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!Download Pdf ♬ Geschwister Tanner ☳ Mit Leichtem Gep Ck Und Offenen, Unbestechlichen Augen Wandert Dieser Moderne Taugenichts Durch Die Welt Und Am Ende Wird Nichts Aus Ihm Als Das Vergn Gen Des Lesers Franz KafkaRobert Walser Geh Rt Zu Den Autoren Der Klassischen Moderne Geschwister Tanner Ist Sein Erster Und Zugleich Sein Unbeschwertester Roman Wie Sein Verfasser Ist Der Held Des Buches, Simon Tanner, Besessen Von Einem Unb Ndigen Freiheitsdrang Und Betrachtet Die Welt Und Die Menschen Ganz Unbefangen, Nicht Mit Einem Verbildeten, Verstopften Kopf Das Bringt Ihn In Die Kuriosesten Konflikte Mit Der Welt Der Konventionen, Mit Den Angepa Ten, Den Von Karriere Und Konkurrenz Kompromittierten Durch Seine Arglosigkeit Provoziert Er Sie Und Besch Mt Sie Durch Das, Was Sie Verloren Haben Phantasie, Humor, Gesunden Menschenverstand Und Materielle UnbestechlichkeitDie Geschwister Tanner Sind Ein M Rchen, Und Sie Sind F R Mich Das Erstaunlichste M Rchen, Das Je Geschrieben Wurde, Weil Es Kein Anderes Gibt, Das So Nahe An Der Realit T Spielt Peter Bichsel I disgustingly bubbled up my thrill to my son and wife while driving along the coast of eastern Florida, eighty degrees and sunshine, the ocean beckoning and the beach a friendly almost vacant place ahead at Sebastian Inlet for our dog to run, my trills bursting with the gleaning of my new favorite literary one named Simon who offers so much and is yet unencumbered by any long term sense of responsibility, his future in the moment always, and his pleasure engulfed in the world of nature, his earth mother, the one he feels the closest to, and my son asks,Is he better than SeymourOf course I could not answer him in a direct way as in a yes or no, but instead chose to express to him that the Glass family as a whole is better than the Tanners, but taken individually Simon is better than even Zooey or Buddy or Franny, or their mom, and how can anyone exactly say anything regarding Seymour as we basically know him only through A Perfect Day For Bananafish and whatever Buddy or Zooey or Franny chooses to say about him I certainly love to death the Glasses, but the Tanners are a remarkable family as well Robert Walser s clever use of Simon as both the youngest and the one to forge our way through this three hundred and fifty page book of simple delights that verge on the edges of our greatest philosophy But the book is not without its customary pain, as anyone knows must equally accompany our given joy along the way What was immediately striking to me in The Tanners by Robert Walser was the way in which the author spoke directly to me as if he and I were close old friends and he was revealing to me everything we already both knew about life and art and pain and love, and our mutual devotion to finding out our personal truths Even the critical side of brother Kaspar and others from time to time rang true as we all have bad days and seem to rise some mornings from the wrong side of the bed The result being the Tanners all laughing about their personal inadequacies and bitter faults, and this is why it was refreshing and invigorating to me I laughed to myself when the serious painter brother Kaspar arose from bed one day to decide after years of devoted vocation to his art that he would almost just because give up his love of painting to become a farmer I loved the triangle love affair brothers Kaspar and Simon had for the already married Klara How sweet and innocent it seemed and fortunate for Klara to be loved so intensely by a connected pair of suitors The shotgun blasts projected by the much traveled and disconnected hunter husband of Klara also were timely in portending the wrong in general deemed by society and certain therefore to damn their love relationship.I loved the many jobs Simon took in order to make a living and his trying on of these different employments for size, performing all his tasks and obligatory responsibilities to perfection and then up and quitting abruptly without warning, and then relating long and winded reasons why he wasn t suited for the job he did so well These instances were really something and resulted in myself wishing again and again I had the courage this Simon had for walking away in the spirit of freedom and another chance to smell the roses blooming outside a typical life of nine to five I remember forty years ago when my 12th grade English teacher told me I needed to work as