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#READ DOWNLOAD ⚻ Alone Time (Visits to Petal, #1) Ü eBook or E-pub free

Just a short free catch up from the author.We see how our couples are getting on further down the line when they are all out on a date Each short glimpse ends with a sex scene so not really stories.Really recommend that you have read the Chase Brothers series and Once and Again as Nathan and Lily also feature. Alone Time by Lauren Dane2.5 starsThis is a quick free short story told from alternating chapters of the Chase family and their friend Basically it follows a bunch of couples already together finally going on date night after having kids and I thought that was a sweet and endearing concept While I haven t read the Chase Brothers and couldn t connect to the characters I did like how sweet and simple the story was The writing wasn t anything special, but it was solid writing for a freebie Whimsical Writing Scale 2.5Shane and Cassie were the most entertaining couple and they had the opening chapter, which I felt like really hindered the next couples because the two chapters that follow Nathan and Lily are not very strong and I wasn t really invested and skimmed read most of it Matt and Venus are an okay couple, but again I felt like the opening couple outshined them as well.Character Scale 3Plotastic Scale 2.25Cover Thoughts The curse of the bad kindle freebie covers continues. #READ DOWNLOAD ⛓ Alone Time (Visits to Petal, #1) ⚟ Visits To Petal, Part It S Date Night In Petal, Georgia, And Nathan, Matt And Shane Have Some Long Awaited Alone Time With Their Women And They Re Not About To Let That Opportunity GoProduct WarningsThis Free Story Is Bonus Material For Readers Of The Chase Brothers And Petal, Georgia, Series And Is Not Intended To Be Standalone Thanks Lauren for allowing me to revisit my favorite characters I love Shane and Cassie along with Matt and Tate Such a great quick read Makes me want to reread this series from the beginning The Chase Brothers were the first series that I read from Lauren Dane and made me the HUGE fan that I am of hers After all the books that I have read, this series remains one of my favorites that I continue to reread and Lauren definitely remains one of my favorite authors I will never stop wanting of the Chase Brothers series anyway I can get it BEST OF THE BEST rating. Short story with a glimpse into the lives of Nathan, Matt and Shane some of Petal, Georgia s favorites on date night If you re a fan of the Chase brothers and Petal s newest couple Nathan and Lily, this is a can t miss Just a nibble, but enough to get you by until the next book in the series Had me smiling the whole time I was reading it.Review on Single Titleshttp p 7600 Piper s review posted on Guilty PleasuresVisits to Petal stories are bonus short stories included in the print versions of the new Petal Chase books These are little glimpses into the lives of the character we know and love.The boys are getting ready to take their women out dancing Of course all the kidos are staying with Grammy and Poppa Only Polly and Edward would love to have 8 grandkids under their roof at the same time We get to spend time with Shane and Cassie, Matt and Tate and Nathan and Lily This is a great short story I love getting to visit some on my favorite people in Petal I am looking forward to many visits to Petal If you enjoy the Chase brother and Petal books this will hold you over until we get the next Petal book I am looking forward to Beth s story.Happy Reading The warning should have been put at the beginning of the eBook, as it would have save me a rather uninteresting short read of what seems like an accumulation of epilogues of former stories that I had not read.Nicely written however I may be tempted by this series sometime or other. 2.5 stars Not a badly written story, but just kinda blah The author should have stopped with bk 4 of the Chase series Now we re on to the Murphy s with a side of Chase thrown in. I read the books like almost 5 years agoI kind of knew who those people were but not reallytherefore it was very boring REVIEWTo be totally honest I didn t read the Goodreads Blurb for this book, which is unusual as I do normally check out a book novella I want to read on Goodreads first I d read the two Cascadia Wolves novella s, loved them and wanted to try another title or two by Lauren Dane and as this one was free I just downloaded it and read it.The cover features a couple passionately embracing and undressing so of course suggests romance and though some people on Goodreads have classified this as erotica, to me, I d say even though its a novella there is enough plot story line in it, sure it has some steaminess suggested, but is mostly romantic This book introduces you to the Chase s, very well as well as giving you a good idea of their family dynamics as a whole as well as how their own homes and their own little part of Petal are I think its amusing how all the Chase brothers want is a little alone time with their partners whilst their parents are looking after the children One character in the novella also has an important announcement for her partner once they are alone.I think reading this novella has given me a good idea of the family at the centre of it all in Petal and I do think I will adding the Chase Brothers Series to my Want To Read List.To sum up I still enjoyed reading this novella even though it wasn t necessarily the order they are meant to be read in.