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@READ DOWNLOAD × Sorrow and Demons ë Men Drink Alone For Only Two Reasons Some To Drown Their Sorrows, Others To Quiet Their Demons A Homeless Drifter With Lethal Compulsions, Johnny S Reasons For Nursing Whiskey In An Empty Memphis Roadhouse Are Clearly The Latter His Efforts To Curb His Urges Are Broken When Matt Frost Arrives At The Hole In The Wall Bar To Escape The Despair That Has Plagued Him After The Loss Of His Wife These Two Very Different Men Find They Share Much In Common Than The Drive To Drink Short storywell written. I really enjoyed this short story Johnny is a drifter that likes to drink at dive bars to avoid crowds The stares of other people are what really get to him so he prefers isolation to anything else Matt has just suffered a loss and has decided to take up drinking as a way to cope Unfortunately for Johnny, Matt longs for social interaction to ease his grief In this short but dark as hell story, one man drinks to cope with his sorrows while the other drinks to smother his demons.Another great one from Kevin Moore After reading Edith , I began reading the author s next offering This was much different than My Lovely Wife, Edith in many ways, not the least of which is the style Moore employs a much darker setting and theme here, and takes the reader along on a minimalistic exploration of the human psyche Interesting read, and also very quick.