others did in order to afford the freedom money gave to those of us willing to keep our noses pressed to the ground I followed her advice and have never been convinced after all these years that her advice was correct or what I needed I have continually envied artists such as Bob Dylan and Cormac McCarthy who never worked a regular job in their lives and followed their impulses for living a life of the artist Of course, I was never one who could take from others, or live off their generosity I had to earn my way, which is, and was, a segment of the blue collar culture I have carried since childhood and learned from my Finnish heritage The many walks Simon takes throughout the book are all scrumptiously well written Walser makes your body feel, but also the reader must bring his her own life experiences and point of view to the page in order to get the most of what he is expressing It helps to be a like minded soul as well for I doubt many hard working industrious money makers could relate to Simon s relative acceptance and relief for being out of steady employment so often and much of the time But through this beloved Simon character Walser makes me believe in what I myself am doing with the time remaining of my life It is a bit regular and bowel like that I write with the consistency I do Rarely a day goes by when I am not expressing myself with pen, and eager to do so I feel I have something to say that is worthy of the eyes that happen onto my page I know today that there are other like minded individuals throughout the world we live in and there is ample proof allowed by the books they read It is no wonder that brutally fierce State regimes like to burn books There is so much power in the word Robert Walser is almost dreamlike in his detailing of time in the forest or on the many long walks his Simon takes pleasure in It is almost as if we are walking with him as he describes the different scenes and who and what he meets throughout his adventure My own cabin in northern Michigan is surrounded on all sides by the Huron National Forest What makes this forest different from many others is the combination sugar sand, red and white oak, and several species of conifer, specifically strands of northern, white pine, and jack The soft and comfortable forest floor is covered often by a sea of elegant ferns and when not carpeted by these beautiful plants there is a soft composting bed of a dry, ten thousand years of plant and bark of the all fall dead The forest consists of almost a million acres The smell is incredible with its mix of pine and sand and rotting wood The air moves freely through the wide expanse of majestic trunks and elegant limbs like standing hoards of sentinels guarding the rolling land And my cabin sits in the middle of this all Our small community nestled within the forest and surrounded by seven inland lakes that add another scent to the scientific formula When resting comfortably in my outside chair, or supine in my lounge, these smells waft through and I am than satisfied Hedwig, Simon s sister, has her own set of problems as she considers her happiness as a school teacher, the respect given her though she feels oppressed by the daily grind of it all, the number of students she has to deal with, and the route that life has taken her Her nighttime of regret punishes her so severely that Hedwig decides to leave it all instead for a life in the city as a governess, teaching and taking care of two young children, following her mistress s orders, and in a letter she composes for employment with this family pleading that she deserves the job and that there is no one better than she to perform the duties expected by her hiring But by morning Hedwig is feeling better She has slept and feels equipped to handle her days again with the number of children in her tutelage She is also prepared to find a husband and to marry, becoming his for a lifetime of rearing children, raising crops, and keeping a household together It could be construed that Hedwig is as troubled as her brother Simon is, but the fact is, she isn t Fact is, Simon isn t either It is the judgmental uncourageous public who casts their looks down upon the wayward man who is in search of life within his living Almost the entire book deals with his not working a regular job, and if he is working, then what takes place behind these doors and why it is important to seek a life outside, under the sky, away from the masses, and without