva Dolan in the future.