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Great book of short stories Some are hilarious, one is a total tear jerker. 4 5 for Like Nothing On Earth by Eric Frank Russell.An enjoyable short story collection, by one of England s Sci Fi elder statesman Not really a negative or a positive, but not only are the stories short, but the book itself is too, at only 159 pages Bad if you wanted , but good if you want a quick read.On the whole, I enjoyed this collection All the stories are filled with Russell s dry sense of humour, bits here and there of his anti establishment satire, and also full of his 1940s 1950s whimsy Allamagoosa won a Hugo, and it really is quite funny.Hobbyist was an intriguing read, and I enjoyed the friendship between the main character and his companion macaw Just one slight negative as the story progresses, it gets intriguing, posing questions than answers, and becomes quite excitingand then it just ends No real explanation it just finishes I felt Russell could have done a little with this one.Similarly, The Mechanical Mice is a very enjoyable spin on time travel, and despite the antagonist machine s showing the age of this story, it was well written and quite exciting But this one, quite suddenly, finishes, with all the plotlines neatly tied up.Into Your Tent I ll Creep is brilliant One of the best sci fi shorts I ve read Russell writes alien military hierarchies really well This is funny, with a great twist.Nothing New was another twist story, but a little less twisty An enjoyable short, but nothing amazing really.Exposure was almost as good as Into Your Tent , really funny, with hilariously quarrelsome alien military types and a truly unexpected ending explanation Ultima Thule is one of the only Russell stories I ve read with almost no humour This is a tense, dramatic account of the 3 man crew left on a scuttled scout ship in unknown space This one was quite sad actually, but dramatically written, and a very satisfying read Not sure I d have ended the collection on a sombre note personally, but maybe that s just me.On the whole, a very enjoyable shorts collection, from one of England s best loved sci fi authors The overall score is marked down 1 star only, because the 2nd and 3rd stories finished suddenly, just when they were getting good.Other than that, a great little collection. Mixed Allamagoosa is the best if these stories, nine are poor but not all are great. Russell ancora non lo conoscevo Racconti sagaci, dettagli letali. ^Read Pdf ⇝ Like Nothing on Earth ⇯ Contents Allamagoosa Shortstory By Eric Frank Russell Hobbyist Novelette By Eric Frank Russell The Mechanical Mice Novelette By Eric Frank Russell And Maurice G Hugi Into Your Tent I Ll Creep Shortstory By Eric Frank Russell Nothing New Shortstory By Eric Frank Russell Exposure Shortstory By Eric Frank Russell Ultima Thule Shortstory By Eric Frank Russell