shame for not measuring up to others expectations Robert Walser was not a big, strapping man He wasn t a smooth operator who could charm the ladies There wasn t any threat deemed imminent by his behavior as if he was after something or attempting to get untoward, and for example, make his way into a woman s hidden place beneath her underwear as other men most likely are wont to do And because of this non threatening character of Walser s it is easy in my opinion to read him Easier than say an Ernest Hemingway or a contemporary Jim Harrison for lack of better examples Robert Walser is a gentle soul and most obviously lacking any agenda or having something to prove That is not to say that I am not of like mind as Walser and that I also have a desire for the company of women than men, but my appearance could prove skeptical to a stranger who might think otherwise of me as I am quite a large man, a strapping and powerfully built man, and I certainly have want and attitude for hurting others who threaten me and other men like our gentle Walser Just last night in a fit of boredom I asked our server in an outdoor drinking establishment as to where one might find a good place to engage in an old fashioned fist fight The server immediately went from a step away and erect to a receptive posture for leaning in and smiling, an acceptance now on her face for a man she just might find to her liking Her new opening up to my violent love was not wasted on either my adult son to my right nor my wife sitting across the table next to her sister and brother in law Of course I was only kidding her, but never did I relax my disposition to suggest other than a sincere and almost crazy need for being involved this very evening in some kind of crazy fight But Walser too stands up to any and all persons unfairly passing judgment on himself or others He speaks in long monologues and argues the good and bad points of certain behavior and stereotypical ideas society has proffered on the masses I love these types of intelligent tirades though at times this character Simon goes off the deep end to become what he admits is a bit silly for the simple reason he feels better afterward and can finally go to sleep I know how he feels I do the same thing sometimes I am no serious about what I am in a tirade about than when Jesus went fishing It just feels good to let off some steam and to be absurd But not everybody appreciates this type of behavior and it can provide for some unpleasant experiences all around The Tanners all have their own personal struggles and it is interesting to be intimately let in on them One example being when Simon s sister Hedwig throws him out of her house after his spending three joyous winter months freeloading there, and in his unique point of view, finds his dismissal to have a good side She said to me that all she felt for me was a faint, insuppressible contempt, but she said that so sweetly I couldn t help but feel it as a caress.For the naysayers in our midst, the esteemed readers of so much other fiction to be themselves thought of in the highest esteem here because of their thoughtful and intelligent reviews but nonetheless regular discounters of the writings of Robert Walser based on previous books they read such as Selected Stories and Jakob von Gunten, please note that these two books were translated by a man person by the name of Middleton and in no way should the other works by Walser that others of us love such as The Assistant, The Robber, and The Tanners be tarnished because, truth be told, these beloved three gems all were translated by an enormously talented lady by the name of Susan Bernofsky She is the brightest star in the galaxy of German translations Enough cannot be said in regards to the talent of Susan Bernofsky She makes everyone better, reader or writer, male or female, and never disappoints. Tanner Karde ler tam bir zg r ruh, bir aylak adam g zellemesi Romanda d zene uyum sa lamak ihtiyac hissetmeyen, gelece e de il, ya anan ana sahip olmay isteyen, kariyer yapmak umurunda olmayan, do aya tutkun, bir o kadar da insanc l olan 20 ya lar ndaki Simon Tanner in hayata bak n anlatan d nceleri ile konu malar nemli bir yer kapl yor Farkl ekillerde tutunamayan karde lerleriyle ili kileri de zarif bir ekilde i lenmi Olay rg s i in okunan kitaplardan de il ama bu y n yle Proust u da hat rlat yor sonu ok ho uma gitti Kalite edebiyat n zevkine varman z n yan s ra hayat daha iyi anlaman z , anlamland