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[Read Book] ♬ Blood Captain (Vampirates, #3) ♼

My very first book finished for 09.This was probably my favorite so far in the series Lots of drama conflict.I can hardly wait for the next book to come out. I had a hard time putting this one down, honestly The storyline definitely unfolds , and once you ve started reading it unfolds rather quickly The ending was unsatisfactory, because of the cliffhanger esque ending Very much ready to read the 4th book The one thing that really keeps me from giving it 5 stars is that the setting keeps getting lost to me We re supposed to be 500 years in the future, but it really feels like it s set in the 1700 1800 s Yes, there are nods here and there to modern things and culture, but that gets lost in the old world piracy I love the story, though That s what s kept me hooked in. [Read Book] ☽ Blood Captain (Vampirates, #3) ☯ As Fans Of The Vampirates Series Know, Nothing Is Quite As It Seems When Vampirates And Pirates Are Involved, So Twins Connor And Grace Have To Keep Up Their Guards But With Every New Challenge Pulling Them Farther Apart, It Seems That The Time Has Finally Come For The Twins To Explore Their Separate Fates Grace, Unable To Forget The Blindness She Caused Her Vampirate Friend Lorcan, Chooses To Journey With Him To See If His Sight Can Be Restored As For Connor, He Must Endure The Latest Addition To The Diablo Crew Captain Wrathe S Awful Nephew, Who Seems To Dislike Him From The Very Start Will Both Twins Find Success, And What Will It Take To Bring Them Back Together 3.5We continue the adventures of Connor and Grace, Connor on the pirate ship Diablo and Grace with the Vampirates, who are off to Sanctuary to try and find some healing for Lorcan.Like the second book, this one took awhile to really get started I d say it was a littlethan halfway by the time things picked up This wouldn t be so bad, as it s, in a way, a character based book, and I do like spending time with the characters even when they do stupid and irritating things but I felt that the parts with Connor, in particular, were rather repetitive and slow to develop.I m still not really sure what I think of Connor He seems a nice enough lad, but his loyalties seem to shift with the wind Of course, I m not sure what I think of Cheng Li, either Is she sincere in her beliefs and her desire to help, or is she manipulating Connor Time will tell, I suppose.As for Grace s side of things, while I enjoyed this part , I also found it a bitpredictable Once again there are rebellions and betrayals, but you sort of know who s going to turn from the moment they are introduced It s rather obvious who s going to go bad and sometimes I want to shake Grace for being so trusting I mean, she s meant to be empathetic and understand people, but she keeps getting blindsided by people the audience knows are no good.But, then, I suppose that s part of her compassionate nature seeing, or at least hoping for, the best in people.Anyway aside from being slow to start, I was also irritated that it ended rather abruptly Not quite a cliffhanger ending but nothing was really resolved We re left with new questions and threads which dangle into the next story which I m told picks up immediately from where 3 leaves off, so at least it shouldn t have the slow start that books 2 and 3 suffered from.There are some things that I enjoy the slow unfolding for but there are times where I feel that people are holding back for the sake of just dragging out the story and making itdramatic Hopefully at least some of these threads are untangled by the end of the next book, or I might begin to get seriously annoyed.Still, even if this is my least favorite of the series, so far, I still enjoyed it and it still has the ability to make me want to pick the book back up, and look forward to those moments when I can and that s always a lovely feeling.Even when I m a bit frustrated with the plotting or the characters, I do, ultimately, like the characters, especially Grace and Lorcan, and look forward to continuing their story ETA There was one mystery solved in this book though it may have been stated in the first book and I just missed it.I had been wondering what time period these were set in We have the romanticized notion of pirates, sailing around on wooden ships and having pirate bars and whatnot but we also have modern references to technology and other things.Then it was mentioned Two thousand, five hundred and twelve So, apparently, this is meant to take place in the future which sort of explains, in some ways, I guess, how you get the mixture of old and new one must assume that, somewhere along the line, the romanticized notion of old piracy took hold and became a thing.But we re also left with a world which, technologically and socially speaking, hasn t really advanced at all in 500 years Many of the references to technology games movies slang are thoroughly present day There s nothing which feels futuristic at allSo, um, some sort of post dystopian thing, or something I admit, that s one aspect of the story I try not to think too much about, because it doesn t really seem fully fleshed out I wonder if it will become relevant, though. Ok just finished the book around five seconds ago WTF that just happened at the end Let me just say the book was BEYOND slow paced I would give a max of pages of it s boring content around 300 pages but infact my copy contained 569 pages which is around the double of what it should ve been The plot didn t move that much forward. Man this book was like watching boring tide of waves It was just terrible And the end OMG the end that was just a bit HILARIOUS I actually shouted WTH because of how ridiculous it was I really wanted to write a proper review but this book already tookof my time than it deserves WAY WAY MORE I will give the 4th book a chance since it seems like this book was the obstacle book in the series This book has been waiting on my shelf for over a year And NOW I can see why. After the twins Connor and Grace went their separate ways in the world, nothing is really like it seems Old friends are reunited and some new ones are made, but old enemies return also Grace goes back to the Vampirate ship to help Lorcan heal his sight They then travel to a place called Sanctuary which is his only hope at recovering his sight Connor returns to The Diablo after the betrayal at Pirate Academy Both twins are faced with tough trials and are constantly getting into bad situations.I chose to read this book after the first two got me hooked on the series.I loved the constant flow of the book, every page and chapter leaves you wantingI had a very hard time putting this book down The characters and the conflict in this book make it great.The only thing that didn t work for me was some of the plot, which leaves with questions that remain unanswered This however, is no reason to not read this book.Overall this was one of my favorite books of all time, and one of my favorites out of the series.I think that this book is geared toward a younger audience in their teens, but I know many adults that have enjoyed it as well.There is no real offensive material, only violence. I read the first two books a number of years ago, so at first I appreciated the brief recaps shown through the first few chapters As I kept reading, I did not enjoy the constant switching between perspectives and the filler style of writing I got from the text Some parts moved very slowly, and some parts moved very fast I m not sure I want to read the other books in the series even though this ended on a cliffhanger and pretty much none of the questions raised were answered. Still yet another great book in the Vampirate series I love these books My favorite character is Connor, the pirate And Lorcan is my favorite vampirate I love them both If I were in Vampirates I d want to be a Buccaneer with Connor, Bart and Jes I loved this book I like how Grace make the dangerous trip to the Sanctuary to save Lorcan I like how she is show her own room, and how she makes sure that Sharie stays with her I hate how they take the ribbons, and how it makes Sherrie attack Grace and hurt her I like how Lorcan begins to regain his sight and how he will be fine I hate how Oliver and Johnny betray Grace and join Sidorio I like how Lorcan saves Grace from Johnny I really enjoyed this book and would rate it 5 stars.