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I had originally rated this four stars when read in 2015 I did a re read yesterday evening, 3 8 17 that changed some of my thoughts on this book and the residual feelings it left behind.Although I felt this was a fair read there were a few troubling issues that really stood out this second time through.Our hero Archer Jefferson, on of twelve brothers He doesn t do long term relationships nor does he ever want marriage or children The book led me to believe he was a man whore or was having a lot of casual sex I wish it had been clear because I m not fond of the man whore theme which runs rampant through most books these days but what can I say I also dislike heroes commenting on the kind of women they like in bed and other areas in their life when they are becoming involved with a new gal Archer doesn t want entanglements He has been corresponding by email with a gal from Australia, Clove Penmire, who had seen his ranch online and had a few questions to ask him They kept up their emails for two years with no further plans to connect Clove and her sister own a farm in Australia and it was quickly going down hill Her brother in law knew nothing about farming and became frustrated with the living arrangements on the farm with their marriage including the sister, Clove Cloves and her sister had been adopted and then lost their adoptive parents leaving just the two of themthick as thieves Threes a crowd and it isn t good for a marriage or relationship On top of the farm falling into disrepair all around them they were also having infertility issues He became hard to live with having the knowledge he could not give his wife what they both wanted, a child, so things began going south.In the meantime plain jane Clove had a plan She would travel to America and conveniently show up in the city where Archer Jefferson lived, while she remained anonymous She would seduce him and hopefully conceive, leaving with no one the wiser as she headed back down under to give birth and gift her sister and her husband with the baby The marriage would be saved and the sister and her husband with Clove acting like the aunt would raise the child together She gets her wish and boy is she ever pregnant A good while passes before she tells him who she really is and why she seduced him He is shocked to say the least but she was now going to be the mother of their triplets.It was kind of a long road the story moving too slowly for this reader s taste to happiness and Clove was her own worst enemy As so many others in the books I read she was living in the past and making decisions on what had happened to her years ago instead of following her heart.There were several confusing inconsistencies on the pregnancy time line which is frustrating for meothers may not mind so much.Here is the kicker that threw me completely off the book This is a major spoiler so enter at your own risk view spoiler Clove left Archer and went back to Australia to think about what to do about the babies and Archer Apparently she couldn t do that in the same town as Archer while he was treating her like a queen He wanted to make the relationship work, get married and raise the children together but Clovewell most of the time I wasn t sure what she was thinking but it wasn t good nor was it what I would consider normal or sensible Abandonment issues because of adoption Archer, being a man and all, took the advice her sister gave him and left her to stewwhen what she needed was to know he cared for her and the children, but especially her He finally made the trip to see her but had to leave a few hours later when one of his brothers contacted him about a horrible accident their older brother had been in He was at his brother s side for months while he recuperated He actually went three months, YES that s rightthree frickin months and never contacted Clove who was in a very high risk pregnancy with his three babies Not a phone call nor a email He actually stopped answering hers Didn t check on her health while she was on complete bed rest with their triplets Didn t check on the babies to see if they were okay Nada Nothing Zilch Nil Said he was busy with his brother who had wavered between life and deathso I guess that s a free pass not to check on the woman he said he was falling in love with didn t check on Clove s troubled pregnancy or his future children What the hell kind of man was he I liked him up until he began taking the bad advice That like quickly faded as I began to wonder why I even bothered to read this twice The reason for that was I did a really quick read the first time and simply couldn t remember the story so decided to read again hide spoiler [[ Free E-pub ]] ↝ Archer's Angels (Cowboys by the Dozen) ☟ Amazing Books, Archer S Angels Cowboys By The Dozen By Tina Leonard This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Archer S Angels Cowboys By The Dozen , Essay By Tina Leonard Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This was a good book Interesting characters and personalities, written well, emotions, a bit of steaminess, stubbornness, conflicts, spunk and a good ending I don t think I ll read it again but I would like to read the rest of the series and get to know the remaining brothers Great for the lazy day, cozy night, or passing time. In Leonard s romantic suspense novel, Australian stuntwoman, Clove Penmire, has come to Texas to find a real cowboy and make a baby no string attached Archer Jefferson fits the bill but she is stunned to find an attraction to him she never expected With determination on her side, she sets out for what she came for only to find her plans changing with every step she takes.A good Cowboy at Heart romance.