rman z sa layan kitaplardan. Walser B y s Robert Walser, Antel Szerb in Yolcu ve Ay n bitirdikten sonra benzer temalara bak olan yazarlar ara t rd mda kar ma kt Walser in okuru hipnoz edici anlat m , kitap boyunca bizleri kendisine hayran b rakacak bir deneyime ve m thi bir edebiyat keyfine davet ediyor erik Tanner Ailesi 1907 y l nda yaz lan Tanner Karde ler Walser in yar otobiyografik ilk roman Kitap 4 erkek ve 1 k zdan olu an karde lerden Simon n svi re evresinde bir ok i e girip kmas zerinden ilerliyor Simon, gen , ukala, ama s z, a r s k lgan, toplumsal de erlere sayg duymayan, kendisine a r g venen aray i inde olan bir karakter Bu a r l ciddi anlamda sinir bozucu olmas na ra men, Walser in zekas Simon son derece e lendirici bir hale getiriyor Sonu Tanner Karde ler, 111 y l nce yaz lmas na ra men Simon karakteri ile hala g n m zde kendi g ncelli ini koruyan toplum ele tirisini muazzam yapan bir kitap Robert Walser n zekas ve olu turdu u kahramanlar n d nyas okura ciddi anlamda farkl bir edebiyat deneyimi sunup, okurun alg s n de i tiriyor yi okumalar10 8 Si dice a volte che si fa fatica a leggere un romanzo Stavolta andata in un altra maniera il romanzo che ha fatto fatica con lo scarabookkiante A convincerlo E una sacca di resistenza rimasta l , relegata in un angolo della testa sconfitta, inerte, ma rimasta fino a met libro A tratti affiorava l incredulit , la noia, la stupida domanda che ci si fa davanti ai matti e al candore disarmato ma ci fa o ci per davvero E Walser veramente al confine tra le due cose.Il fatto che lo scarabookkiante crede negli ingredienti di cui fatto Simon Tanner e di cui era fatto Robert Walser Crede nella bont indifesa che sembra sciocca, nella generosit , nella fiducia nelle cose e negli altri, in una versione adulta, cio consapevole e disincantata, del candore Crede nel potere salutare della capacit ingenua di stupirsi di tutto e prima di tutto della fortuna miracolosa di essere, di esserci e di essere circondati dal mondo cos com con le sue bellezze e le sue brutture La parola che forse ricorre di pi in questo romanzo meraviglioso Mi meraviglio di tutto , potrebbe essere una buona epigrafe.Ma chi crede in queste cose deve stare sempre all erta Perch in giro pi facile incontrare, anzich la bont , l ideologia propagandistica della bont ed il buonismo da make up Pochi i buoni e tanti i militanti dei buoni sentimenti pelosi a cui resta sempre attaccato qualcosa e di quelli da esibizionismo televisivo Tanti i professionisti delle buone maniere, della gentilezza usata come packaging per incartare cattivi sentimenti e ambizioni nascoste Strumenti per avere e per farsi rispecchiare negli occhi degli altri una immagine perfetta di se mentre di se e in se si pensa il peggio Da qui l iniziale diffidenza, l incredulit , a tratti la noia Poi, venuto da pensare che siamo abituati forse troppo alla letteratura che racconta della gente che soffre senza e soprattutto con l apostrofo , del Male, dell inquietudine, della manipolazione, dell insano narcisismo con al centro il moloch della Morte Qui tutto questo non c e la cosa disorienta.Simon Tanner da un certo punto in poi per ti convince Non c trucco in Walser Te ne accorgi perch leggerlo trasmette un che di pacificante, una specie di gioia sottile Quando ti arrendi all idea che lui proprio cos comincia persino a essere divertente Perch il suo candore anche ironia, impertinenza Mi ha fatto pensare ad un francescanesimo laico e disincantato, senza il Cristianesimo e senza un Dio che, lo dice, per lui superfluo gli basta la bellezza dell umano e dell Essere, per amare la vita Ha una componente ribelle, il piacere di stare fuori dal coro e dagli schemi pagando quel che c da pagare Ha volont solida, carattere vero Non usa invece l altro piatto della bilancia con cui i buonisti pesano le cose, le persone e le scelte della vita e cio il successo, il prestigio, la sicurezza o anche solo la remunerazione di rispecchiarsi nell ammirazione degli altri Ha il dono di portare felicit mentre gli altri li riconosci perch hanno l infelicit quotidiana addosso, contagiosa e immedicabile In lui non c la codardia che fa fingere di andar d accordo con tutti capace di accettare il conflitto a viso aperto E questo fa si che non nutre segrete rabbie destinate a manifestarsi all occorrenza attraverso silenziosi e feroci tradimenti Tanner capace quando occorre di dire quello che pensa, girare i tacchi e andarsene via, portandosi i suoi errori sulle spalle