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Hmmdo I recommend The Boleyn Inheritance NO.Here s why 1 It makes me acutely aware that if I enjoyed this series of Phillipa Gregory books in my youth, that when I get crumbly read old , I ll probably end up enjoying Harlequin Romance novels.2 In The Boleyn Inheritance, as with The Other Boleyn Girl, Ms Gregory writes with such myopic vision that I wanted to scream from the claustrophobic feeling She writes around in circles, covering the same topic repeatedly with only slight variation Granted, that is perhaps the entire feel of living at court in King Henry VIII s time, and so she s reconstructing the aura through her writing style The only redemption for it, though, was her use of three perspectives In TOBG, we only got to see Mary s view with editorializing, so this new usage of three narrators was the only fresh air readers get.3 If you are my mother in law or my grandmother, stop reading here.Okay, now that it s just us frivolous girls, this novel is full of intrigue, backstabbing, political gaming, greed, beheading All of which make the perfect plot And then there s the s e x Lots of s e x Ugh It churns my stomach, quite honestly, how incredibly detailed they get, how up close and personal they get with a topic that should, imo, be only personal private I m not a prudeobviously, since I finished reading it when I should have set it aside I know, I know, it s historical fiction, and King Henry VIII was really flatulent, had a huge, open, stinking, puss oozing wound and was impotent to boot I get it Really, I get it Ms Gregory kept hitting me in the face with it all, though, and eventually I got fed up.So, three reasons I won t recommend this to anyone And yet, I can t help imagining that if a friend told me she read it, I d probably grin and say, Is it good for you It did wrap up nicely the loose ends she left in TOBG, like Jane s George s wife betrayal being totally bogus I enjoyed seeing her get her just desserts.Now, on the other hand, if Ms Gregory chooses to novelize Princess Queen Mary s and Queen Elizabeth s reign, I might run headlong into those If I remember correctly, there was NO sex there. I m a sucker for Tudor historicals It never gets old reading about the six queens of Henry VIII, and it gives me a serious appreciation for my daily life after reading about the dangers of living in the past Having a tendency to stick my foot in my mouth results in social ostracism these days for me, in the past, I could have been beheaded, raped, drawn, tortured, disemboweled, boiled alive.And if I m lucky, it would have been done in that order.While it s no torture reading this book, I did find it drawn on and I am not a fan of the characterization Besides Anne of Cleves, who is admittedly dull, the other two main characters in this book, the unfortunate Jane, Lady Boleyn and the infantile Queen Katherine, both seem like caricatures Jane is a devious, desperate shrew unable to see the truth of her actions until the very end, and Katherine would make Cher of Clueless fame seem positively brilliant in comparison I find it particularly grating that she keeps repeating Now let me see, what do I have in the beginning of her sections I understand that the author is trying to reinforce the fact that Katherine is empty headed, materialistic, and vain, but there is a way of doing it correctly to gain the reader s sympathy having her grate on the reader s nerves is not how it s done. [Read Epub] ♇ The Boleyn Inheritance ⚈ Three Women Who Share One Fate The Boleyn InheritanceAnne Of Cleves She Runs From Her Tiny Country, Her Hateful Mother, And Her Abusive Brother To A Throne Whose Last Three Occupants Are Dead King Henry VIII, Her New Husband, Instantly Dislikes Her Without Friends, Family, Or Even An Understanding Of The Language Being Spoken Around Her, She Must Literally Save Her Neck In A Court Ruled By A Deadly Game Of Politics And The Terror Of An Unpredictable And Vengeful King Her Boleyn Inheritance Accusations And False WitnessesKatherine HowardShe Catches The King S Eye Within Moments Of Arriving At Court, Setting In Motion The Dreadful Machine Of Politics, Intrigue, And Treason That She Does Not Understand She Only Knows That She Is Beautiful, That Men Desire Her, That She Is Young And In Love But Not With The Diseased Old Man Who Made Her Queen, Beds Her Night After Night, And Killed Her Cousin Anne Her Boleyn Inheritance The Threat Of The AxeJane RochfordShe Is The Boleyn Girl Whose Testimony Sent Her Husband And Sister In Law To Their Deaths She Is The