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In retrospect, Untold is an extraordinarily boring novel Unspoken was a novel I loved inexplicably just because it was whimsical and amusing and magical and I could With Untold, however, my feelings are farmixed On one hand, this novel delivered exactly what I wanted it to, but on another, I found myself left with an intangible wanting What Brennan has always excelled at ever since the release of her debut is capturing the personality behind the shells her characters wear Kami, especially, truly blooms in this installment Without her link to Jared, she is suddenly forced to face her deepest fears and secret hopes alone Moreover, her once perfect family suddenly cracks under the pressure of magic as truths come spilling out For me, the highlight of this novel lies in seeing Kami come to believe in herself, all while retaining her characteristic flair I also really loved her interactions with her parents Kami, as a half Japanese character, is treated as such and the background on her parents, not to mention the close ties between her siblings, is written so deftly, weaving this family both together and apart Untold would be nothing, though, without its secondary characters Brennan truly delves into the mindset of Kami s friends, making their lives and troubles just as real for us as Kami s Yet, where this concept falters is in its execution While I ve come away from Untold truly understanding the layers behind characters such as Angela, Holly, or Ash, beyond addingdepth to the story, their perspectives did little Ultimately, the relationships between these secondary characters has progressed very little I surmise that hopefully we ll see them play a much greater role in Unbroken and all the backstory Brennan has written will finally come into play, but with this installment, it s rather useless I find that the issue with Untold lies there Its plot is so very loose and flimsy It s meant to be centered around Kami learning to fight back against the sorcerers, but it s composed of conversation, drama, and tension It s certainly enjoyable, but it lacks a certain tightness to its motivations that its predecessor possessed Moreover, I desperately longed for about the magic of the Lynburns,about Rob than just a facade of black and white evil,of the classic atmosphere that Sorry in the Vale possessed in Unspoken. Just Just Jared You didn t think I d end this review without mentioning Jared or Rusty, did you Rusty, as always, is a delight with his laugh out loud dialogue and hidden depths which still remain hidden Jared, however, becomes everreal as the novel progresses I love the few glimpses we re given into his mind heart breaking, but necessary and am really impressed by the moral ambiguity associated with this character His affection for Kami is no secret, but neither is his desire for the link, which puts him in an ironic situation Further, Brennan brings up another level of interest as she forces us to question whether Jared would be Jared without Kami in his head It s interesting, merely because Jared is so very fixated upon Kami and does contain his own dark patches He really does steal the show whenever he turns up on the page, though, and I really love that both he and Kami retain their own auras, despite their tight bond.Ultimately, I can t say that Untold shows much plot progression, but it s entertaining nevertheless I both love and hate that there s such a strong focus on character development in this novel, only because much of it failed to have much direction, but Brennan manages to keep us riveted with her every word and it s physically painful to leave behind these characters as we leave our hearts behind too Untold isn t one of Brennan s best works, but it ll keep you coming back forWhat You thought Brennan wouldn t write another cliffhanger You naive readeryou re in for a shock with these last few pages And we thought Unspoken was bad shakes head Oh Sarah, I see what you re doing Give us an amazing book, leave us on a terrible cliffhanger, make us wait until June September.I m on to you lady.Official Review now that the above waiting madness is over I loved Unspoken beyond all reason My review is nothing but gushing sentences and stress The cliffhanger at the end was a doozey and I don t know how I managed to wait over a year to read Untold, but I did, and now I m tasked with scooping up my feels and sorting them in to a coherent review Untold begins soon after Unspoken ended and Kami and Jared are not speaking, barely tolerating one another and both of them are absolutely miserable They, along with the rest of the crew, must band together to stop Ash s father from taking over Sorry in the Vale and reinstituting blood sacrifices The group spends a lot of time making plans, having planning meetings, training