come il pi prezioso dei bagagli.Non un poveraccio, insomma, ma un buono vero, di carattere, vertical, come dicono gli spagnoli, con una sua visione forte del mondo.Poi c la leggerezza delle parole, dello stile con Walser racconta Tanner e lo fa parlare E uno stile che sembra un cuscinetto d aria su cui il lettore naviga sul libro come su un aliscafo La lettura scorre comoda, leggera e veloce Bisogna rinforzare l attrito dell attenzione e fermarsi per riflettere e afferrare Altrimenti sfuggono dettagli e sollecitazioni e sembra tutto banale, scontato, mentre non lo per niente Forse questa l unica trappola vera nascosta in questo libro, che poi una candida assenza di trucchi, appunto. Robert Walser okumalar na devam Son b y k ke fim Walser Belki onun kahramanlar yla ayn havay teneff s etmemdir onun eserlerindeki b y nanc m u ki, Walser yirminci y zy l n ba nda bir sonraki y zy l i in eserler yaratm Elimde de il, onun eserlerinin b y s ne kap lmaya devam edece im nk hayatla, kendimle ve di er insanlarla ilgili yeniden d nmemi sa l yor Simon Tanner roman n sonundaki otobiyografi tad ndaki o upuzun paragrafta Bana gelince ben t m insanlar n en i e yaramaz y m diyor Bu benim de yo un ya ad m bir hissiyatt r nitekim The book starts out with a job interview, which made me fear that this would be like The Assistant Part 2, another book about holding a job The familiar elements were there the long winded flowery speeches, the expressions of extreme emotion, the humorous toying with tone I loved that book, mind you, but with a different book I wanted a different experience.Luckily, things moved quickly on and so did Simon, the main character, who can t keep a job or a residence for longer than a few weeks, and wanders aimlessly throughout the book, but in a most delicious manner The prose, too, wanders aimlessly, never settling down on a singular purpose, but searching, revelling, perhaps dilly dallying, sometimes singing a tune in its little head, or bursting out in a most unwarranted way then shrinking back slightly I found this to be Walser s most personal and touching novel so far, with earnest passages that pondered a number of different topics art, women, misfortune, ambition, poverty, city life, etc.How reprehensible it is when those blessed with commodities insist on ignoring the poor Better to torment them, force them into indentured servitude, inflict compulsion and blows this at least produces a connection, fury and a pounding heart, and these too constitute a form of relationship But to cower in elegant homes behind golden garden gates, fearful lest the breath of warm humankind touch you, unable to indulge in extravagances for fear they might be glimpsed by the embittered oppressed, to oppress and yet lack the courage to show yourself as an oppressor, even to fear the ones you are oppressing, feeling ill at ease in your own wealth and begrudging others their ease, to resort to disagreeable weapons that require neither true audacity nor manly courage, to have money, but only money, without splendor That s what things look like in our cities at present p 172 Throughout the book Simon returns in mind and or body repeatedly to his siblings Klaus, Kaspar, Hedwig, and Emil I forget if this is his name, since he is mentioned only once The particular dynamic of the Tanner family is sketched out through these episodes where you get to know each one personally, and you see how these interrelations affect them, how each plays a strict role despite him herself, and how Simon loves each one differently The mix of emotions is captured perfectly Despite the humor and the lightness of Walser s voice, it is impressive how he can be simultaneously sad also, but his sadness is one that s rarely spoken out loud, and is less a solid emotion than a wistfulness you might catch in the eyes of a stranger departing on a long journey It s a quietness that moves below the wildlife of his prose And every once in a while it rises to the surface with surprising candor For her children, our mother had, when she was still healthy, something almost majestic about her that frightened and intimidated us when she became ill in her mind, we pitied her It was a crazy leap to make from fearful, mystical awe to pity All that lay between tenderness and trust remained unknown to us And so it happened that our pity was strongly intermingled with an unspeakable regret over all we d never felt, which then caused us to pity her all the deeply.The