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PDF ò When the Music Stops ⚤ When A Handsome Young Mute Man Is Admitted To Link Hill Insane Asylum, Dr Daniel Archer S World Is Turned Upside Down Whilst Dr Archer Battles His Inner Demons, His Superiors Begin To Suspect That The Doctor S Interest In His Patient May Be A Little Than Merely Professional But Who Is The Mysterious Mr White, Is He Really As Unknowing As He First Appears To Be And Can Love Possibly Triumph Even Against Such Stacked Odds 3.5 stars There were moments that I wanted to cry for the sheer beauty of this story.Then there were moments when everything that had gotten so important to me over the course of a few dozen pages, threatened to shatter And my heart pounded in my throat as my eyes feverishly followed the MC, a haunted Dr Archer.And ungh That very much unwanted workday that forced itself in between my feelings of awe, dread and silent hope.So around 4 PM during that workday you know the time , I felt so dull and numb that I decided it would be a good idea to research lobotomies I thought I knew what they entailed I also assumed that they were nothing than a black page in the history of medical science, quickly fixed and shoveled underneath the carpet.I was wrong God, was I wrong.I will spare you the details, so let me give you some details here p The first lobotomies were performed in 1935, by drilling holes in the skull and doing all sorts of nasty stuff that resulted in many complications After lots and lots of practice on poor sods, about 10 years later US neurologists and psychiatrists especially a Dr Freeman found a less obtrusive way to perform a lobotomy, by pricking straight through the thin skull of the eye sockets, a procedure that took only a nice n easy 10 minutes Dr freeman s most famous patient, and also his most obvious failure, was Rosemary Kennedy, sister of the one and only John F Kennedy He lobotomized her in 1941 when she was 23 The most probable reason Rosemary became a bit rebellious and moody in her teenage years It was suggested that a lobotomy could make her manageable The operation sure was a success, because the young woman was basically left with the mental capacity of an infant She couldn t speak intelligibly any or control some bodily functions, and she stared into space for hours She spent the rest of her life in an institution.Anyway, now you know what s at stake in When The Music Stops.Not that this is a horrifying tale Oh no, not at all But there s certainly an undercurrent of looming doom to enjoy That delicious Goth atmosphere that accompanies our images of Victorian asylums for the dangerously insane, lunatics and those guilty of being different It s striking really, the way the author manages to catch and preserve this ambiance throughout the story.It s impressive too, how he allows you to crawl into the head of the respectable Dr Archer A man who is not only delightfully British in his behavior, but also a product of his God fearing era and thus firmly strapped into a mental straitjacket of Christian dogmas As a reader, you are watching from a first row seat how the distinguished doctor attempts to repress, repel and confess his condemnable dark desires Will he be able to resist a beautifully innocent and intriguing young man then One who ever so subtly and seemingly completely unknowingly nestles himself underneath his skin A man who also happens to be one of his lunatic patients Mind you, this is a little literary piece involving homo eroticism rather than your typical M M romance Also, note that if you have difficulty handling characters who do not exactly behave morally appropriate in your eyes or in an otherwise fluffy and friendly manner, this book will not be for you Personally, I found being in Dr Archer s mind a pleasure His inner battle with instincts and intense emotions versus ethically correct behavior was realistically portrayed and than anything intriguing This made the last line of When The Music Stops and the epilogue all the disappointing for me I ve been joking to friends about how someone got himself a lobotomy in between the main story and that epilogue , but really, it s not funny If I could unread the epilogue, I wouldn t hesitate to do so I regret this so much that yet another author who at first allowed his readers to form their own opinion, who offered pieces of a puzzle, but without that final piece, decided it necessary to harshly strip away all the mystery of the story that would ve ignited your imagination for days to come It s only a testament to this precious novella that I m willing to swallow down my disappointment and go with a rare 5 stars after all. 4.5 Daniel starsBless me, Father, for I have sinned It has been fourteen days since my last confession I have had I have had impure thoughts about a man in my care The priest s voice registers a mixture of distaste and boredom And what impure thoughts are these, my sonIt is a unique, beautifully written book Short but packed Mr.White is a mystery that i would really like to solve It is intense I need.Finally my book hangover is starting to fade.Thank you Moony for this little gem Hugs. You know when you finish a book and you just stare at the kindle and keep clicking the doo dad hoping for something , just one sentence, one word even, just please Then there is no but you are still staring at the freaking page Just breathing and staring, and thinking about everything you read swallowing back the lump in your throat, all the while knowing that it was one of the most beautiful stories you have ever read.Well, that just happened to me John T Fuller has created an outstanding novella here Set in the early 20th Century.Dr Daniel Archer is our narrator he is a physician at Link Hill mental institution who battles with his pious conscience and professional ethic when he develops a dubious affection for one of his young patients When Archer looks at his patientArcher feels his heart clench, an exquisite ache of such magnitude it scares him, as witness to this rapture such as one touched by the LordAs Archer goes about his job at the mental institute, battling his growing feelings and searching for justification in his methods just to be near the silent Mr White, he also unconsciously describes the day to day treatment of the patients This in itself is an appalling look at an era of terrible treatments and abuses against the mentally handicapped When Mr White begins to respond to the Doctors treatment, through music and attention we discover his talent for mimicry to draw, dance and play any instrument This spurs Archer Could Mr White feel the same way Does he want the same thingLooking up into White s face, the doctor feels like his heart might burst he is recognised special, belovedFuller creates an effortless Victorian Gothic mood for this book The writing is faultless and enthralling This novella encapsulates everything you could want in a story, and then some.Whatever moral issues I questioned about what the Doctor was doing, I knew it was right The kindness and compassion he shows and the fierce protection over Mr White is a testament to the man he really isIt s not always a very pleasant read, but it s compelling and beautiful and sickening and erotic and exciting and dramatic in just the right mix to make it unforgettable It manages to portray a really surprisingly tender love story without ever dulling down the terror of what doctors used to do to their fellow human beings in those asylums Richard Rider s review John T Fuller is a genius story teller A must buy author for meThanks for the recommendation Richard