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!Download Book ♻ Enquête sur les modes d'existence : Une anthropologie des modernes ♜ In This New Book, Bruno Latour Offers Answers To Questions Raised In We Have Never Been Modern, A Work That Interrogated The Connections Between Nature And Culture If Not Modern, He Asked, What Have We Been, And What Values Should We Inherit Over The Past Twenty Five Years, Latour Has Developed A Research Protocol Different From The Actor Network Theory With Which His Name Is Now Associated A Research Protocol That Follows The Different Types Of Connectors That Provide Specific Truth Conditions These Are The Connectors That Prompt A Climate Scientist Challenged By A Captain Of Industry To Appeal To The Institution Of Science, With Its Army Of Researchers And Mountains Of Data, Rather Than To Capital S Science As A Higher Authority Such Modes Of Extension Or Modes Of Existence, Latour Argues Here Account For The Many Differences Between Law, Science, Politics, And Other Domains Of KnowledgeThough Scientific Knowledge Corresponds To Only One Of The Many Possible Modes Of Existence Latour Describes, An Unrealistic Vision Of Science Has Become The Arbiter Of Reality And Truth, Seducing Us Into Judging All Values By A Single Standard Latour Implores Us To Recover Other Modes Of Existence In Order To Do Justice To The Plurality Of Truth Conditions That Moderns Have Discovered Throughout Their History This Systematic Effort Of Building A New Philosophical Anthropology Presents A Completely Different View Of What Moderns Have Been, And Provides A New Basis For Opening Diplomatic Encounters With Other Societies At A Time When All Societies Are Coping With Ecological Crisis Bruno Latour mixing it up with hypertext lit and something like heideggarian ontology, not out of the norm as far as Latourian stuff goes, but uh, unfortunately less coherent than usual Maybe better as an e book or a website or a guided tour by gandalf Not an easy read but some amazing insights following up from We have never been modern Still pondering what this actually means, to no longer artificially separate object from subject is a revelation, also the ways seemingly unrelated domains are actually heavily intertwined The last chapters are taking some big leaps but have some profound insights about markets and economy, and surpringky, the role of accounting. An engaging and well translated book, but difficult to distill Latour breaks down the domains of truth law, science, politics, religion, economy and creates a network of relationships in which the appearance of these domains can emerge but only to disappear in a different context Subject and Object and Nature and Truth lose their predominance in a system of fluxes and felicity conditions Modernism takes another one on the chin with this book. Udenfor kategori Filosofisk hovedv rk Handler om ReproduktionMetamorphoseVanerTeknologiFiktion ReferencePolitikRetReligionTilknytning OrganisationMoralNetv rkPr positionDobbelt klik Here is a methodical, rational and rather charming approach to extending actor network theory into the networks of things, beginning to enunciate a muchnuanced relationship between the traditionally opposed poles of knowing mind and object known allowing a far greater autonomy to the networks of things Finally an attempt to come to terms with the extremes of knowable unknowable worlds that reveals subject and object to be not causes but only consequences, products even, of the extension of networks created by as seen from from the outside unaccountable leaps, hiatuses and heterogeneity The category mistake would be to believe that the world before the invention of knowledge was already made of objective knowledge Now this is serious fun and I ve only begun reading.Later in fact many months later well almost years no longer the fun it was and I ve stalled The careful, methodical step by step approach hasn t given me the opportunity for fugue reading that I so much enjoy, so this is a very personal response.The book is also under the night table I like the book and I think I ll put it back on my to read list