novel feels messy, unfinished in parts, but in the best of ways, like a well loved pair of trousers, colorful patches over all its holes Some sections seem to be left out entirely, and you re left imagining what happened between the last episode and this one, where surely Simon being slightly bipolar, perhaps was feeling reticent, perhaps a little down, but you re just happy he s talking again now, and you want him to keep talking Sebald s introduction to this volume is well worth the read also I love thinking about Sebald reading Walser, these two complete outsiders in very different ways, connecting over the ellipsis of literature. A 350 page paperback book which should be bulkier in weight but the pages purposively made small makes it surprisingly light Despite no sense of any formal plot I read for long stretches, growing tired, the book becoming heavier Its weight alternated and at times defied external prodding s.Simon Tanner flits what appears as lightly through his life At times his manic enjoyment of nature is breathtaking It seemed to me there was an element of desperation in this lightness His flight was something away from not towards anything graspable Looked at it was his, Walser s, rush from the shadows of melancholia and whatever ills of the spirit that waited in the wings Walser never says this outright His method is one of absence The inner struggle the story in this novel that has no beginning or end is evoked in what is not said or shown The fearful shadowed part of his being is carved out by his distinctive reveries, conscious attempts at acceptable appearance in others eyes, the slippage of manic rhetoric, his refusals to participate and succeed in life What is left is the heart of the novel, its bleeding guts This for me was not lightness but the lightness was the grim heaviness of Simon s life The simplicity of the writing was the art of evocation It made something which was not there spellbinding The confines wrought out of the desperation to manage such a life left him with an unobstructed view of others, the manners and strivings of society around him, the herald of success if one s being and spirit were sacrificed to obey its rules It appeared absurd, pathetic, possibly silly but not comedic How was he to participate and why This left him with no commonality Isolated, he had no community yet there were isolated moments where others saw a quest for connection in his eyes and a desire on their part to know him Any further details about these relevant situations will be spoilers and I am trying hard to invite rather than preclude anyone form reading this unique and near flawless book I can splash all over the page what is known of Walser s life and make what sounds like smooth equations to the characters and situations inhabiting the book I might even sound smart to myself but this would be an affront to Walser and, The Tanners.When I think of spiritual quests I tend towards thoughts of conventional organized religious practices This book has further confirmed for me that the reading of fine literature is well placed in this list The Tanners, along with being a vast literary experience was also spiritual in its reading and afterwards Ineffable and enigmatic there was something pure, woven from silken thread so fine as not to be seen, always graspable there in front of me yet as I opened my hand it was gone. Impelido por mi propia naturaleza, cosa de la que no se me puede culpar, soy incapaz de introducirme en su piel, se or Walser, o en la que quiere hacernos creer que est envuelto, en lo que parece ser su personaje Simon Tanner Soy incapaz de seguirle en su huida, me confunden sus penas que no le apenan, sus tristezas que no le entristecen, su ingenuidad ilustrada, y aun as , arriesg ndome a que me considere un mastuerzo, le digo que disfruto de su prosa y no me puedo resistir a la tentaci n de parafrasear sus textos tal y como he hecho al empezar este comentario, s que me perdonar el atrevimiento Como tambi n me perdonar que le diga, s de su firme rechazo al elogio, que admiro su histrionismo, siempre muy presente en su obra y particularmente en esta en la que desde un principio se aprecia un af n de s tiraKaspar, que, de pura indolencia, tampoco sabe en qu pierna pararse o con qu narices pensar, ni qu dedo llevarse a una de sus narices Pues las narices proliferan f cilmente con este tipo de vida, y uno quisiera pasarse el d a entero con sus diez dedos metidos en sus diez