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!FREE E-PUB ⚖ The Cook's Companion ☮ The Cook S Companion Has Established Itself As The Kitchen Bible In Over , Homes Since It Was First Published In Stephanie Alexander Has Added Over New Recipes As Well As New Chapters To This Thoroughly Revised And Updated Edition Stephanie Believes That Good Food Is Essential To Living Well Her Book Is For Everyone, Every Day She Has Invaluable Information About Ingredients, Cooking Techniques And Kitchen Equipment, Along With Inspiration, Advice And Encouragement And Close To Failsafe Recipes This is my kitchen Bible My copy is somewhat shabby the pages are coming away from the spine, it s a little grubby, and the corners are a little squashed All this is evidence of how used this book is There are a few favourite recipes, like the simple banana cake, but it is the basic information about individual ingredients which keeps me coming back What s the best cut of beef How should you store herbs What exactly is a cumquat Stephanie Alexander explains how to select, store and cook just about any food item you can imagine I have a great selection of cookbooks, but this one is the one I come back to time and again. Superb reference book, although certainly not your everyday cookbook Can thoroughly recommend the simple banana cake A big hit in my kid s lunchboxes Good book to lose yourself in, but despite its size, it does not contain everything you think that it would. Brilliant Loved the layout of this bookThe illustrations are amazingThe recipes are simple and delicious What could you want Want to know how to prepare squid Got some Kangaroo in the freezer but not sure what to do with it How do you select the best silver beet What s the difference between Pacific oysters and Sydney Rock oysters Stephanie takes you through each ingredient provides a background, then explains the varieties, seasonal variations, selection and storage and basic preparation information A quick reference is provided for what that ingredient goes with Then a variety of recipes are provided.I ve got the older 1996 edition with the red cover pictured the 2004 edition with the stripey colourful cover is expanded to include additional ingredients I wish I could justify getting it But this edition really isn t a slouch with 113 chapters of ingredients.It may not be the cheapest cookbook around, and it certainly is not the prettiest But it provides a fantastic comprehensive knowledge base with which to build your cooking skills.I would recommend this for anyone starting out cooking maybe as a leaving home gift. Simply the best cookery book I own Set up as an encyclopaedia with main ingredients listed alphabetically, it is great for both inspiration what shall I cook tonight and necessity I only have limited ingredients in the house what can I make with them I love the goes with lists in the columns of each ingredient s chapter These have undoubtedly made me a better cook and inspired me to experiment within the confines of a no fail list of things that go together My kitchen will never be without it. This book is an extensive list of ingredients, and uses for said ingredients It does also have some recipes for each ingredient listed I found it to be pretty awesome because I am interested in food and what I can do with each thing I am still not convinced to bother with artichokes, but I am not sure any book can convince me that artichokes aren t revolting.I would recommend it to anyone who loves to pick up new things, but then has no idea how to prepare the food, or what to do with it.Actually, it really is just a fantastic book to have on hand. The chocolate chip recipe on page 312 is great Her risotto is a bit plain, but mostly this is a reference for the basics anyway, not for whole set meals I like that I can decide I m making choc chip biscuits and I know there will be a recipe there I d be confident that whether I wanted to make a pie, steam fish, make ice cream or whatever, she would have it covered She s also great for if you ve got a lot of something to use up, you can just look up that ingredient and get a ton of uses for it.