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I ve seen mixed reviews for this one with GR readers but I have to say I enjoyed it on the whole.I liked Annis A strong independent woman who knew what she wanted and went after it Leaving her brother s house to live alone was an unusual decision for a woman of the time She came across as hard and uncompromising at times but I think that had to be her outward appearance in the world she lived in Otherwise she would have not been taken seriously.Oliver I wasn t too keen on He was brash and rude beyond what was needed and I thought Annis was too good for him He didn t really appear all that much in the book Even though it was obvious that he cared for Annis very much it didn t redeem him in my eyes.Lucinda was a lovable child and Ninian a delight I think they ll definitely end up together as Lady Wychwood predicted She was a wise woman who knew how to handle her stuffed shirt husband He would have thought he was in control but she was pulling a lot of the strings Subtly There were some great characters and lots of dialogue than descriptive writing One thing, cousin Maria, she should have been smothered at birth Enough said. Just what I needed during a rainy February I always get in a subconscious funk at this time of year, then realize it is when my mom had a health crisis while I was living in England My family told me to stay put, but then she took a turn for the worse and we had to fly home and bury her in a Western Pennsylvania winter Valentine s Day has never been the same Anyway, although this is my first re read of this since my first read way back when, I enjoyed it Not in my top GH books, but still very enjoyable I have been in Bath reading wise for the past month, Black Sheep, Persuasion, and now this one It is helping me to make it to spring, and to escape when the country s vicissitudes become too much for me I very much enjoy Annis, Oliver, found Maria to be one of the all time annoying characters hope they find a place for her where she does not drive our happy couple madperhaps with a slightly deaf person All in all, just what I needed. [Download Book] ⚔ Lady of Quality ♨ The Spirited And Independent Miss Annis Wychwood Is A Beautiful Heiress, And Hopelessly Single, Has Twenty Nine And Well Past The Age For Falling In Love When She Sponsored Young Pretty Miss Lucilla Carleton S Coming Out, The Town S Social Elite Were Shocked After All, How Could Annis Find Lucilla A Husband When She Could Not Choose One For Herself Then Lucilla S Handsome And Egotistical Uncle And Guardian, Mr Oliver Carleton, Arrived To Approve The Sponsorship But When Annis Embroils Herself In The Affairs Of The Runaway Heiress, Lucilla, She Is Destined To See A Great Deal Of Her Fugitive S Uncivil And High Handed Guardian, Oliver Befriending The Wayward Girl Brings Unexpected Consequences, Among Them The Conflicting Emotions Aroused By Her Guardian, Whose Reputation As The Rudest Man In London Precedes Him Chafing At The Restrictions Of Regency Society In Bath, Annis Has To Admit That At Least Carleton Is Never Boring And His Brash And Rakish Manner Quickly Succumbed To The Will Of Annis, This Remarkable Heiress No Man Had Yet Subdued Outrageous As He Is, The Charming Annis Ends Up Finding Him Absolutely Irresistible In my opinion this book consists of two components.First component are dialogues between Annis and Oliver They last for many pages I can t recall if there is another book of Heyer where are so long talks between main hero and heroine And let me tell you, this talks are fantastic and amusing There wasn t a force which could have forced me to take a break when I was reading one of this dialogues.Second component are monologues of Miss Farlow I almost envied her the capability to this chatter I read it spellbound and with a big smile on my mouth The ease with which she goes from one thing to the other I couldn t invent it Heyer was a master.Between this two components we have Bath atmosphere, a little about change from a boy to a man and of course a little about society But these are additions One of the surprises is that view spoiler we don t know if Lucilla and Ninian will be together In all Heyer s books I have read until now all love stories not only main have endings This is the first time with this big unknown hide spoiler Lady Of Quality is a cute historical romance featuring two characters who can t seem to talk normally when they meet I liked their every meeting The bickering was one of the things that make this book better.What drove me nuts is the way people allowed the most annoying person in the world to manipulate them Annis s cousin Maria It is humorous at first, but later it gets tiresome.I don t have a lot to say about the book It s is one of those you can breeze through. 