narices, pensandoMe fascina su desparpajo, su irresponsable naturalidad, su ir de un lado para otro sin aparente destino ni fin, su capacidad para mantenernos expectantes ante cualquier cosa que se disponga a contarnos, uno siempre espera de usted esa idea que nos aproxime un poquito m s a la verdad, su genio y su ingenio fr volo e indolente, su inexistente pomposidadEl da o que la seriedad excesiva y sagrada con que se aborda una cosa puede y debe hacerle forzosamente a la cosa mismaLas reflexiones sugerentes y atractivas de las que, sin af n de pontificar, nos hace part cipes en sus paseos contemplativosPor m s refinada que sea la cultura, seguir siendo naturaleza, pues no es m s que una lenta invenci n, realizada a trav s de los tiempos por seres que siempre depender n de la naturalezaEnsalzo la simplicidad con la que pretende enfrentarse a los avatares de la vida dividi ndola en problemitas simples y f ciles de resolver, esa simplicidad que nos parece ingenua y al mismo tiempo la m s cercana al n cleo, al origen, a la verdad de la que el hombre se ha ido alejando a media que iba complicando est pidamente su existenciaEl edificio de un banco es sin duda algo absurdo en primaveraComo bien sabe, de usted emana un deseo de preguntar por y sorprenderse de las relaciones que se establecen entre unos personajes que parecen decir todo lo que se les pasa por la cabeza, que se entregan sin reservas al primero que pasa, que andan siempre exaltados, bien inflados de una felicidad plena o bien transidos de un dolor trascendental, y a veces en ambos estados consecutivamente Me enternece cuando expresa la caricia que siente ante la dulzura con la que su hermana demostr por usted un ligero desprecio y me deslumbra con la elegancia de su poes a Y sin embargo me sigue usted desconcertando, como ya le hice saber al hablarle de su novelaEl ayudanteo cuando trat de hacerle llegar algunas cosas que pensaba acerca de suJakob von Gunten , cuando le coment de las intenciones ocultas que yo cre descubrir o necesit ver en unas propuestas que me produjeron la mayor de las desconfianzas, m xime cuando ya desde sus inicios confes aquello que deseaba con mayor franqueza, la insinceridad Y es por ello que recelo del entusiasmo del que hace gala,Lo encontrar amos todo maravilloso si fu ramos capaces de sentirlo todo, pues no puede ser que una cosa sea maravillosa y otra noque dudo de sus desprecios,El desasosiego es un estado innoble, indigno del ser humano solo la felicidad es digna de respetoque niego la sinceridad de su risa ante la definici n que de usted, Simon Tanner, hace su hermana,Hay en ti cierta simpleza, cierta irresponsabilidad y, c mo dir a , cierta indolencia pueril Para la mayor a de la gente ser s un personaje poco interesante, ins pido para las chicas, insignificante para las mujeres, absolutamente indigno de confianza y falto de energ a para los hombres Crees que alguien podr a llorar por ti Ni hablar Por una persona como t nadie sentir a nostalgia Ning n coraz n palpitar jam s por tique rechazo por quim rico su desd n al respeto y la consideraci n que en el fondo cree merecer, su inclinaci n a la humillaci n,Me gusta ese escarnio porque me hace temblar, y me encanta ser invadido por la rabia y la verg enza te impulsan hacia metas m s altasY por las mismas razones, s que creo en el desasosiego que le impulsa a torcer su rumbo a cada momento, en su negativa a echar ra ces en sitio alguno, en su apetencia de todo,Es bueno no tener tiempo para muchas cosas, pues, de tenerlo, uno se morir a de tanto pretenderen sus firmes prop sitos inmediatamente olvidados, en su cuestionamiento del arte y de los artistas, en su buscada y querida independenciaQui n no tiene objetivos propios vive en funci n de los objetivos, intereses e intenciones de otrosen su intenci n de vivir el ahoraNo quiero un futuro, lo que quiero es un presenteen su no querer rendirseDebo seguir buscando hasta que logre convencerme de que la felicidad y el deber existen y son la misma cosaen su sentimiento de soledadSiento nostalgia de alg n reproche airado y mordaz, de alg n insulto, de alguna imprecaci n o exclamaci n ofensiva, nicamente para tener la certeza de no estar del todo solo, de despertar siquiera un m nimo de inter s, aunque fuera un inter s grosero y negativoY no ha de extra arme que deteste la compasi n, pues a eso es a lo que me mueve sus infructuosos intentos de aparentar lo que no es, de presumir de lo que carece, su testimonio de felicidad solo