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A friend of mine was looking for recommendations for dark taboo reads so I Googled and found an article about this book in the New York Times It was banned and caused quite a stir So I definitely had to read all about it I read a few reviews that state that this story is well written I disagree We are bombarded with the same information over and over throughout the book How many times must we be told Trevor has a 7 inch dick How many times must we be told Brock has a deranged look in his eyes When we first meet Natalie she is described as having burnt brunette hair but later on she turns into a blonde.Every time I read that someone was cumin in the story I kept thinking of the spice cumin When Brock s teeth are described as K 9 I asked myself Isn t K 9 a police unit Does the author mean Brock s canine teeth I wonder if San Diego truly is a haven for interracial couples The plot turns ridiculously stupid once Brock starts to attack people Everybody and their mama gets attacked here I only wished Brock had attacked the real estate agent too Who yells You killed me You killed me when they are dying Twice in the story characters lose their bowels when they got scared Really Really I ve been scared many times in my life but never once did I shit myself.This book is written for the shock value but it wasn t all that shocking to me, just an over the top bad story. [[ DOWNLOAD EPUB ]] ⇜ Beastiality ↿ Natalie Is Married To The Love Of Her Life, Trevor He Is Everything She Could Dream Of In A Husband Loving, Caring, Educated And Handsome The Only Downfall Is Most Of Their Family And Friends Don T Approve Of Their Relationship With The Negative Encounters From People Who Have Myopic Views On Interracial Dating Or Marriage, They Did The Next Best Thing For Themselves As Soon As Trevor Finished Medical School They Decide To Uproot From Chicago, Moving To San Diego, CA Where There Are Interracial Couples Everything Was Prefect At First, But With Trevor Working Most Of The Nights At The San Diego Hospital, Natalie Starts To Feel Neglected So She Adopts A Great Dane, Mixed With Boxer And Pit Bull, Named Brock She Soon Realized Brock Isn T Your Average Dog Come Inside The Home Where Brock Is The Man Of The House I was hesitant to read this book because Im not too keen on the whole bestiality thing I have read many books by Shameek so I m very familiar with his sick, twisted mind and that mixed with animals having sex with humans is not something that I wanted to expose myself to After hearing and reading the 5 star reviews, I decided to give the book a try and it was everything that I thought it would be There were a few scenes in the beginning that I had to skip because I couldn t stomach the visuals that Shameek provided Actually the same can be said for a few scenes in the middle and end also My 3 star review is not based on the bestiality aspect because I knew what I was getting into My review is based on the fact that I felt the book could have been developed I enjoyed the background story of Trevor and his activities but reading about Natalie and Brock became exhausting There were plenty of opportunities for Natalie to escape, there were also numerous opportunities for her to save others but she was just too stupid to do so Personally, I would have enjoyed the book much if it offered me something than sex and violence from a great dane, pitt and boxer mix If you are an avid fan of Shameek s work, intense visuals, murder, violence and just overall stomach upsetting storylines, I recommend the book. I read Bestiality Brock on cause it was such an outrage on the NYT and I HATED it There was cheating, cheating, and cheating from the cunt ridiculous husband Crying, begging, and TSTL from the wife which is funny cause she s the only survivor at the end even if she slipped into crazy after the ordeal Anyways, Bitch you know he s cheating on you, why the Fck are you begging him to stay, to fix things, etc With a gold digging whore at that, which lives in their same building, gives her knowing glances and flaunts the affair of the cheating husband Yet the wife has NO fckin clue why this lady gives her the looks that she does.Then there was Brock who went from sweet and lovable to horny, possessed, and killer Let s see from him there was, killing certifiable , biting, rape, and almost rape While he s having his way with the lady, she keeps on crying and wishing her pathetic husband save her, but he s to busy cunt deep in another And let s talk about 9 lives, Brock just wouldn t fckin die He manages to escape but I think meets his evil sinister match when someone picks him up. This is a grisly horror novella Think Cujo now add a lot blood and some really violent deaths The premise of this story After purchasing their ideal condo, Travis purchases a four month old Great Dan Pit Bull mix breed to keep his wife, Natalie company while he is away at work and off having an affair Little do they know the dog, Brock, had spent the first 3 months of his life training to fight kill.Over the course of the next few months, with Travis away Brock begins to dominate the home As I alluded to in the beginning of this review, this book is not for the light hearted reader Its target audiences is adult horror readers with a strong stomach for gore and violence I admit that the horror lover in me, enjoyed the terrifying, fight for your life action even though I had to skim over the really gory spots.Still not sure if this is your kind of book Download the sample, from the opening scenes you will get a sense of what you are in for. Beastiality was a different, but enjoyable read for me The book was edited with a few errors, which is a great improvement I also thought instead of the constant sex scenes, there could have been action scenes..Just my opinion shrugs I loved that this story was action packed and although the title of the book was weird the story itself did not weird me out I don t know if that is a good thing or bad thing LOL Natalie and Trevor are a young, married interracial couple They ve just moved to San Diego where interracial couple is common than in Chicago Trevor is a doctor fresh out of medical school and he is ready to start a new beginning Natalie is a business owner who has helped Trevor get to where he is today Wanting to pay his wife back for her efforts, kindness, and loyalty Trevor gives Natalie anything she desires, except a baby that she wants Trevor wants to wait a year to have a baby and tells his wife to get a dog instead Respecting his wishes, Natalie goes to the pet store and falls in love with a Great Dane mixed with Pitbull and Boxer whom she names Brock.What happens next will have you on your toes Lets just say that Brock is definitely the man of the house, and Trevor better watch out 3.5 As if the title or the cover may not have given it awaythis is most definitely adult reading material With that said I must also state that I found this read to be most intriguing, a bit stimulating and somewhat fascinating All in all a well written story with the exception of a few editing errors This was my first read by Shameek A Speight and I found his work reflecting a lot of talent Looking forward to future ventures by this author Can only recommend to those into this particular genre and yes, you know who you are Enjoy. I have to start by saying I have never read any book like this and that s why Shameek Speight is one of the best.The way he put this book together had me thinking how can his imagination be so wild..lol.I loved it Mr Speight can not write a bad novel, I read it in a matter of hours could not put it down.Cant wait for part 2. Brock, brock how do u do the things u do Poor Natalie thought she had the perfect dog but he turned out to be her worst nightmare in Her own home And for this to e nd like it did I know Brock will forever be changed since he belongs to Black ice now I can t wait for part 2. Very kinky And arousing.