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I like a lot of kinds of books but I usually don t love light, funny books like I loved DOGS DON T TELL JOKES by Louis Sachar The main character, 12 year old Gary Boone is funny At least he thinks so He decides that if he tells jokes in the talent show, people will realize that he does have a talent But things aren t easy Gary has his share of frustration, teasing, and school trouble Maybe he should quit This book was hilarious, like most writing by Louis Sachar It teaches to follow your dreams no matter what I would recommend it to fans of Andrew Clements It s a well written book with realistic problems that kids will gobble up. Just as funny and charming everytime I read it Sachar s legendary wit and childlike sense of humor has you rooting for Gary through the whole novel Charming, truly charming. #E-PUB õ Dogs Don't Tell Jokes ⚡ Why Did The Guy Eat Two Dead Skunks For Breakfast Because Dead Ones Squeal When You Stick The Fork In Gary W Boone Knows He Was Born To Be A Stand Up Comedian It Is The Rest Of The Kids In The Class Who Think He Is A Fool Then The Floyd Hicks Junior High School Talent Show Is Announced, And He Starts Practising His Routine Nonstop To Get It Just Right Gary S Sure That This Will Be His Big Break He Ll Make Everyone Laugh And Will Win The Prize Money But When An Outrageous Surprise Threatens To Turn His Debut Into A Disaster, It Looks As If The Biggest Joke Of All May Be On Gary Himself this book was funny This book is a mix between Louis Sachar s other works There s a boy in the girls bathroom and Sideways stories from Wayside School Again from memory, it wasn t as serious as There s a boy in the girl s bathroom and it s nowhere near the realm of Wackiness that is present in the Wayside School series This book is about a kid who tells jokes but very few people think he is funny Like There s a boy in the girl s bathroom, the character is likeable and realistic and easy to relant to for majority of children Although he has a single friend, he still is protrayed as loner outsider It has a great happy ending and if I remember right the last part of the book is just the comments other children in his class think of one of his routines which totally impressed me as a child. Another great book The rising of the under dog or in this the class clown Just wanted to give Gary a big hug The jokes made me laugh. This book is about a boy called Gary W Boone that wants be a comedian when he grows up He always tell jokes to his classmates, so everyone are calling him GOON However, there is a talent show, and that is the time that Gary can show his talent to everyone, and proves that he is not a goon But Gary can not imagine that the talent show list does not have his name on it, so he can not be on the talent show However, he still goes up, and makes everyone laugh I think I should learn from him, I m scared of standing on the stage, and talking to everyone I should look like Gary not to scare of it, and face it, that shows I can do it Also I like how the author writes this book, he uses many ways to show the main character s personality, makes the readers can remember him very deeply. Gary Boone people call him Goon has a habit of turning everything into a joke He can never be taken seriously, and people who are near him will never be taken seriously by him He thinks he has a good talent, of making jokes, so he signs up for the school s talent competition and gears up for his first stand up comedy show Egs of his jokes Do you feel like an egg this morning I don t know How does an egg feel Just call me Humpty Dumpty.Yes You better not drop me I might crack Was expecting the book to be as funny as Wayside School, but I only started bursting in giggles on pg 165 This guy is complaining that he is always lined first because of his name, Fred Furst. This is the story of 11 year old Gary Boone or Goon as he likes to be called Goon prides himself on making a joke of every situation, but he fails to recognize the negative effect his humor is having on his social relationships When Goon makes a deal with his parents to quit telling jokes in exchange for 100 he realizes how few friends he has Ultimately, Goon I mean, Gary has to learn to cope in school and in life without hiding behind a wall of humor.The book is endearing and the ending is both surprising and satisfying There are some great jokes and some groaners throughout There is some mild sexual content Gary notices his teacher s legs, and he makes several jokes related to nudity so parents should be aware of this Even so, the overriding themes are important ones maturity and acceptance vs rejection This is a good read for most middle schoolers. Its about this boy who has this dog and one day the dog all of the sudden starts to talk.Yea thats right TALKS kind of wierd because he tells a joke and freaks the lil boy out