for said plan etc and that is the reason I was unable to give this book 5 stars The plot itself is not this books strong suit There is so much waiting around for a final battle that when the battle does happen I felt rather unimpressed.What this book does well, and what Sarah does well, is characters I adore Kami who has taken her fledging journalism career in her own hands and is passing out a school paper that the entire town is reading I love that she is strong, spunky, and despite not having any magical power she is the one actively trying to save the town, it is Kami that the others are following and looking to for direction Even if Kami is a jumbled mess over Jared.Jared disappointed me a little in this book I won t lie I ve never been firmly in Jared s corner The brooding bad boy act is a little old, and while I do want him and Kami to be together his actions make it hard for me to like him Jared and Kami kept having these two ships passing in the night moments and after a while I wanted to shake them both Say what you mean, and mean what you say Luckily, Rusty played a much bigger role in this novel and that almost entirely made up for my frustration with Kami and Jared When I met Sarah at the RT Convention this year she asked me what team I was on and instantly and unabashedly I said Team Rusty of course The guy is a total scene stealer and I liked that he is a littleserious though still witty and awesome in this novel I hope to see evenof him in the next novel.I almost forgot to mention Angela, Holly, and Ash so to quickly recap Angela was great I like her nearly as much as her brother I ve never really liked Holly so I didn t like her in this book either I could rant on about why I dislike her but honestly I don t have a very good reason, she is just a character I don t like I found myself wondering why Kami is friends with her in the first place and I drew a blank Then Ash, he reminds me of Amelia Pond in Doctor Who, he is the boy who waited the one who s done everything right and just wants to be noticed and loved I feel so sorry for sympathetic toward Ash I want him to have a happy ending because the guy is trying so damn hard and no one ever seems to notice or give him credit for that Overall, Untold was a novel I enjoyed I didn t like it as much as Unspoken I felt the plot was a bit repetitive with all the planning and preparations but I was so happy to see the characters again that it was worth the wait I am now going to suffer through another year of waiting just to readabout these characters and Sorry in the Vale and Rusty, but mostly Rusty. Actual rating 3.5I usually hate love triangles, I usually hate the romance This book is different in that I actually enjoyed both I felt the love triangle was complex enough, the romance and relationships between the characters were beautifully, realistically portrayed This book had a tremendous amount of humor It had an amazing, strong main character The side characters were compelling funny, flawed, loveable It portrayed a lesbian character and her ordeal with coming into herself with sensitivity, tact, and realism The writing is awesome I am going to have to restrain myself from using an abundance of quotes here.So why not a 4 Why not a 5 Because as much as I loved the characters and the romanceboth completely eclipsed the story This is one of those rare instances where I loved the characters, but hated the slowness of the book.Because the angst was overwhelming Because the plot was tedious, slow, and boring compared to brilliant portrayal of the characters.This book truly is good It is so beautifully written There was something on almost every page that made me smile, but the characters and the romance overshadowed the actual story As much as I enjoyed the writing, as short as this book is, this book took me over an entire month to read because the actual plot line was not compelling at all This still remains a refreshing book, and I would still highly recommend it, because for me, excellent characterization wins out every time Untold is the second book in the Lynburn Legacy I don t recall much from the first book, but the beginning of this book summed up the events of the first book very well, however, it s probably best not to dive into this book without reading the first Kami s link to Jared has been broken Jared and Ash are both acting like children wrestling over a beloved toy Most importantly the sorcerer Rob Lynburn is back, and he plans to take over the town of Sorry in the Vale.The plot is simple The characters are not The story drags on so much in the first half of the book that s actually the part of the book that gave me so much pause in between my bouts of reading As funny the writing is, as compelling the characters, the plot moves at the pace of a spilled bottle of frozen molasses.The