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I m an emotional rater, so after reading this book I m not sure how to rate it It was emotionally draining Ugh I felt like a bunch of spoiled bratty kids were going around creating all of their own drama and conflicts Rather than responding to problems as they arise, which would have been acceptable since they have been through traumatic ordeals most of the conflicts were dialogue related Enough already I m over the strained relationship of Adam and Helena And on top of it all, I lost my favorite character I m guessing that we re gonna see Lazarus Or at least that s what I m hoping, that he isn t dead That s what it feels like to me anyway I will be reading the next installment anyway to test my theory of course [Download Kindle] ⚖ Severance (Linx, #2) ♐ Helena Linx Is Gone Quarantined Until The Age Of Sixteen, She Is Now On The Run And In Pursuit Of Revenge Forced To Remain Hidden In New York The Largest City In The Post Pandemic World Helena Has Taken On A New Name, A New Identity, And A New Life However, The Life That Helena Has Chosen Is Not An Easy One Anonymous Assassins, Haunting Nightmares Of A Young Soldier S Death, And The Unwanted Attention Of A Powerful Politician S Son All Threaten To Derail Her Plans Scarred By The Past And Facing An Uncertain Future, Helena Will Do Whatever It Takes To Expose The Chilling Truth Even If That Means Cutting Ties With The Person She Used To BeSeverance Is The Sequel To The Complex And The Second Installment In The Linx Series Hurry up book I want to read you The sequel to I m so happy that this finally came it It s exactly what I was in the mood for I think we got to see a lotof the world and there were some fine new additions to the cast of characters that I loved A lotromance in this one, but I still wish there wasof that What was crazy was how messed up they all are after what happened at the end of the first book It affects them all in different ways and I really like how slowly they all sort of fall apart Harrison and Helena are so different but they have a great sibling tension that only gets crazier as the series moves on Delly went through the biggest change, but I love her anyway sdlfkjsdflkjdf the ending was so. no words for it Please finish the next one now. Very exciting I enjoyed this sequel and thought it was a nice addition I just finished reading the 3rd on yesterday so I need to review that one too But as for this one, its helps set up a lot of the twists that occur in the next book Very pleased I read this. Noooooooooooooop So I finally sat down and read Severance finished it in two days so I think that in itself says a lot and yes I threw a fit when I realized who you killed off and just when I was really starting to like this character evenand thought something else was going to happen smhso yes I m a lil heartbroken, but even with that I still really enjoyed the book and I think that the love interests only added to how great this series already was I m once again going to be sitting around waiting for the next bookand surprisingly enough, I actually really loved CLkeep em coming Cathy, great job once again So after reading this I went into a minor period of depression I was so freakin sad at the end that I wanted to punch a baby I drew sad faces on a CD with a sharpie and wrote lyrics from Bright Eyes songs around the edges If this were 2004 I would have actually burned Bright Eyes songs onto this CD, but I don t actually know how to do that and my older sister wouldn t take time away from her midterms to explain it to me This was a different vibe than the Complex A little sexier to put it as creepily as possible Cathy E Zargoza does great subtle character development and we saw a lotof that here Still very funny like the first book Sarcasm abounds and all that good stuff I m all about Cain Lucen He s the best douchebag ever Helena must be the hardest person in the world to please because even I was kind of into him, and I m not into dudes Anyways, this was great.