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I liked the ending, but the whole beginning part is not well written It made me hate the characters when I knew it couldn t be right There was love blooming and that could not logically happen when the guy is a serial killer. I tried to pick a romance by a Florida author for Valentine s month book club and got a twisted serial killer mystery instead The main couple s story was sizzly but, the rest of the story was a hot mess Scared to face my book club tomorrow. I had put this on order at the library before I discovered I really wasn t enjoying Brockmann s books any.This one, the only thing the main man had going for him was that he wasn t a serial killer The list of other things he was Prone to pulling out a switchblade with no provocation Which he pulled out on our heroine deliberately to menace her into doing what he said He calls her names He refuses to tell her anything about himself and really, that s understandable, since turns out he used to be a drug mule What a catch They kiss for the first time But it was as if Rob didn t even hear her I m lost, he murmured, shaking his head slowly Dear God, I m totally lost I m lost When the guy you ve just kissed starts talking crazy talk to himself over and over, probably a sign you should walk away.But then, her ex stalks her and has hundreds of photos of her with her head cut off taped to his wall Really, the mild mannered serial killer is about the most appealing of the bunch. 5 Stars This book grabs right from the beginning Immediately you are drawn into the lives of Jess and her daughter Kelsey Jess rents an apartment to a sexy loner named Rob No one knows anything about Rob, who strives to be invisible Jess knows that Rob has some dark secrets but she can t help herself from being drawn to him Rob knows he s doomed Every time he s near Jess, he wants to let go of his past and start a life with her But he can t, it s not safe.There s a serial killer on the loose and he s stalking women who look just like Jess The FBI have Jess wondering why Rob always seems to be some place else when there s a murder.This is an emotionally charged story, one I m sure I ll enjoy reading over and over again. It s very good when the story pulls me in and I don t know who the bad guy is This one did that I adore Suz s Troubleshooters and seal books and even the liger thriller romances, but this one, obviously an early one, although written with Suz s skill, just doesn t do it for me Roll on the next Troubleshooters book. Good read with a good story line Divorced Mom rents an apartment in her home to mysterious man with a past to hide She and her little girl take a shine to him There is a serial killer loose in the area and somehow he becomes a suspect She doesn t believe its him but the police Feds do but she also knows he is hiding something The two main characters in this audio version are okay but the supporting characters are just down right annoying This is a book best enjoyed in print form. I was a little disappointed in this one I am such a huge fan of Suzanne Brockmann so I thought I would love it but I didn t The story is about a serial rapist and there were too many shifty characters so it took too long for me to find the good guy I think this is just a one off I will continue to read this author forever and will never find another one that I don t love. Actual rating 3 1 2 stars I am a big fan of the early romances works of several authors and Suzanne Brockmann is one I have loved the early books I have previously read This one, not so much This was not what I expected at all A lot of angst, a lot of TSTL, clich plot and a lot of going in circles for the H h But, it did keep you guessing the Baddie up to the end and Suzanne Brockmann is a great writer.Jess is a divorced mother of a 6 year old daughter Rob is her new tenant The attraction is instant and strong and Rob is fighting very hard not to give in He has a past that could be dangerous to Jess and her daughter There is a serial killer on the loose killing women who look just like Jess Rob is a very mysterious guy and what Jess knows about his raises red flags But, this is true, fated love and she gets into bed with him He immediately makes plans to leave He just can t be involved with anyone, even his fated true love Of course, he can t leave because he has to save Jess from the serial killer. ^FREE ☘ No Ordinary Man ✙ Vital Statistics Of Rob Carpenter Early Thirties Traveling Consultant No Family Likes Chinese Takeout And Action MovesThat Was All Jess Baxter Knew About Her Newest Tenant, Rob Carpenter That And The Fact That He Liked Her Daughter And Was The Sexiest Guy She D Ever Met But As Jess Found Out, No One Got To Know The Elusive Mr Carpenter He Was A Master At Dodging Questionsand Igniting Her Desires With Just One Of His Searing Kisses, Jess Was Hotter Than The Florida SunBut Then The Murders Started All Women Who Looked Like, Her And The Profile Of The Killer Matched Rob Was Rob An Innocent Victim Or Had His Burning Kisses Only Been A Smoke Screen One Thing Was Certain Rob Carpenter Was No Ordinary Man