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This is a concise accounting of Marilyn s beginnings It s an interesting part of the legend s life Unfortunately, it seemed like Marilyn became a bit player in her own life story when almost half of the short book s attention was shifted to a rather extensive retelling of her mother s life In these passages, Marilyn Norma Jean even isn t mentioned If anything, this made me want to go out and find a extensive biography. I won this in a FR giveaway This book focuses on 1946, the year Marilyn Monroe was starting out as an actress I thought the book was really interesting, a fast read, and I loved how it read like a novel instead of a non fiction book I ve always loved Marilyn Monroe, and I learned some new things from this book Overall, an interesting book about the always interesting Marilyn Monroe, and any fan of hers will enjoy this book My only complaint is that there are no pictures I would have loved for there to be some pictures in the book. @Free Ebook Ì Casting Norma Jeane Ï She Started Out With Less Than Any Girl I Ever Knew So Recalled Modeling Agent Emmeline Snively Of Her Client Norma Jeane Dougherty At The Age Of But She Worked The Hardest She Wanted To Learn She Wanted To BE SOMEBODY Than Anybody I Ever Saw Before In My Life And She Became Marilyn Monroe That Is, In The Eyes Of All But A Select Few Insiders Who Like Miss Snively Saw That The Greatest Sex Symbol Of All Time Was A Pure Fabrication An Exquisitely Crafted Act A Dazzling Illusion Who Disappeared As Soon As The Makeup Came Off At Night Through Those Insiders Eyes CASTING NORMA JEANE Now Recaptures The Late Summer Of As A Restless Model And Starlet Described As Pretty But Plain Steps Into A Role That Will Make Her The Most Photographed, Most Talked About, And Most Written About Woman Of The Th Century This was an interesting perspective taken by a book about Marilyn Monroe in that it features a year in her life when she was only 20 and still very much Norma Jeane I really enjoyed it and learned quite a lot about her strange familial dynamics and about those she was closest to during that period She certainly never had a massive amount of support or encouragement from her mum but she also had her demons and I liked that Marilyn would never, ever slate her because she also knew how hard she worked in the early years to raise her.It s good the author has actually spoken with some of the people he s written about and hasn t just made it all up after reading a few articles, too.It s quite intriguing too in that both candles in the wind died aged only 36.Certainly a comprehensive look at the last year she was Norma Jeane. In this book, Norma Jeane Dougherty is introduced to us before she became a star It focuses on her in the year 1946 when she is nineteen year old Norma Jeane Dougherty She is a model wanting to become an actress The book reads as a novel and paints a very imaginable picture of her life during this period and time It Shows how she became Marilyn Monroe It is told from different perspectives.I really enjoyed reading this book and the look into this period of time in Marilyn Monroe s Norma Jeane s life I would recommend this book to anyone It was a very good read. The blue book agency years are an important period in Norma Jean s life, where she starts to learn how to move, pose and enhance her best features It reveals a smart and hard working young model.So I was thrilled when I saw this book, expecting a detailed path of her transformation Started to read right away, and aww what a let down.The book reads like a novel with way too long descriptions and little informations Very slow writing where Marilyn seems very far from us Couldn t get past chapter 4, feeling I was truly wasting my time You might find a few interesting things if you haven t read much about Emmeline Snively and her girls. I received this book in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway This biography of Marilyn Monroe focuses on the year 1946 when nineteen year old Norma Jeane Dougherty is a model wanting to embark on a career as an actress The book reveals details of Norma Jeane s childhood growing up in foster homes while yearning for the love of her mentally ill mother and a father whom she didn t know The book is very interesting and I learned a lot which helped me to better understand Marilyn Monroe s successful career and the circumstances surrounding her unhappy and tragic life. This is a very interesting idea for a book but there was something lacking I just could not get into it, most of the information is old and has been out there for ever Marilyn was a very young woman that really never grew up Being this way she was hurt in so ways and this book does not even begin to tell that side of it I think that everyone knew that except the author I wish I could give this a higher rating but I don t feel that it s there. Since I was a little girl, I have always been a fan of Marilyn Monroe I find her to be majestic and fascinating In this book, I was introduced to Norma Jeane before she became an star, and to those closest to her The book reads like a novel and paints a very imaginable picture of that period of time and the location of Hollywood I have always imagined the sacrifices that it must have taken to achieve her level of status, it appears that there were many sacrifices throughout her entire life I found her upbringing to be despairing but yet, I can relate to how this contributed to her desires to be loved and admired I really enjoyed this book and the look into this period of time in Marilyn s Norma Jeane s life I was so very excited to receive this book for free through Goodreads First Reads program, I feel honored to give a review. This book focuses on 1946, the year when 20 year old Norma Jeane Dougherty became Marilyn Monroe The author met Sam and Enid Knebelcamp, part of her extended family, in 1958 The book is based on his recollections of this encounter and others connected to Marilyn, as well as his own research It reads like a novel, but unlike so many books about Monroe alas , it s true to fact Casting Norma Jeane illuminates that extraordinary period of transformation, and the many players involved, although the young woman at the centre remains somewhat elusive So no earth shattering revelations here I m afraid, but a nice read available in paperback and on Kindle.