porque cree que Dios odia a los tristesEn m no hallar usted nada que apunte a alguna opci n vital determinada A n sigo estando ante las puertas de la vida, y llamo y llamo, cierto es que con pocos br os, y no hago m s que aplicar el o do, ansioso, por si viniera alguien dispuesto a descorrer el cerrojo Pero un cerrojo as es m s bien pesado, y nadie querr venir si tiene la sensaci n de que quien llama desde fuera es un mendigoY me reafirmo en la creencia de que todo su no sufrimiento es totalmente insincero cuando descubro como en ese final esperanzador de su obra usted mismo se compadece de s mismo al regalarle a su Simon Tanner alguien dispuesto a descorrer ese pesado cerrojo P.D Aunque me inscrib all por julio de 2016, no fue hasta octubre de 2017 que empec a participar con cierta asiduidad en esta comunidad de lectores, por lo que me parece muy adecuado celebrar este mi primer aniversario con el comentario a la primera de las novelas de uno de mis escritores favoritos. Un uomo speciale deve essere stato Robert Walser Adesso, dopo aver letto anche un saggio di Pietro Citati contenuto ne La malattia dell infinito che lo riguarda e ne parla entusiasticamente, sono presa dalla curiosit e dalla voglia di saperne di pi di lui Un uomo lieve, candido, infantile Come Simon Tanner, il protagonista del romanzo Io dice Simon non sono niente altro se non uno che ascolta e attende, come tale per perfetto perch ho imparato a sognare mentre attendo Le due cose si tengono per mano, e ci fa bene, e si resta decenti Per chi cerca nella lettura l azione sconsigliato leggere Walser Nel libro ci sono liriche descrizioni della natura, i bei paesaggi svizzeri da cartolina non c una trama ampia, in pratica accade poco o nulla, ci sono lunghi monologhi di Simon, un giovane viandante felice che appartiene al mondo, la sua felicit semplice e consiste nel camminare lungo le strade, nelle campagne, immerso nella bellezza della natura, e nelle citt , tra la gente che le affolla Cos egli ascolta, non solo le parole delle persone che incontra Simon ascolta le voci della vita, i silenzi della neve che cade, il vento che fruscia tra i rami, l erba bagnata dalla rugiada che si piega sotto i suoi passi Simon ascolta con orecchie, occhi e cuore l infinita felicit che muove la superficie del mondo ed il dolore che si nasconde sotto il suo velo, accogliendo entrambi con gioia infantile Simon attende, sempre con il sorriso sulle labbra, che la vita gli apra la porta e lo faccia entrare, intanto lui sta ai margini, da un lato, senza farsi notare, ma non per questo sordo o muto a quanto accade intorno a lui, anzi generoso e pieno di gratitudine verso gli altri La sua attesa riempita dall eterno cammino per valli, boschi e campi inondati di sole o coperti di pioggia e neve, e mentre cammina la comunione del suo spirito con l universo che lo circonda lo rende ricco, pur non possedendo nulla se non una valigia, tutta la casa che abito in questo mondo.Mi rendo conto che le mie parole sono insufficienti a descrivere la ricchezza di sfaccettature che il personaggio, alter ego dello scrittore, ha il quadro che emerge quello di un fannullone vagabondo, una specie di figlio dei fiori ante litteram, che rimanda alla figura dell inetto, che la letteratura novecentesca ci ha fatto conoscere Simon Tanner a prima vista rientra nella categoria degli inetti, accanto a Zeno Cosini o a Ulrich di Musil in realt se ne differenzia perch le sue inquietudini interiori vengono stemperate grazie alla leggerezza e alla dolcezza del sentimento di infinito che lo pervade quando attraversa i boschi ed aspira a fondo l ossigeno delle foreste alpine o quando cammina nelle strade delle cittadine svizzere guardando la gente negli occhi, tuffandosi nel caos della vita cittadina a cuore aperto, con avole dedizione verso gli uomini.Nel corso della lettura riflettevo su quanto sia lontano anni luce dal nostro modo di vivere quello di Simon Tanner, lui che ha una parola buona per tutti, che guarda negli occhi le persone che incontra in strada come per carpirne le gioie e le sofferenze nascoste, che ha sempre il sorriso sulle labbra, quando noi camminiamo per le strade a testa bassa, guardiamo senza vedere chi ci cammina a fianco, ci scontriamo con barboni rannicchiati negli angoli delle piazze senza accorgerci che sono morti E proprio colpa della foga della vita moderna che impone ritmi accelerati, come siamo soliti accusare, in tal modo liberandoci dalle nostre colpe individuali