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[Read Epub] ♗ The Hollow People ⚑

Review coming soon. Hollow People is a book about hope In Tarnagar, those who dream are considered crazy and put in an asylum Dante is the boy who serves meals to the asylum s patients but no one cares about him except Bea They share a secret they can dream and what they see is a city, destroyed but at the same time alive.Their lives change when a new patient comes to the asylum He tells them that the city of their dreams exists Non stop adventure in an alternate world with a touch of paranormal and dystopia makes this a must read. [Read Epub] ♠ The Hollow People ☨ On The Island Of Tarnagar Is An Asylum Where You Can Be Locked Up For Dreaming Dante Works In The Kitchen And Bea Is The Privileged Daughter Of Doctors When Their Worlds Collide, They Are Forced To Confront The Extraordinary Evil Lurking Behind Dr Sigmundus, The Ruler Of Their Nation H uns tempos, descobri que a Wook tinha um c digo especial para portes gr tis Para experimentar se aquilo funcionava mesmo, fui ao site e escolhi o livro mais barato do cat logo Gente Vazia , de Brian Keaney, o primeiro volume da trilogia As Promessas do Dr Sigmundus.A sinopse n o me convenceu, e atrav s dos grupos de trocas vendas de livros que frequento, j tinha visto, v rias vezes, m ltiplas pessoas a tentarem troc los Isto, aliado ao 1,36 que paguei por ele, tornaram as minhas expectativas muito baixas.A princ pio, confirmaram se Ia j a meio do livro que se l em cerca de duas horas e ainda n o tinha percebido se estava mal escrito ou se era apenas uma m tradu o.Al m disso, a certa altura, a ac o avan a t o depressa que o leitor fica mas afinal, ainda h dois minutos ele estava aqui e agora j consegue fazer isto e j se apercebeu daquela coisa e A meu ver, isto uma das piores falhas at certo ponto o ritmo bastante lento, e de repente tudo acontece ao mesmo tempo, sem haver realmente uma coisa que despolete tudo ou, mesmo que haja, n o lhe dada a devida import ncia para que o leitor fique sobreaviso em rela o ao que a vem.A parte positiva deste livro que, na minha opini o, a premissa boa um nico homem o misterioso e acalmado Dr Sigmundus mente e manipula uma na o, atrav s de um f rmaco de nome cor, que priva as pessoas de sonhos e esperan as, e as torna submissas S o, como o t tulo indica, gente vazia.N o sei se gostei ou n o de Gente Vazia Acima de tudo, Brian Keaney confundiu me. This is of a 3.5 4 star Good, dystopia anti hierarchical society book People are controlled by a drug they start to take at 14, it dulls them and makes them very passive Not everyone is affected though and some people resist 95% of this book was fantastic I was super engaged, then we got to the last few pages and it took a strange and kind of unnecessary supernatural twist I was not loving the ending at all It is set up for a sequel for sure Tive alguma dificuldade em conseguir que esta hist ria me envolvesse e me levasse a saborear cada p gina com prazer Isso, verdadeiramente, n o chegou a acontecer Sei que tenho mais dois livros pela frente, mas encaro os com algum des nimo Espero, muito sinceramente, estar errado Deste primeiro livro, fico com a impress o de ter mastigado papel Brian Keaney tem uma escrita muito superficial, talvez at , infantil no mau sentido do termo Existe no entanto alguma originalidade na hist ria, sendo essa a nica arma em cima da mesa Sabe mesmo a muito pouco An interesting story about a dystopian societybook two will be coming out in December and as the reader is left with a complete cliffhanger and many unanswered questionsI will be picking that up It has interesting ideas All different from what I ve read and I liked it. 20 , 14 , 14 , 14 1 Brian Keaney 2,80 20 20 2,80 2 3 , 1 Keaney 2 , 3,. 1 Keaney , 20 25 14 , 224..2 ,..3 224 , 186 207 , 500 600 4 ,.. I have this absolutely ridiculous, probably unhealthy love of dystopian fiction If it takes place in a nasty sounding society with lots of crazy government and crazier people in charge of it I m so there If it s futuristic y, or science fiction y, or fantasy y ugh, I know, but I had to keep the pattern up then I m there in 1 2 the time So, I feel like I should get that disclaimer out of the way because I ve been reading a LOT of dystopian fiction lately It s like I m on a major pessimism kick or something Who knows But here s another dystopian, the first in a series The Hollow People was a pretty good read It had the hallmark of a good dystopian, which is the crazy authorities who have gone, well crazy And have thus created a society in which everyone is controlled intensely, situated on the isolated island of Tarnegar, home to a mental asylum and a small community made up of those who work at the institution In this book, the controlling is done through the use of a drug called Ichor, which makes people become obedient mush and suppresses their dreams But unbeknownst to those in charge, Dante the lowly kitchen boy is still dreaming And so does Beatrice, but that s because he has yet to go through the coming of age ceremony where kids receive their first dosing of Ichor Beatrice, however, has been dreaming of a ruined city and this makes her interesting to both Dante and one of the asylum s patients really prisoners , Ezekiel I don t want to say much than that so that I don t give away too much But there s a little bit of magic, some adventure, and a whole lot of creepiness Asylums freak me out The book is definitely an interesting one, particularly if you re as crazy as I am about dystopian novels It was a pretty quick read and the story s pace was good I enjoyed it and will be reading the next book in the trilogy They ve all been released now, which is nice.