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[Free Kindle] ⚒ Death by Meeting: A Leadership Fable...About Solving the Most Painful Problem in Business ♂

This was recommended Death By Meetings by a peer, when I mentioned that our leadership meetings were feeling ineffective and confused It s a quick read and offers some simple, easy to introduce structure A good back to basics for making meetingseffective. Lencioni generally provides his business insights in a YA novel format, which works fairly well since it makes the books short and uncluttered by focusing on one narrative However, in this book the business insights and the narrative seem disjointed The story of Will, a bright young man lacking clear direction, is only connected to the point of making meetings better in the most tangential of ways The model for meeting structure is good, but it only takes about 3 pages to cover it The rest of this book is disposable. [Free Kindle] ☨ Death by Meeting: A Leadership Fable...About Solving the Most Painful Problem in Business ⚔ Casey McDaniel Nunca Hab A Estado Tan Nervioso En Toda Su Vida En Unos Minutos Empezar Una Reuni N Que Determinar El Destino De Su Carrera, Su Futuro Econ Mico, Y El De La Compa A Que Hab A Levantado Desde Sus Cimientos, Yip Software Casey Se Encuentra Inmerso En Un Problema Que L Mismo Ha Creado, Pero No Sabe C Mo Solucionar Sus Empleados No Pueden Ayudarle Est N Tan Aturdidos Como L Por Culpa De Sus Insufribles Reuniones Sin Embargo, Un Consultor Inesperado, Will Petersen, Le Propone Un Enfoque Poco Convencional, Incluso Radical, Para Solucionar El Problema De Las Reuniones Casey Est Tan Desesperado Que Decide Escucharle Love it The fable was great short and entertaining The learnings are even greater.If meetings are part of what you do at your job then you ll learn something from this book How to act during meetings or how to split them by context This was an interesting read I would agree with most of what the author says Especially the parts about meetings being life suckers that aren t contextually defined or lack passion Meetings matter which means we should discuss things that matter in them. I heard about this book from a mentor of mine and have wanted to read it for years I m glad I did I want to take some of the ideas and incorporate the priorities of separate meetings into my life I think it s good to know when to tackle something. Like a lot the fable Don t like the aftermath Doesn t give much added value after the fable. Easy and quick to read, engaging and helps you make sense of what could otherwise be a very dull topic It was a good book with great intentions I think the allegory that the information was set upon was good and applicable However, I found that it got in the way for me I read for growth and information I was looking for the information to come to light and had to wait until the end Everything the book was about could have been summed up in 5 or 6 pages. Death by Meeting was my first Lencioni book and I am definitely a fan Having seen him first at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit when he was a last minute fill in for Howard Schultz of Starbucks, I was immediately impressed by his humor and insights I wasn t surprised that he was invited back the following year and again this year for the 2013 lineup.The book is an engaging tale on what spells the difference between meetings that are alive and dead Do not expect a linear narrative it is a fairy tale if you will, set in a modern day conference room where managers at a make believe company go through the motions of ineffective meetings that lead to nowhere in the name of productivity.One could skip these parts and go straight to the points highlighted in the last section of the book, but you would totally miss out on the illustration the first part lends.Our management team implemented the strategies we learned from Death By Meeting at the start of the year, and I must admit, in my experience, we are not only tighter as a team, we areproductive and efficient at getting things done.I highly recommend teams read and discuss this book together to truly get the most out of it.