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KINDLE ♭ What Happens When... ☫

so pretty, so imaginative, so French Wonderful I like this book because it is open ended and really encourages conversation with children while reading it It lets kids use their imaginations to come up with fun scenarios Also, the scenes in the book are funny for kids. KINDLE ♂ What Happens When... ☮ What Happens To All The Things That Just Disappear The Balloon That Floats Off Into The Sky, The Sock That Slides Behind The Radiator, The Bucket Swallowed By Ocean Waves, Or Even Our Shadows When The Sun Goes Down In Her Unique Style, Bestselling Graphic Designer Delphine Chedru Encourages The Early Reader To Imagine What Happens To All Sorts Of Things That Have Disappeared Out Of Sight Provoking Joyful Curiosity, Each Page Opens Out In A Gatefold To Reveal One Of A Myriad Of Possibilities Limited Only By The Imagination A picture book of questions that spark the imagination Each spread features what seems like a fairly common question and then a flap reveals the other side of the story and the answer to the question using the illustration to fill in the details.A fun read that encourages storytelling skills for PreK 2. Really enjoyed this magical book. Age Kindergarten 2nd gradeWhat happens to my bucket when I leave it behind on the beach Lift the flap to reveal a wordless picture, perfectly suited for discussion This would be great with a classroom follow up activity of what happens when This was a cute, fun, and a bit silly little story book about what happens to things that go missing Funny and inventive. Beautiful book that inspires imagination Lovely illustrations. A lovely lift the flap picture book that invites the reader to think what might happen next when something seemingly insignificant happens It s a great opportunity for children and adults alike to showcase their imaginations then compare their ideas to what s revealed by the illustrator underneath each flap It provokes curiosity in an intriguing way. so cute