2019 Review 4 stars 3rd times the charm I actually really enjoyed this re read It may take a read or two, but I always fall for Heyer s characters Sigh I immensely dislike the name Annis but otherwise I really like this storyline It is a welcome relief from the dangerous rake falls for innocent young maiden plot For a change, dangerous rake falls for mature woman Heyer dabbles in both types of stories and generally succeeds in both cases However, in this situation I really liked it because Annis doesn t walk in blind It is somewhat similar to Venetia in that sense and I don t care as much for that story, so I guess my earlier hostility makes sense Still, much enjoyable this time around Maybe I should give Venetia a third try 2018 Re read 2 stars Not as horrid as I remembered, but still not Heyer s best She doesn t allow subtlety to move her characters but has her heroine spend paragraphs analyzing her own emotions I like her relationship with her brother, however 2011 Review 1 Star Worse Heyer book I ve read yet Disliked the heroine, the hero lacked what some of Heyer s better guys had Gahhh All the characters were insipid The only part I liked was when the brother thought the companion was drunk that was slightly amusing. This book, the last one written by Georgette Heyer, is essentially the same plot as the far superior Black Sheep, but it nevertheless was a pleasure to listen to Eve Matheson is a good narrator, although not in the Kate Reading or Roslyn Landor class OT I do wish Eve had narrated Black Sheep, as it is one of my favorite Heyers, and the audio version was done by Barbara Leigh Hunt She is a marvelous actress, but her voice is and ever will be that of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and she sounded far too old to be the heroine. I feel sort of mixed about this one in that I truly enjoyed the characters, and loved how the reader did their voices especially Cousin Maria , but they didn t do much They mostly sat around Annis house in Bath and talked about What To Do With Lucilla Which was ultimately solved by a conversation we didn t even see. 2.5 I have a theory about this title.If it s one of the first Heyer s for a reader they often love it, as even a lousy Heyer is superior to most historical romances on the market If you have already read loved some of Heyer s finest works it is likely you will be disappointed I fall into the later category.My father gave me this beautiful edition brand new at the time for my sixteenth birthday How eagerly I fell on it started reading, only to soon realise it was nearly as bad as her previous book, Charity Girl If those two were the first Heyer s I d read, I would never have read another On previous reads I didn t like Oliver This time it was the heroine Annis I didn t like I found her arrogant judgemental Quite easily the most unappealing heroine in any of GH s historical romances Oliver is just a less well drawn edition of two of Heyer s heroes Charles The Grand Sophy Max Faro s Daughter In fact I could find the original of most of the characters in this book in other Heyer novels I might as well say the two from The Black Sheep This book is an inferior copy of it Lucilla Fanny, Miss Farley Selina Believe me, not a spoiler Really the only incident is how Annis meets Ninian what a name Lucilla another pearler other than that it is one set piece after another The hero heroine spend very little time together as I really don t think Heyer elderly, unwell probably sick of Regencies knew what to do with them.Only positives In showing a independent heroine I think GH was trying to move with the times view spoiler The solution to what was going to become of Miss Farley was brilliant Not so the solution for Lucilla hide spoiler Meh Heyer, you can do better than this And I d wager that you knew that when you wrote this, too Was the rent due soon or something You ve done this better elsewhere about twenty times It is a classic cats and dogs fighting couple who hate each other on sight and then soften and fall in love pretty quickly I liked the hero a lot, which is the only reason I finished the book Simple, no nonsense, no heroics, rude, seemed like an actual man The heroine sucked If only because Heyer felt the need to tell me how amazing she was every few pages, I ended up distrusting that statement and realized that she wasn t really that great she was just a lot sensible and only a little less silly insipid than average, and just as concerned about propriety as everyone else, she just showed it less but we heard about her thinking talking about it the most of everyone in the effing book after going on about how silly everyone else was for caring about silly proprieties It was just that she was surrounded by such horrors of women that she looked good by comparison.Also, can we discuss Why is it that in many of Heyer s novels if a female character is single at an unreasonable age, she must be one of two extremes Either She must be beuatiful, rich, personable, funny, smart, and have a lot of suitors that she s turned down and could have at a drop of a hat if she wanted to she just chooses not to Or if she is of average looks, she must be only quietly witty, never think of herself and serve everyone else to death, and of course as soon as the hero comes on the scene everyone discovers that she s beautiful after all after one scene where she is forced to dress up because of course she would never do so unless she was forced And then it turns out that she is like girl A after all, just nobody knew And then of course she must accept the first offer of marriage made to her I just why does the heroine have to be beautiful and have all the advantages of life to remain single Couldn t she be plain and of competent means Perhaps not dazzlingly witty Give her a flaw You don t need to justify your heroine at every turn, Heyer I would have liked her better if you hadn t.PS What kind of name is Annis Was that supposed to make her excitingly exotic PPS Damn I sound jaded I hope I m not getting sick of Heyer romance novels That would cancel out many happy reading hours from my life.