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DOWNLOAD ¸ Clubland Á A Hard Hitting Story Of Sex And Greed From The Bestselling Author Of OutlawsGed Brennan S Had Enough He Sees Young Kids Making A Name For Themselves In Liverpool And Worse Still, They Re Making Big Money Ged Wants Some Of That For Himself And He Thinks A Man Of His Standing Is Entitled To It But For A Man Of Violence, He S Incredibly Moralistic Ged Has A Righteous Streak As Wide As The Mersey And There S No Way He S Getting Involved In Clubs, Drugs And Topless Bars So When He Receives An Offer To Take Over The Clubland Empire Of An Executed Gangster, He Passes The Parcel To His Sex Addicted Cousin Moby MistakeClubland Follows Outlaws Heroic Villains Into New Territory, New Intrigue, And Very Real Danger the follow up to Outlaws this book is of much the same calibre, gangsters clubs sex drugs the usual but a very good read if you liked the first book your gona love this. I liked it The story could bedynamic but the language is delicious beautiful, eloquent, that delectable flow of low key English prose, saturated with savory understatement and richly nuanced humo u r Everything is clear, no need to shout about nasty things, not an obscenity is uttered, no murderous bushy cu nts lurk in the bushes pour l amour de Dieu I even scanned a few pages and emailed them to a British friend and he stopped responding I guess I lost a friend Not bad for a book Come on The stuff is of such in your face dumb variety that I even chuckled on a few occasions It s hard to say if the author is serious or it is a grotesque comedy Something an overrated genius like Tarantino might turn into a movie which has no chance of succeeding unless it is over hyped and over promoted If the author had a better plot, this would could have been a masterpiece To paraphrase a Finnish saying if only pigs had claws they would live in trees So a solid, well earned honest drei. This book is thingio likeyer know, what sayI had no problem with the dialect, but then I quite enjoy books like that I was disappointed, I d read Kevin Sampsons Awaydays and Outlaws a precursor to this book, and enjoyed them They had great characters, swift pacing and drew you in quickly.Even though this features some of the same characters as Outlaws , they re pale shadows of their former selves If I hadn t read Outlaws this book would have left me completely cold The plot is shallow and twiststhan Chubby Checker, which isn t a good thing.I was left not really caring what happened to the characters at the end, never a good sign On the plus side it was only 250 pages long