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This is a book about staying away from the Rolling Stones if you want to live Actually, it s a book about the Stones written by the guy who provided them with drugs for like 30 years, but swears he never sold drugs Also, he never used a needleuntil he DID use a needle later in the book It s hard to know what s true, but if only half of it is it s still testimony to what a waste of skin the Stones have been throughout their long careers They wrote great songs, and showed the world what rebellion for the sake of rebellion looks like It s all fun and games until people start to die at least two deaths by gunshot and ten or so by overdose by the time you reach the 90 s and the end of the book In the end, it s a reminder to look to rock stars for music, and not for wisdom about how to live your life. I see a lot of people claiming Keith called Sanchez out as a liar but that s not what I read in Rolling Stone when Keith was interviewed in 1981, a few years after the book was published and here all these years later, Rolling Stone has the interview up on it s website So, with Keith saying the actual facts are true, why slag the book Rolling Stone Magazine The Brian Anita Keith triangle is a centerpiece of Up and Down with the Rolling Stones, by Tony Sanchez, which came out in 1979 Sanchez described himself as, among other things, your drug procurer, and his description of your lifestyle in those years late Sixties, early Seventies is one of almost total dissipation and addiction Is any or all of this true Keith Spanish Tony s book Let s put it like this I couldn t plow through it all because my eyes were watering from laughter But the basic laying out of the story He did this, he did that is true Tony didn t really write it He had some hack from Fleet Street write it obviously, Tony can hardly write his own name, you know He was a great guy I always considered him a friend of mine I mean, not any But I understand his position he got into dope, his girlfriend ODed, he went on the skids and it s all this shit, you know As far as that book s concerned, as far as, like, a particular episode, just the bare facts yeah, they all happened But by the time you got to the end, it was like Grimm s Fairy Tales with emphasis on the grim It s really all old stuff You know, there are certain showbiz cliches that always seem to hold true One is that there s no such thing as bad publicity, and the other is that the show must go on, right KINDLE ⚒ Up and Down With the Rolling Stones ⚖ Best EPub, Up And Down With The Rolling Stones Author Tony Sanchez This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Up And Down With The Rolling Stones, Essay By Tony Sanchez Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Despite the 3 rating you can t be a Stones fan if you haven t read this. Pathetic It was nothing than Sanchez s attempt to justify his own existence If you met Sanchez at a party, he d be the name dropper you d want to punch in the face. Written by small time gangster Spanish Tony who became Richards consigliere cum dogsbody and proprietor of the Stones London club Vesuvios I think you get the gist I should add, this is the first e book I ve read I don t have a Kindle but it was 2.90 and immediate or 15 and four weeks postage so as I needed it as research towards a deadline I took the e book version and read it on Kindle Reader for MacBook Once I put it in two column format, with white text on black background, it was a surprisingly comfortable read Not like reading a PDF on computer, rather a new experience Also the highlighting option was very useful for a research document, even if many of the notes disappeared later Looking forward to getting a Kindle now. Even though Keith claims this dude is lying, but I read it when I was 13 and I remember eating it up Up And Down With The Rolling Stones is a sort of gossipy, soap opera affair in the vein of I m With The Band Spanish Tony Sanchez is not much of a writer and, as a result, the whole thing s a bit tedious He lapses between tenses in a distracting way and the narrative is so disjointed, it s hard to take anything from it SpanTo makes a lot of really bizarre statements as well Like, No coke user ever fully comprehends at first a very simple fact every snort of this beautiful, uplifting drug takes him one step nearer heroin addiction Really Or how about, in reference to the success of a Stones TV special, The film was never shown in Britain, but it was well received in the rest of Europe, where rock fans are less discriminating Huh Or one about Clapton being the best rock guitarist, whereas I feel fellow Yardbirds guitarists Page and Beck were successful at taking their roots and influences and creating something new.It was weird, too, having read several Stones bios, reading those same stories There was nothing new here, really, except who slept with who and where the drugs came from And how much they cost There was a whole lot about the cost of drugs.What I think is very good about this book is that it doesn t shy away from the fact that Mick and Keith were arrogant, spoiled, egomaniacal ssholes and that a great many of the characters involved in this story were little better The term monsters comes to mind Witness Altamont I m a great Stones fan but it s definitely for the music and has never been about any romanticism over their decadent, rock n roll lifestyle It s extraordinary the license celebrity seems to give, but extraordinary that the little people