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FREE E-PUB æ Ashes to Ashes ⚛ Num Parque Da Cidade, Ele Celebra Cuidadosamente A Cerim Nia Prepara O Corpo Deita O Catalisador E Unge O Morto Em Seguida, Acende O F Sforo E Diz Do P Vieste E Ao P H S De Voltar A Popula O Est Aterrorizada E Os Jornais N O Falam De Outra Coisa J O Denominam De O Cremador Ningu M Sabe Quem , De Onde Bem Ou O Que Pretende Com Tais Rituais Mas Quando Ele Risca O F Sforo Com Que Ir Incinerar A Sua Quarta V Tima N O Se D Conta De Exist Ncia De Uma Testemunha, Uma Adolescente Fugida De Casa Que V O Rosto Do Cremador Luz Tremeluzente Da Pira Funer Ria I have been buying Tami Hoag books for awhile and just have never gotten around to reading them So I finally chose a book and got to it Ashes to Ashes is book 1 in the Kovak and Liska series, and I am so glad that I finally decided to pick one up and read Tami Hoag is a brilliant writer.I loved the characters in the book I also loved the premise of the story I also loved the twists in this book The premise of the story, to catch the Cremator A serial killer so twisted he puts the best villains to shame A team of experts getting the run around, false leads, so much mystery in this book I loved it Only one thing that I wished, was that we could have gotten of a story in our villains POV To read his thoughts was so disturbing to me I would like to have known about what made him tick, what made him do what he did.The characters were so very real to me They were so believable My favorites were Kate Conlan, and John Quinn Something kind of odd with this though it that they were like the main characters than the main characters were The main characters of the series are Sam Kovak and Nikki Liska, but they were on the back burner And it saddens me to know that Kate and John will probably not be in future books of this series Kate is a tough girl, been through a lot in her life, closed herself and her heart off a lot and then comes face to face with matters of the heart She does not let anyone get the better of her and she stands her ground very well John is also a tough guy who has made mistakes in the past He is your normal good ole boy pretty much and he is relentless when it comes to solving the mystery.So for my first experience with Tami Hoag, I would say it was pretty darn good, and I look forward to continuing with this series and other series or standalones that she has. 3.5 wish it could have been better stars.I wish I could have given this book a higher rating I think I have been spoiled by SB and her suspense books This was well written but, to me, it could have been about 30% shorter Way too long, way too many details in the first half of the book Not enough time with Quinn and Kate Some killers are born Some are made I will try from this author Maybe check out a shorter book the next time.The series is called Kovac Liska based on two police Sergeants in the novel I liked both of those characters and would be interested in following up on their story if there is one He turned the water off, climbed out of the shower, and toweled himself dry He had an athlete s body, solid, roped with muscle, leaner that it used to be The reverse of most men in their mid forties Liked that Quinn was a bit older I need a drink , she said. FINALLY Back to reviewing following a long absence due to a difficult pregnancy and a huge bout of newborn induced sleep deprivation I haven t had much of a chance to do anything except rock a screaming baby lately, so its so nice to be able to read a book Or I should say, listen to an audiobook Finding time to sit and read is still a little bit beyond me at the moment But hopefully soon I had listened to another book by Tami Hoag last year, and I always wanted to read another So when I wanted something that would hold my interest in the endless hours of feeding my baby, I immediately thought of her and randomly picked and downloaded Ashes to Ashes.Ashes to Ashes is the story of a serial killer, and the joint effort to find them The Cremator is what the media have dubbed this killer, because of the people that he is setting alight But he gets sloppy, and there is a witness to one of his crimes Kate, the crime victim advocate, attempts to look after the witness, Angie Kate s past comes back to haunt her when an FBI agent Quinn is called in to investigate the case In the meantime, of Kate s clients begin to disappear, she thinks that the killer may have a vendetta against her.This was a great audiobook I really enjoyed the narrator and the exciting story One thing I really enjoy about Hoag s books so far is that she introduces different complex characters, and any of them could be the killer It isn t blatantly obvious like so many other books, and that is really important to me I love the surprise aspect, and because I read so many thrillers, I m getting really good at figuring who the killer is Enjoyed the cute love lost, love found again romance aspect of this book And I enjoyed how it was set amongst the murder mystery, but didn t take anything away from it.Would I recommend Ashes to Ashes Absolutely To any thriller fan Really liked the audio version, and I am looking forward to reading by Tami Hoag I listened to this audiobook through Audible, at my own expense. My co worker and I were always baffled by this book Running a small used bookstore, we never understood why we had seven copies of this title and no other Tami Hoag When an eight one rolled in, I decided I had to know It was either a horrible disappointment or was go good that it had been issued to every mystery fan in the area.I read it It was the latter.A vicious serial killer, wonderfully realized characters, city level political intrigue, and one of those introspective romances I can be critical of mystery novels, but this immediately went on my Manager s Pick shelf.