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I started it in October 2011, lost interest and then reread it this time finishing in April 2012.The beginning chapter or so was ok It just got boring though I loved the premise, but it wasn t well executed Neither main character was interesting to me, and the action felt pointless.I guess it wasn t for me. My daughter I started reading this book together, and we couldn t put it down for about the first third of the book But the middle slowed way down and my daughter lost interest and finally asked if we could stop reading I finished the book on my own Great beginning, slow middle, decent ending. I enjoyed reading this book, it is about Lucy and her family moving to a new home and then she discovers a magical book that belonged to her great Aunt Lavonne that Oscar used to go to a different world Then Lucy starts going on adventure trying to get Oscar back It s a very interesting book to read that will keep you wanting to read some. Beware you writers who write within Be mindful of stories that you begin For every story that has a beginningMay have a middle and an end.Know this, too, before you write Though day must always lead to night,Not all beginnings make good tales Some succeed, while others fail This book has been sitting on my shelf for a couple of years now My sister picked it up at a thrift store because the cover was neat and the story sounded intriguing I agreed and planned to read it It s taken a while, but I finally have The beginning of this was really interesting and the concept of it fascinating A book where you write a story beginning that comes true It s a neat concept, particularly since you don t write the full story and sometimes it gets away from you While I enjoyed this overall, it didn t quite live up to its potential or its beginning for me The continuation of the story beginnings, and their endings in particular, fell a bit flat The end of the novel itself was a bit lacking Also, I don t like how clueless a lot of the adults were Yes, some adults are clueless, but I don t like how this is presented in a lot of children and middlegrade books that I ve read It makes the story less real, which makes it less enjoyable for me This was good, but has not jumped to my list of favorites. ( READ PDF ) ⚑ The Book of Story Beginnings ♵ Kristin Kladstrup S Wonderfully Transporting Fantasy Featuring A Ship Full Of Orphaned Pirate Children, A Pair Of Warring Royals, And Plenty Of Magic Potions Is Sure To Thrill All Those Who Dare Turn Its PagesOscar Martin Was Fourteen When He Mysteriously Disappeared From His Iowa Farmhouse Home In June His Sister Claimed Oscar Had Rowed Out To Sea But How Was That Possible There Is No Ocean In Iowa When, Nearly A Century Later, Lucy Martin And Her Parents Move From Their City Apartment To That Same Farmhouse In Iowa, It Is Not Long Before Lucy Discovers The Strange And Dangerous BOOK OF STORY BEGININGS And It S Not Long Before Oscar Reappears In A Bizarre Turn Of Events That Sends The Two Distant Relatives On A Perilous Journey To Save Lucy S Father This Remarkable Debut Fantasy Novel Is A Thrilling Page Turner As Well As A Tribute To The Writer S Craft Lucy loves her life in New York, so when her parents say that they are moving to Iowa, she is very disappointed She s going to move into her old aunt s house Her aunt had recently died, but while she was alive she was very much into magic She had believed that her older brother Oscar had vanished because of it when she was very young One of Lucy s aunt s items of study was an old book called the Book of Story Beginnings So when Lucy finds the book and mystical things start happening around the house, adventures begin and magic is around every corner I found this book interesting I usually don t go for fantasy books but this one had a well written plot and ongoing themes The descriptions were very good for visualization and the characters were very exaggerated in a good way of course The reasons I gave this book 3 stars were that the book lulled in some places The writing would be very engaging in some areas and a little less in others Also, I m not very much of a magic type person myself, but that s personal preference All in all though, I would recommend this book. I loved this book I was really intrigued at the start this book Lucy and her parents move into an old farmhouse in Iowa that her father had inherited from his Aunt There is an air of mystery about the place because several decades ago, Lucy s uncle, Oscar, disappeared when he was just a teen His sister, Lavonne, reported seeing him row off into the night in a boat into an ocean that had sprung up in the middle of Iowa out of nowhere Of course, no one believed her.When Lucy finds Oscar s journals and his Book of Story Beginnings, she realizes that it may have something to do with Oscar s disappearance After all, Oscar had written the beginnings of a story about a boy who suddenly sees an ocean in his yard, and gets in a boat and rows off.but then what It s only a book of story BEGINNINGS not middles or ends.One day Lucy s father is in the attic, tooling around with some his Aunt s alchemy potions Suddenly, a cat becomes human Oscar has reappeared, and Lucy s father becomes a raven and flies out the window The adventure begins and I was all in, but then.The story lost its oomph It became confusing and a little weird First, Lucy s father disappears for several days and everyone just thinks he s run off because he was fighting with his wife Then there s a disturbing scene where cats massacre dozens of birds This would be enough to give kids nightmares It went on a little long and while there was some closure, it was like a long sigh than a firm nod. Beware, you writers who write within Be mindful of stories that you begin For every story that has a beginningMay have a middle and an end I was expecting this book to be amazing, it sounded great A boy disappears and then turns up after a girl reads a book one hundred years later Yes, please I was expecting something like Jumanji, they d have to battle something evil and find out how a book sucked in a boy and kept him young for a century, but nope He wrote a story, it came true He got turned into a cat and lived as one for pretty much all the time he was gone, boring.I wanted something mysterious, and since I got this out of the children s section maybe I was setting my hopes up too high, but still, this was still bad I was determined to finish the book, I just wanted to dust my hands with it and never see it again, that s how bad it was.There s nothing mysterious about the book, any questions Lucy has about Oscar s disappearance gets answered when he returns, which is like chapter six, and these are short chapters He explains how he was turned into a cat by a character from a story he wrote and then Lucy writes in the book so that both Oscar and Lucy can save her dad, it s boring and not mysterious as the description makes it out to be I was expecting way than that. Great premice but a bit boring I liked the idea that you need a great beginning to a story and that stories partly written still have a life of their own.I also liked how the author told kids that they aren t responsible for their parents fights or happiness Both the kids have parents who tend towards fighting or arguing and it affects the kids A kind of obviously told lesson A couple quotes I liked Don t you think there are some stories that are alive than that When you put certain books back on the shelf, don t you feel as if the people inside are going on with their lives after the story is over In speaking about a husband and wife, it helps to have something in common, but she can t be everything for them They need to choose to be happy Lucy was thinking of her own parents In the past, she had often felt as if she were the one holding them together But it wasn t me at all, she realized suddenly People have to decide for themselves to be happy.