Trusted Friend Of Two Threatened Queens, The Perfectly Loyal Spy For Her Uncle, The Duke Of Norfolk, And A Canny Survivor In The Murderous Court Of A Most Dangerous King Throughout Europe, Her Name Is A Byword For Malice, Jealousy, And Twisted Lust Her Boleyn Inheritance A Fortune And A Title, In Exchange For Her Soul The Boleyn Inheritance Is A Novel Drawn Tight As A Lute String About A Court Ruled By The Gallows And Three Women Whose Positions Brought Them Wealth, Admiration, And Power As Well As Deceit, Betrayal, And Terror Once Again, Philippa Gregory Has Brought A Vanished World To Life The Whisper Of A Silk Skirt On A Stone Stair, The Yellow Glow Of Candlelight Illuminating A Hastily Written Note, The Murmurs Of The Crowd Gathering On Tower Green Below The Newly Built Scaffold In The Boleyn Inheritance Gregory Is At Her Intelligent And Page Turning Best I read The Other Boleyn Girl first and that book should bow down to this one The books hardly compare This one is by far the better book Although I greatly enjoyed both, for me this one was told in such a unique way and by women I didn t know much about that it grabbed me from the beginning It tells the story from three different perspectives One unexpected and extremley interesting the wife of Anne Boleyn s brother, now a widow Lady Rochford Jane Boleyn is now a bitter older women wanting to be kept involved in court life and is haunted by a past mistake It then switches to Anne of Cleves She is sitting and being painted This portrait will be sent to the King There he sends for her to become his wife When he sees her he is disgusted by her How can she handle such a situation with a hateful brother back home and a hateful husband in England The third person is Henry s eventual fifth wife the young teenage Katherine Howard She is young, foolish, and loose and has no idea that her fate will lead her to the King and her mistakes to her death This story weaves three extrelmely interesting and entertaing stories into one It is told in an engaging way and it makes you want to keep turning the pages It is one of the best Elizabethean historical fiction I have read and defintley my favorite by this amazing author It will captivate you and move you. 3.5 Das war ein perfektes Buch Spannend von vorne bis hinten, au ergew hnliche Charaktere und ein wundervoller, fl ssiger und inspirierender Schreibstil Author s Note Anne of Cleves and Katherine Howard are the two wives of Henry VIII whom we know least as is so often the case, we think we know them well In this fictional account of the real facts I have tried to get past the convention that one wife was ugly and the other stupid, to consider the lives and circumstances of these two very young women who were, so briefly, the most important women of England, successive wives to a man on the brink of madness. This installment in the Tudor series was Philippa Gregory at her best, giving life to some of the least known or understood characters of the Tudor era Two queens, one perpetual lady in waiting and the ever cunning Duke of Norfolk make this story gripping and frightening.First, there is Anne of Cleves, a twenty four year old queen, who reigns some six months, but is savvy enough to survive being disposed of by Henry VIII, a feat that few of his wives could boast Anyone familiar with her story must have wondered why she elected to stay in England after Henry set her aside for Katherine Howard and how she managed to become regarded as his sister after she had been his wife We are mostly told by historians that he found her ugly, but Gregory s explanations are far believable and credible than that, and she gives this shadowy queen life.Next, there is Katherine Howard, the fifteen year old, who is beheaded like her cousin Anne Boleyn, but with much less fanfare Little is known in actuality about Katherine, with exception of an extant letter from her to her lover, Thomas Culpepper Gregory makes her a pretty and foolish teenager, taken with the limelight and repulsed by the fetid old man, whom no one can deny Henry VIII had become Again, there is no doubt that this is who she might have been, as plausible a portrait as anyone could draw without having information to draw on.The third woman we are allowed to see closely is Jane Boleyn Ah, here much is known and even imagined, but this is a portrait of Jane that is somehow removed from the cold and calculating portrait we normally see Not that she is warm, or soft, or lovable, but she is, here, human and pitiable.In fact, even Henry himself is different in this account than in any of