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Fun light novel to read before bed Lots of time travel to the point that it can be hard to follow, but I think I pieced it together at the end. Well, no doubt only Van Vogt would think of doing this ie, tying a bunch of his seemingly unrelated stories together to concoct a novel , and only A E would be able to pull it off As mind boggling as any of his other stuffand I suppose at the end it all hung together the same way he usually gets me feeling toward the finish The first time I read this I was a kid it was one of the first things I ever ordered up from the Science Fiction Book Club and I don t suppose I understand it all now much better than I did then. Rattled through multiple twists and plot explorations Highly entertaining. Interesting time travel novel It was first published in 1970 but I had the nagging feeling that I had read parts of this story before And I was right, for Van Vogt stitched some old stories together to create this novel It really has of a 1950 s felling to it than 1970 Interesting anachronisms such as mechanical postal delivery systems for transporting films in the late 21st century No thought whatsoever of digital media, no computers The story I remember is that of the first space voyage to Alpha Centauri using suspended animation and then arriving five hundred years later to an established human colony And the psychological consequences to the voyagers Can you say culture shock But this novel takes an entirely different twist to that earlier story. I read this book as a child and was captivated by the breadth of the story and the suprise ending I forgot about it and years later searched for it finally remembering the title I m now re reading it Its what got me into Sci Fi in the first place. Great story, got a little lost in a few places But that is what the book is about honestly An awesome read for someone who likes to think of the possibilities of probability of inter dimensional travel This is my favorite A.E Van Vogt book I have read it several times over the years and enjoy every time. I don t know why it s not great science fiction but I enjoy reading this book every so many years. An interminable bore fest, I m afraid The mechanics of the time travel loops are important to the plot, but are not well described I found myself in the dark throughout much of the story The main character is not very likeable. `Download ☛ Quest for the Future ⇤ Worlds Of Differing Probabilities And The Constant Search For Immortality Are The Twin Themes Of This Mind Toppling Story Expanding The Enigmas Of Time, Van Vogt Carries The Reader To The Furthermost Edges Of Past And Future And Outwards To A Place Where Time Loses All Meaning