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FREE BOOK È The Emotionally Healthy Woman ⛅ Geri Scazzero Knew There Was Something Desperately Wrong With Her Life She Felt Like A Single Parent Raising Her Four Young Daughters Alone She Finally Told Her Husband, I Quit, And Left The Thriving Church He Pastored, Beginning A Journey That Transformed Her And Her Marriage For The BetterIn The Emotionally Healthy Woman, Geri Provides You A Way Out Of An Inauthentic, Superficial Spirituality To Genuine Freedom In Christ This Book Is For Every Woman Who Thinks, I Can T Keep Pretending Everything Is Fine The Journey To Emotional Health Begins By Quitting Geri Quit Being Afraid Of What Others Think She Quit Lying She Quit Denying Her Anger And Sadness She Quit Living Someone Else S Life When You Quit Those Things That Are Damaging To Your Soul Or The Souls Of Others, You Are Freed Up To Choose Other Ways Of Being And Relating That Are Rooted In Love And Lead To LifeWhen You Quit For The Right Reasons, At The Right Time, And In The Right Way, You Re On The Path Not Only To Emotional Health, But Also To The True Purpose Of Your Life QUITTING WILL SET YOU FREE Not A Typical Message Heard In The Church Today, Especially Among Nice, Christian Women, But One That Has Been Needed For Years By Refusing To Cling To A Shell Of Pretension, The True Freedom Of Our New Lives In Christ Is Realized, And Geri Shows Us How A Fast, Informed Read, This Book Breaks Down The Walls Of The False Ideals We Cling To In And Shows Us That By Quitting These Idols, We Re Discover God S Love I Was Supposed To Read This Book I Needed To Read This Book Thank You, Geri Kim De Blecourt, Short Term Adventure Specialist With Food For Orphans And Author Of Until We All Come Home A Harrowing Journey, A Mother S Courage, A Race To Freedom Loved this book Well done Geri Thank you for sharing your journey with me through your book. Hey, Ladies Yes, I m talking to you I have found the answer to the questions What are we to do during the next Friday Night Ladies gathering or Any suggestions for the next Book Club selection Round up ten of your best girlfriends, prepare a hearty cup of tea, and grab a copy of Geri Scazzero s latest work, The Emotionally Healthy Woman Eight Things You Have To Quit To Change Your Life This book will change your life.Using personal experiences as a pastor s wife to a growing church in an urban context, the heart of The Emotionally Healthy Woman is found in the advice offered to women advice learned at a high cost through hard lessons learned by Mrs Scazzero during a difficult season of life.The impact of The Emotionally Healthy Woman is directly attributed to the author s transparency In a straightforward manner, Scazzero shares the highs, lows, pressures and claustrophobic expectations placed upon her early on in her marriage In sharing her unhealthy reactions of suppression, avoidance, and deferring, Scazzero offers her experiences as an examples of what not to do As such, The Emotionally Health Woman reads as a blueprint for how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries, engage lovingly with others in high pressure and stress laden situations, and communicate openly with all parties involved so that perceived expectations are clarified and personal limitations and preferences are understood.Full review available by visiting In This Together review of The Emotionally Healthy Woman This book just wasn t written for me it speaks to a subset of generally conservative Christianity where self care or even admitting that you have needs of your own, despite of course being primarily a wife and mother is revolutionary If you struggle with the idea that your own needs are valid and your opinions matter as much as your husband s then this would be a good place to start exploring the idea of being honest in your relationships, valuing your own time and feelings, and taking care of yourself guilt free I was also hoping for a memoir style, which would have let me connect with the author This was a book club pick, so I did my best to power through despite my mis match to the target audience. This book was ok, but not great This is a Pastor s wife who had to quit living for everyone elseand start living for herself She talks about 8 things we should Quit A lot of her points are good ones, I especially enjoyed the chapter on Quit Overfunctioning, but I found myself thinking she had crossed over from selflessness to the point of self harm, to selfishness where everyone has to put up with her boundaries I felt she went too far in some areas There are some good things to learn from this book, but wasn t as good as I d expected.