characters and the writing are without a doubt, the best thing about this book I could hardly turn a page without reading something that made me smile Kami is such an awesome character, as are the supporting casts It still remains Kami s story, the narration is primarily from her point of view, and I absolutely adored her She is suffering from the severance of her mental link to Jared, who now acts like he hates herBeen chatting much with Jared We often have special moments where I come into a room and he immediately leaves, Kami said I treasure those timesIt may feel silly, it may feel like an abundance of adolescent love, but for me, Kami and Jared s mental connection, and the anguish that results from the cutting of that connection felt so real I understood Kami s pain I also understood, to a lesser extent, why Jared acts out so much afterwardsEvery dark moment you ever had in your life, Jared said Every time you were a kid hiding under the covers convinced that nobody in the world existed, that it was just you and the nightmares Every time you felt alone in a crowd, alone by yourself, forever and essentially alone, and don t pretend there weren t moments like that Every time you felt worthless, every time you thought there was no purpose to existing, no center to the world and no peace to be found I never had a single moment like that, I was never lonely a day of my life, until now Now I feel like the world is hell, and hell is a place where the souls of the damned can still see heaven Because that s the worst thing of all And yet I can t look awayAnd rest assured, Jared DOES act out afterwards There is a horrifying amount of angst throughout the book regarding Ash and Jared They both have feelings of insecurity They both have feelings of anger They feel inadequate They both like Kami Jared reacts by running away By pushing Kami away By reacting in anger By being barely civil.Ash reacts by crying Ash ran then, stumbling as if he was drunk or blind, through the home of his dreams and out into the night He ran down the path into the dark woods, until he could no longer see the lit windows of the manor on the hill Then he sat at the foot of a tree, head in his hands, and wept. They re both in a very confusing relationship with Kami, and there s an incident of mistaken identity kissing in the dark that I found rather amusingYou thought Angela repeated Like, you had a kissing hallucination It was in the corridor, Kami said It was dark I thought it was Jared but it might it might have been Ash Angela blinked Excuse me Might One of those mistaken identity makeouts, Kami said defensively They happenI really liked the love triangle here, and I usually cannot tolerate love triangles at all My problem is not the love triangle itself, but rather, how much precendence it took over the actual plot.The romance is sweet, steamy at times There is no sex, but there is plenty of heat, and I have to admit, I got quite hot under the collar at some of the barely repressed kissing scenes in this book Her fingers trailed light along the line of his collarbone, nails tracing the dip at the base of his throat, and she felt the shudder run through his body She curled her fingers in under the collar of his shirt and used her hold to pull him in again.They kissed and kissed, shivering and shaking apart, neither of them daring to touch each other anywhere risky, both scared and trying not to scare the other off. The other characters in the book are so, so well done There are a lot of people involved, and they all have their distinct personality I loved them all Angela, Holly, Rusty Instead of leaving them sidelined, they all have their roles to play in the book, and I grew to love them as much as I did Kami They have such personality, they have such humor None of the characters are perfect They react foolishly sometimes, they run away and hurt others in stressful situations but for me, that s what makes them so muchreal She was desperate to be hurt or used or anything, as long as she wanted it, as long as she could prove it was only this she wanted. I loved the portrayal of Angela s sexuality in this book Angela is a lesbian She is in love with Holly, who does not exactly return her feelings I felt that the portrayal of Angela s hurt, her confusion about her feelings were so well done I loved the conversation she and Kami have about sexuality It was never preachy It is never out of place in the book They re just two friends having a rather awkward conversation they still love each other, they re still best friends It s just something they need to discuss The portrayal of Holly s feelings were so well done as well Just because someone professes love to you doesn t mean the feeling is reciprocated, and I understand and sympathized with Holly s hurt, her confusion, her anger.Bravo to Ms