the previous ones, but this incarnation seems to be the logical outgrowth of what has come before a madman, and in many ways a monster How else to explain a man who would bed a fifteen year old, thinking she desires him, or behead a seventeen year old girl because she does not.I have three installments in the Plantagenet Tudor series and I am certain I will miss having another to look forward to when I have completed them all. Oh, bad historical fiction, how I love thee I must confess that I had a hard time putting this down, much like its prequel The Other Boleyn Girl To be fair, the historical research is impressive, with the author using the most up to date resources and theories available about the reign of Henry VIII, but stillthe sex scenes The maidens The lack of discussion of politics and historical context Never mind, it was a great read and I m sure I ll reread both books in a couple of years Hah I was already on the author s website yesterday to see if she is writing anything about Henry VIII s last wife, Catherine Parr In short, this novel tells the stories of wives 4 and 5, Anne of Cleves and Katherine Howard Read it after The Other Boleyn Girl, otherwise the third main character and narrator, Jane Boleyn Anne s sister in law will not make as much sense Henry VIII is presented as a uniformly disgusting monster in this volume, as opposed to The Other Boleyn Girl, which seems consistent with his aging in reality Romps, beheadings and talk of gowns abound, and the novel is thoroughly enjoyable for its genre with surprisingly few truly awful dialogues passages Seriously, I couldn t put it down. Regele va hot r ce anume e credin i ce e erezie, oamenii nu au c derea s stabileasc lucrul sta n lumea asta nou i primejdioas , nici m car Biserica nu are c derea s stabileasc lucrul sta Regele va hot r cine va tr i i cine va muri c ci are acum puterea Lui Dumnezeu E o sentin dur pentru mine Sunt o femeie t n r , am numai dou zeci i cinci de ani N am gre it cu nimic i totu i voi fi singur pe vecie nedorit , stingher i exilat ntr adev r, c nd un rege se consider Dumnezeu i i urmeaz propriile dorin e, suferin a se abate asupra altora. You have to hand it to Philippa Gregory she creates a lot of suspense out of a story everyone knows the ending to Normally I don t much go in for historical fiction, but this was available at the library on cd and I had a road trip coming up, so, in the words of Katherine Howard, Voil I was entertained, though not enthralled The novel spans Henry VIII s marriages to Anne of Cleves and Katherine Howard, and is narrated by three women Anne, Katherine, and Lady Rochford Jane Boleyn, sister in law of beheaded Anne Boleyn Anne of Cleves is both intelligent and honorable, and I felt for her as she slowly realizes that she d exchanged the humiliations of her brother s court for the life threatening humiliations of Henry s court The only problem with Anne is her repetitive realizations of Henry s insanity I think he must be mad I fear the king is mad The country is ruled by a madman How many times can you be surprised by this Anyway, it got a bit old, as did her droning on about her life being in danger, especially as we already know she doesn t end up beheaded Remember the rhyme Divorced, beheaded, died divorced, beheaded, survived And besides, Henry VIII wasn t insane, just selfish and corrupt The truly mad character is Lady Rochford, who yearns to return to the same court that had decimated her family a few years before Even unbelievably, she is shocked shocked when her uncle, the Duke of Norfolk, proves as duplicitously self serving as ever I mean, isn t it obvious that if a man will throw one niece under the bus, he d throw another one Her machinations seem doomed from the start simply because of who she s taking orders from The real star of the show, however, is Katherine Howard, the endearingly materialistic, shallow, short sighted teenage successor to Anne of Cleves She s not so much stupid as supremely unintellectual, with a genius for flirtation and blindness to danger Surprisingly, I found myself rooting for this self serving little hussy who didn t think twice about feigning ecstasy with a disgusting old man if it meant she d get a new dress There s something refreshing about a person who doesn t know you re supposed to hide your materialism In the audiobook the women are narrated by three different actresses, which adds immeasurably to the individual voice of each character Katherine s portrayal was spectacular Fun to listen to on a drive, though I wouldn t waste the time to read it.