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DOWNLOAD ⚡ The Constant Nymph Õ Tessa Is The Daughter Of A Brilliant Bohemian Composer, Albert Sanger, Who With His Circus Of Precocious Children, Slovenly Mistress, And Assortment Of Hangers On, Lives In A Rambling Chalet High In The Austrian Alps The Fourteen Year Old Tessa Has Fallen In Love With Lewis Dodd, A Gifted Composer Like Her Father Confidently, She Awaits Maturity, For Even His Marriage To Tessa S Beautiful Cousin Florence Cannot Shatter The Loving Bond Between Lewis And His Constant Nymph This should just be called Sanger s Circus Or something like that Not The Constant Nymph.The bohemian , charmingly eccentric family is the heart of the book, the center of the story Known as Sanger s Circus Title right there Of course, this is 90 years later And that great beginning to the book lasts only 80 pages But it is still a very, very good novel Somewhat in the vein of Wharton The end is a bit cheesy The title is terrible I think it s supposed to mean something like The Eternal Virgin The concept of dying before you lost your virginity may have been significant in 1924 Still Hardly seems like the real point of the book Of course, it is 90 years later now 91 And The Constant Nymph was super popular in the 1920s Maybe it came off differently then I ve read this a few times Since I was 21 That early, bohemian, part is just so good They perform an opera known as, Breakfast With the Borgias Can we retitle this So it doesn t just get forgotten and buried in the past It s better than that. It s been a while since I read this book, but I remember how much I enjoyed it I read this book after I saw the movie version from 1943 with Charles Boyer and Joan Fontaine The book was just as lovely and sad as the movie was and it was very well written The story is about a young girl that has a crush on an older man who instead is taken with her older cousin A very good coming of age story. Albert Sanger was a brilliant composer, English by blood, European by choice a man of loose morals and unpredictable temperament Following in his wake and footsteps is a managerie of children, both legitimate and not This story focuses on primarily two of these children, Antonia and Tessa, Tessa being the Constant Nymph of the title and a young composer named Lewis Dodd whose intimate ties with the family will have far reaching effectsSo this was pretty fascinating In some ways I couldn t help but think of the old movie Seven Brides For Seven Brothers when the bride arrives home only to find instead of a haven, bedlam and destruction with seven men her new relatives living like animals This was kind of like that Sanger s children have had no training other than an intense life course in music They enjoy life or at least accept life as they find it, but know nothing of traditional education, social graces, culture etc They live wild and free That is, until that momentous day when Albert Sanger dies suddenly without a penny and an aunt from England arrives to rescue the unfortunate childrenAt times, this is a very amusing story and yet its not a funny book It has an almost tragic Tess of the D Urbervilles feel to it We want happiness for the characters and yet shudder to think what that may mean..FYI There is a sequel to this called The Fool of The Family , which focuses on Caryl, the oldest son, a violinist.CONTENT SEX Talk of mistresses and loose living Nothing intimate shown to reader.VIOLENCE NonePROFANITY Mild D s, B s MY RATING PG This was Kennedy s second novel, and easily her most famous, a bestseller also made into a very successful play and movie The title character is Teresa Tessa Sanger, daughter of bohemian musician and composer Albert Sanger, whose large family lives in the Austrian Alps They have frequent visitors to their small chalet, including gifted composer Lewis Dodd, with whom Tessa falls in love since she s only fourteen, though, she has to wait until she s older Unfortunately, in the meantime, Lewis marries Tessa s beautiful, assured cousin Florence, who has come to help the family when Tessa s father dies I think I d have enjoyed the book if I hadn t disliked Lewis so I think his brilliance is supposed to be sympathetic, but I just felt sorry for everyone he came in contact with I did like Sanger s vivid family and their eccentric lifestyle, and particularly Tessa, who s very engaging and not too consciously na ve the settings are equally vivid, and the plot whirls along nicely On the whole, though, I enjoyed Kennedy s Troy Chimneys.