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This is the first time Annja hasn t found a great secret or treasure It feels so much real for this Personally, I think Annja takes this let the bad guys live a little too seriously I understand her reasoning for it but Tex was righttake em out now before they hurt people.We discover that the cold Garin does have a heartwho knew I m curious as to things develop further down the road with him after the last bit of action in the story Roux appears to have unexpected considerationsthat should also be interesting to watch Do you think that Roux is an alternative spelling for rou And then Stanley Younts was a fun surprise He rather emphasizes the differences between normal thinking and Annja and Roux s approach to events And poor Dougwhat am I saying Poor Annja, what will Doug be plotting after their little interaction Erene has the potential for future appearancesfeels as though Archer has set us up for a major shift in character s interactionit ll be curious to see how it plays out. [[ DOWNLOAD E-PUB ]] ★ God of Thunder ⇻ Archaeologist Annja Creed Narrowly Escapes An Attack By Unknown Figures When She Tries To Collect A Package Near Her Loft She Later Learns That The Sender An Old Colleague Named Fellini Has Been Brutally Murdered Fellini Had Been Researching The Hammer Of Thor, The Norse God Of Thunder, And Had Linked It To A Viking Warrior And A Twelfth Century Latvian Village A Coded Message In Fellini S Package Leads Annja On A Wild Chase Along The Canals Of Venice To Latvia For Clues To An Ancient Treasure Rud To Be Hidden Deep In The Forests Of Latvia For Nine Hundred Years, This Fabled Prize Is Also Sought By A Ruthless Corps Of Mercenaries And They Will Do Anything To Find It Including Killing Annja Creed I think what is frustrating me about these books is the lack of additional characters Don t get me wrong, Roux and Garin keep coming back, but their roles are decidedly limited, and the other characters either get killed off Tex Winston or vanish Kelly Swan I m also annoyed that we keep dancing around a relationship between Annja and Bart The man is engaged and Annja declared herself uninterested in any sort of lasting relationship with anyone I think I keep reading these mainly to get a sense of the history Annja s research has solidified enough that I can find it believable and I enjoy learning about cultures, archaeological research, and archaeology methods The only other reason I can come up with is hope The hope that the above frustrations will fix themselvesI ll give the series two books because that s what I ve got checked out from the library. Good but not greatAnother good read about Annja Creed As usual there is lots of action and intrigue My only disappointment is in the ending, it lacked something to make it memorable. Better than 6 but still a weak ending The swashbuckling is there but. I love the action and adventure of this series, but I wish endings of finding the actual treasures are a bit anticlimactic At least at the end of this one, we did get to hear about what was found even it s vague The first one of this series I read, the reader got no closer at all as to what the main prize was supposed to be I ve got another book of this series in the TBR pile, but I glad I m finding these cheap at used book stores and library sales. Another fast paced adventure in this series, which has become one of my favorite to curl up with This one takes Annja from New York to Venice to Latvia, where a mysterious package puts her in the trail of a legendary treasure that has already cost the life of an old friend The villains are not over the top evil, and enough attention is paid to their motives to make the story intriguing Love this series and love Annja The Rogue Angel series never disappoints In this book, Annja Creed goes in search of an artifact, the search for which might have resulted in a friend s murder Not a spoiler this is stated in the book s description Traveling to several countries, Annja is determined to find out whether the artifact she is searching for is authentic And that search may require the use of Joan of Arc s sword. Disappointed the ending fell short. Great book The action never stopped on this one I loved the story Also, a character grabbed Annja, and kissed her Too funny.