not only tolerate this but encourage it.I found SpanTo s coverage of The Rolling Stones Rock N Roll Circus to be suspect He dismisses the stunning performance of A Quick One by The Who by saying, The Who played next, but they were dwarfed by the direct comparison with Lennon s raw genius Okay, yes, the performance by John Lennon, Mitch Mitchell, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards was one of the highlights but they basically played a couple songs They did it well, sure, but no big deal The Who played this awesome miniature opera complete with time and tempo changes, musical segues and a great deal of excitement and energy It s my opinion but I don t think Dirty Mac, as Lennon s band was called, came close That SpanTo goes on to praise the lackluster performance of The Stones is, to me, the nail in the coffin That Stones performance sucks Bad.Ultimately, it s all opinion and SpanTo doesn t shy away from giving his opinion As a memoir, this book is light on facts and heavy on supposition It is entertaining enough to read if you re a Stones fan, however and especially if you like a little dirt Or a lot. This is my before bed book, so it s going to go super slow I m just putting it up here for, like, total disclosure Beatles aside, I m not a rock book person This was a recommendation from a friend, though, and seems like a pretty wild, fat, sweet ride Okay, so, as I said before, aside from a bunch of books on The Beatles as a teenager, I ve never been a reader of rock books or rock u drama books or My Life With name of celebrity books or whatever This dealie was recommended to me by a most of the time super literary friend who described it as being written by Keith s bag man which seemed compelling enough due to the fact that Keith Richards drug use has always, to me, seemed epic than The Stones or their music.It was written by Tony Sanchez a.k.a Spanish Tony , Keith Richards personal assistant and friend who was by his side as a body guard, drug getter, travel coordinator, family counselor you name it Really, the first two hundred and fifty pages or so are what one d expect from a rock book Keith waking up one day and thinking it would be fun to buy a hovercraft, buying one, using it for the afternoon and then leaving it to rust in the yard for years, zillions of super expensive cars and super expensive car accidents, parties, celebrities, explosive relationships, and drugs It s really the last fifty pages that get hella serious I mean, did Keith Richards really use blood transfusions as a way to quit heroin specifically when he needed to provide a blood sample to obtain a touring visa Man, I don t know, but if, like, some all knowing being turned to me and said, Hey, one member of twentieth century, Western humanity has had a blood transfusion to get a visa, can you guess who it is I d stake my life and the life of everyone I love on the fact that it was Keith Richards.K, but, so, those last fifty pages get pretty dark and it s all about the drug use Throughout the book, every thirty pages or so someone dies or has their life ruined by heroin, but, nothing really compares to the circumstances surrounding the death of the author s long time girlfriend, which I won t get into.All in all, this was a fun read maybe this is what people call a beach book I have no idea I don t enjoy the beach, so the idea of a beach book seems, at best, not awesome Here s what I do know this book goes super fast and is pretty entertaining It didn t turn me on to the genre or whatever, but it made me feel closer to the friend who lent it to me, which is a good feeling.Also, I just thought I d mention that if you re on the fence about doing heroin, I d recommend holding off until you ve read this book and then re evaluating. Terrible, terrible book a sleazy pusher cashing in on a few nasty stories of the greatest band in history It s one thing to have Red and Sonny West write a book like ELVIS WHAT HAPPENED They were with Elvis from before he got famous They knew his roots, knew his values, were Southern men who literally spoke the same language And they didn t push dope, even if they took pills with Elvis from time to time.But this book eeeeeesh It s not so much that Tony Sanchez was a parasite who sold drugs to guys he claims were his best buddies It s the weird tone of the book, a combination of gossip column and Jackie Collins prose, weird snobbery mixed with pandering titillation Sanchez takes cheap shots in between kissing ass, ridiculing Mick Jagger for not being classy like the high society parasites who begged to hang out with him the minute he started having hit records There s something really, really weird about a drug pusher making fun of a rock star for not being as well born as the debutantes he screws by the truckload And meanwhile, there s the much darker weirdness of taking Brian Jones side in all the musical disagreements but then also ignoring the real reason Brian lost his place in the Stones power structure that is, being doped out of his mind all the time on all the drugs his good friend guess who kept selling him out of the goodnes of his heart.The thing is, this book reads like it was ghost written anyway, so I doubt ALL of the high society posturing is really a reflection of Tony Sanchez world view It s like, some magazine hack who WISHES he was writing about Steve McQueen and Paul Newman oh joy and just HAS to keep reminding you that rock stars lack the glamor of classic movie stars Right And how old is your target audience