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Not bad I suspect this is an earlier version of the script, compared to the one that was played in New York when I saw it I think the changes made between the two versions were an improvement, but this is still quite nice. @Free E-pub Ø The Audience é For Sixty Years Elizabeth II Has Met Each Of Her Twelve Prime Ministers In A Weekly Audience At Buckingham Palace, A Meeting Like No Other In British Public Life It Is Private Both Parties Have An Unspoken Agreement Never To Repeat What Is Said Not Even To Their Spouses The Audience Breaks This Contract Of Silence It Imagines A Series Of Pivotal Meetings Between The Downing Street Incumbents And Their Queen From Churchill To Cameron, Each Prime Minister Has Used These Private Conversations As A Sounding Board And A Confessional Sometimes Intimate, Sometimes ExplosiveFrom Young Mother To Grandmother, These Private Audiences Chart The Arc Of The Second Elizabethan Age Politicians Come And Go Through The Revolving Door Of Electoral Politics, While She Remains Constant, Waiting To Welcome Her Next Prime Minister The Audience By Peter Morgan Premiered At The Gielgud Theatre, London, In March All I could think throughout reading this play was Wow, what a challenge for the female lead Which isn t a bad thing It s kind of great I just wonder how aging her would work throughout But I m sure there s a way Other than that, I bet this would have been interesting to someone who knows about the royal family and British politics That s definitely a huge gap for me and I know basically nothing about either Nevertheless, it was nice to get some fictional insight into the queen, whom we really do see as just a figure, not really a human Especially now that she s so old And just the fact that she s been through so many prime ministers is astounding, so it was cool to see her different interactions with them But ultimately, this play didn t really tickle anything in me, so I m giving it the good old middle rating. An amusing re imagination of the private audiences held each week between the Queen and the Prime Minister But it seems contradictory On the one hand we are told that the Queen s strength is her ordinariness on the other hand she emerges as an observer of uncommon wisdom Even at the outset, in her first meeting with Churchill, she seems steadfast and strong willed And then, four years later, she shrewdly discovers and analyzes the English disaster at Suez Entertaining, and an obviously terrific vehicle for Helen Mirren, I found her character hard to believe. Imagines the queen s meeting with several of her Prime Ministers of all political stripes , and passed reflections between her older and younger selves Wry and sharply observational My first experience reading a play I m not sure what the usual length of plays are, but this one was rather short I read it in one day basically one sitting I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I am biased fan of Peter Morgan and the royal family Very interesting imagined private audiences with the Queen and her Prime Ministers Not all are included and there is only one or two scenes with each of them Very human aspects of both the politicians and the Queen are presented. I really thought I was going to be bored not so Reading The Audience made me want to see the play even The dialog is packed with power moves between the queen and which ever prime minister she is speaking to, and besides the status relationships, you even get some empathy in there to for both the queen and the PMs Watching this on stage would be even riveting, I bet It also brings up many good questions such as, how can why should a modern monarchy survive This was so wonderful, a single sitting book Short, concise, but full of warm wit and charm Honestly, I picked this up thinking it was the basis for the film The Queen, but apparently the author has written that as a separate play, so I ll go and look for that now. Loved this Imagined or not, you believe these conversations between HMQ and the various PMs she had met over the years Peter Morgan is a top author His Frost Nixon, The Deal, The Damned United all brilliant films Only matter of time before The Audience hits the screens.