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@Free Kindle ⚶ 100% Money â The % Proposal Is The Opposite Of Radical What It Asks, In Principle, Is A Return From The Present Extraordinary And Ruinous System Of Lending The Same Money Or Times Over, To The Conservative Safety Deposit System Of The Old Gold Mints, Before They Began Lending Out Improperly That Was Entrusted To Them For Safekeeping It Was This Abuse Of Trust Which, After Being Accepted Is Standard Practice, Evolved Into Modern Deposit Banking From The Standpoint Of Public Policy It Is Still An Abuse, No Longer An Abuse Of Trust But An Abuse Of The Loan And Deposit Functions England Effected A Reform And A Partial Return To The Goldsmiths System When, Nearly A Century Ago, The Bank Act Was Passed, Requiring A % Reserve For All Bank Of England Notes Issued He Yond A Certain Minimum As Well As For The Notes Of All Other Note Issuing Banks Then Existing Professor Frank D Graham Of Princeton, In A Statement Favoring The % Money Plan, Says Of President Adams That He Denounced The Issuance Of Private Bank Notes As A Fraud Upon The Public He Was Supported In This View By All Conservative Opinion Of His Time Finally, Why Continue Virtually To Farm Out To The Banks For Nothing A Prerogative Of Government That Prerogative Is Denned As Follows In The Constitution Of The United States Article I, Section The Congress Shall Have Power To Coin Money And Regulate The Value Thereof Virtually, If Not Literally, Every Checking Bank Corns Money And These Banks, As A Whole, Regulate, Control, Or Influence The Value Of All Money Apologists For The Present Monetary System Cannot Justly Claim That, Under, The Mob Rule Of Thousands Of Little Private Mints, The System Has Worked Well If It Had Worked Well, We Would Not Recently Have Lost Billions Out Of Billions Of Our Check Book Money If Our Bankers Wish To Retain The Strictly Banking Function Loaning Which They Can Perform Better Than The Government, They Should Be Ready To Give Back The Strictly Monetary Function Which They Cannot Perform As Well As The Government If They Will See This And, For Once, Say Yes Instead Of No To What May Seem To Them A New Proposal, There Will Probably Be No Other Important Opposition It gets slightly technical but the main premise is this instead of managing economy with debt that tends to increase when time are good speculative bubbles and decrease when times are bad depressions, contractions we should manage economy with REAL money Equity not debt. I read this book while working on my PhD combining the paradigms of viable monetary stock emissions with Good Governance, and asking whether or not a viable and sustainable currency could also be issued in a Democratic way My conclusions, as I recall based on Silvio Gesel and Keynes perhas than Fisher, see my book SHARED MONETARY GOVERNANCE Exploring Regulatory Frameworks, Participatory Internal Decision making and Scale in Institutional Access to General and Special Purpose Currencies for details in the bibliography on my synthesis of Fisher, Keynes, Gesell and Olin Wright s work