Brennan for a compassionate, realistic portrayal of teenaged sexuality and coming out of the closet.Wonderfully written book, I just wished the plot wascompelling. hell is a place where the souls of the damned can still see heaven Once again, Sarah doesn t fail to impress and amaze me Damn you for messing with my feels like this, Sarah Damn you In a small sleepy town called Sorry in the Vale with symbolic locations named Shadownchurch Lane, Pleasant Street, Sorrier River, Hope Field, Really Depressed Quarry, and, things are not going as planned After finding out that an evil sorcerer with a not so hidden agenda named Rob was behind the death of Nicola Prendergast in Unspoken, it s Journalist Kami s duty to let the people of Sorry in the Vale know that magic exist with the help of a few Lynburns and some friends, of course Let s not front We all know magic is real.You know Or it s time you knew It s time someone told you.I always said that every town has a story, that even our sleepy Sorry in the Vale must have one I was so sure that I could find a story hidden somewhere under the chocolate box prettiness of our town I thought finding a story would be like bird watching in the Vale woods, waiting for bright eyes and a burst of wings I thought it would be like finding gold.It wasn t like that at all The task will not be easy Quirky Kami will not only be encountering Scarecrows coming to life, betrayals, and the cold horrifying truth of Rob s plan, but she will experience love as well as the meaning of sacrifice After reading reviews of disappointment, I can wipe my forehead of its perspiration from nervousness I enjoyed Untold just as much as the first instalment however, I can understand why readers were disappointed with this the angst and misunderstandings There was so much of it that even I was shaking the book and yelling aloud in annoyance This may be the book s greatest downfall Nevertheless, I m letting this slide due to the fact Unspoken left off with a jaw dropping cliffhanger that had to continue its way in the second book of the Lynburn Legacy trilogy Since this is the second book, everything all the angst and anger and explanations needs to be let out here I feel that all of angst will not be present in the the third novel Untold goes into depth with the research, knowledge, and magic readers will be reading stories of the Lynburn family and their past It s time to choose sides Rob wants to return Sorry in the Vale back to the way it used to be in the past when sorcerer s ruled and had the people in submission occasionally drawing blood to enhance their power But in order to do so he ll need a blood sacrifice on the winter solstice a human sacrifice Kami, Ash , Jared, Angela, Rusty, Holly, and Lillian does not want this to happen, so they re making plans to fight back.I enjoyed reading about this gothic town The writing was so vivid and atmospheric I also loved the small conversations here and there between Kami and Angela about Angela s sexual orientation Kami is there for her and never judgmental which I really liked she didn t see Angela differently Though there ll be problems with Holly and Angela that I found really frustrating I ll see how all of that turns out in the final book There is some character development in here, but not much, which is fine Untold is an excellent Halloween read outrageously funny and deliciously gothic.I honestly have no idea what to do with life now that I m finished with this book I hated Ash so much in this one What a little coward I can t go into details without spoiling, but you ll find out soon enough once you ve read this I really hope he changes and develops in the next book Shakes my head PRE REVIEW EDIT APRIL 23, 2013 IT HAS A COVER OMMMMMMMGGGGGGG FREAKING OUT IN THE LIBRARY RIGHT NOW OK I just read the snippet.Dearest Sarah Jared looked down at her Want to go up to my room Holly said, Yes But Kami Update 1 24 2013 After being veeeery hesitant, I indulged myself and read all the released snippets They made me come to the following conclusions Ash is a jerk turning good in the last few pages, doesn t undo his entire past , Jared is a jerk, Holly is a jerk, Angie isnaive than I initially thought, Kami is too soft for her own good please buck up, hon, there s still a lot to come and Rusty oh God, Rusty is absolutely awesome I get the feeling we ll be having a steadily increasing fanbase for that spectacular man Somehow he s a dork, a friend, a brother and a seemingly excellent choice of a lover If I could rip my screen apart while reading that accursed snippet I would ve gladly done so And now I m considering hiring a snipper for the said snippet If onlyMs Brennan grrr as infuriating as it was, I have to admit it was a tad spicy too Now I m looking forward toUnspoken continuations, no matter what they ll be.PS By no means take no matter what they ll be literally The next time I just might flip After that intense ending to book one, I had to dive right back into this world and see what the heck was going to happen The sorcerer concept is really cool along with the Gothicky vibe which is my favorite Oh my, I wanted to shake Kami and Jared so many times But no matter how many shakes I wanted to give them, I loved them so much Kami just has the coolest and quirkiest personality while Jared is a bit harder but when humorous things slip out of his mouth, I m like, yes Rob is still a douchebag, trying to do douchey things So Kami and her friends have to gather themselves to figure out how to stop this looney idiot There was so much humor, magic, swoon, friendship, and emotion in this one This author literally has the best witty dialogue I ve ever read Can t wait to start the last book Hurls iPad across the room Muffles a scream of frustration Sighs and goes over to retrieve said iPad.I absolutely hated this book no, not really It made me want to pull my hair out seriously, I have bald spots But for the lovely, lovely readers who suffered over the ending of Unspoken, it s definitely a must read Yeah, I read your acknowledgement at the end of this book I am on to you, lady In Brennan s defense, my rating probably has to do a lot with my feelings toward Kami Those who knew me when I read the ARC for Unspoken, knows there I have NO lost love for her Yep, she s still the sarcastic, nosy, self righteous, I m going to find out the truth and write all about it know it all that she has always been And speaking of her journalistic skills yes, it s in quotes I m NOT impressed view spoiler No, she is NOT a journalist Those stories are NOT how a real journalist would write Maybe if you work for a tabloid And you don t ever coax your sources into trusting you and spill all their secrets And her investigative skills are mediocre at best I still have a lot of questions about Matthew Cooper And her taking matters into her own hands usually end up creating a bigger mess hide spoiler Arc won by Erin the cat For those of you who have already been introduced to the gripping plot that takes place on SORRY IN THE VALE with Unspoken, you ll be pleased to know, that this story is even better than the first..IT IS IT REALLY IS YAY a little fangirl moment The characters have depth, they re interesting a little insane sometimes, yes, but who cares , and quirky In fact, there s quirkiness to be given and sold, for everyone who decideswith reasonto read this series.Kami, continues to be her same outspoken, bigger than life selfbut one can see that she has grown The same happens to Angie and Holly, for instance You ll be pleased to know, that Angie continues to worshipnaps Although not so much as the first bookbecause this one s darker and there s not so many moments that are nap inducingfor ANGIE For us readers there s definitely no nap inducing moments Then there s RUSTY, he samazing He has always a witty response.he s.I DON T KNOW WHAT HE IS he probably doesn t know it either. BUT I LIKE HIM A definition to his kind of character has not yet been provided I also liked the way the dynamics between Kami s family were developed in this one Muchdeeper, muchsomber, because this time the secrets are out in the open, and things will never be the same..I could speak about Ash.but i m gonna skip this Lynburn, for the one that really interests me LOLJAREDwhat can i say that won t be spoilery Well biting nails he continues to be his same old.frustratingexasperating self.BUT..BEWARE, there will be some interesting developmentsSo, i loved the writing, the characters, the plot, honestly it was a five gazillion stars worth of a read The only thing missing The third one YES, bring it on {READ EPUB} Î Untold ì It S Time To Choose Sides On The Surface, Sorry In The Vale Is A Sleepy English Town But Kami Glass Knows The Truth Sorry In The Vale Is Full Of Magic In The Old Days, The Lynburn Family Ruled With Fear, Terrifying The People Into Submission In Order To Kill For Blood And Power Now The Lynburns Are Back, And Rob Lynburn Is Gathering Sorcerers So That The Town Can Return To The Old WaysBut Rob And His Followers Aren T The Only Sorcerers In Town A Decision Must Be Made Pay The Blood Sacrifice, Or Fight For Kami, This Means Than Just Choosing Between Good And Evil With Her Link To Jared Lynburn Severed, She S Now Free To Love Anyone She Chooses But Who Should That Be A Darkly Humorous Take On Gothic Romance, Sarah Rees Brennan S Lynburn Legacy Weaves Together The Tale Of A Heroine Desperate To Protect Those She Loves, Two Boys Hoping To Be Saved, And The Magical Forces That Will Shape Their Destiny The cliffie at the end of the last book was not my favorite, but didn t enrage me THIS snippet from the new book, though