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I just want to start by saying that this is like 3.5 stars Leah has always thought she was just a normal girl That is until her 18th birthday when everything changes without warning One minute she is out partying with her friends and the next she s running away from the club that is now on fire She doesn t know how she did it, but she knows that she is to blame Not knowing what is going on with her, but she knows she can t go home, she runs into a group of people that tell her that they know who she is Turning to them for help it isn t long before she is immersed in a new world of immortals that she never knew existed.I really enjoyed Leah and the gang of immortals I liked how they are basically a take on the vampire lore yet their very existence proves that vampires aren t real Still I consider them vampires lol And while they may be the beautiful, and slightly sparkly type, they are definitely not the passive nice vampires that seem to have taken over today s PNR No they are vicious and have no remorse for what they are, and who they eat It was refreshing to read about vampires that are actually acting like vampires They hunt, they feed, and they have no problem admitting that humans are simply breakfast.The only reason why this didn t get 5 stars from me is because it could use some editing, and I had a hard time with how fast the love relationship between Max and Leah happened It happened so fast it wasn t really believable at first, but by the end you learn why that is and it makes it a bit easier When it comes to editing, along with your basic typo errors, there are lots of times when the story was over explained using run on sentences stuffed with descriptive words While you need some, to many describing words in a row just tends to leave the reader lost in the explanation I think it could have been thinned out a bit and it would have made it easier to flow with.Overall this was a great read about vampires in their true nature with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing Finally After much anticipation The Fire of Dawn is finally available in Paperback Claim your copy at any store or at Barnes and Noble.Enjoy.V.V AKU A note from the author As a huge fan of vampires, but someone who hates to see them as soulless monsters, The Fire of Dawn offered me the opportunity to create immortals that aren t cold skinned and undead, but alive and intriguing creatures I hope that you will enjoy Leah Koopmans, who discovers on her eighteenth birthday that she is an immortal, ancient Lili Fan, a Chinese martial arts master trapped inside the body of a fourteen year old, and sexy, Italian Max Machiavelli Let the story take you to one of its exotic locations Perhaps you will soon find yourself ploughing through the snowy wilderness of Siberia, dashing through antique Amsterdam, and touching the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea Enjoy I found this book by accident what a find I m so excited to discover a new brilliant writer This story is completely unique it s a completely different take on vampires It s a real thrilling read one you won t be able to put down The ride through the world was fantastic for those who have traveled to some of these places will make this story even thrilling The characters are exciting completely unique I can t wait to see where this series I m hoping it ll be a series goes from here or anything else written by this author. Check out my tour stop for an international giveaway of this wonderful book Moosubi Reviews So when I started the book, realizing it was about something along the lines of vampires, like a lot of people I imagined something along the lines of this well known book Image Courtesy of Wikipedia And of course, my interpretation of Max, along with the other male immortals came out something along the lines of this Image Courtesy of jmercurio44 Anyways, onto the review It s needless to say that it definitely wasn t what I expected, otherwise I wouldn t have gave it a rating of 4 Although the vampires are quite stunning and maybe sparkly , they definitely weren t passive They were vicious, had lots of emotions, and were definitely fighters.Let s start off with the heroine, Leah By all means, she should have been a character I hated She was pretty stubborn, let her desires overwhelm her, and, let s face it, didn t do much during the first half of the book but make out and lust for Max But again, I didn t hate her She s definitely a flawed and confused character On one hand, she s controlled by the unreconcilable desire to attack humans in order to satisfy her hunger On the other hand, she doesn t want to kill them or be seen as a monster Of course, she s already realized she s a monster, and there s nothing she can do to stop it It s kind of like reading a book about a drug addict They definitely want to stop, but they aren t capable of doing so Nevertheless, they have to try, and sometimes, their efforts are utterly heartbreaking.This wasn t exactly Leah s scenario, but it definitely held some similarities She shows remorse whenever she drinks, sometimes even breaking down and running away from the coven Her emotion was very strong, and definitely seemed real The author was able to show many sides of her throughout the story, and I was definitely able to connect to her Eventually, she does grow stronger, and I liked seeing her journey in order to become a better person.I also liked the author s portrayal on vampires As I mentioned before, based on the past vampire books I ve read which, I admit, is limited to three novels, all of which I didn t enjoy , my picture of vampires is less than perfect By portraying them as less than perfect, even as criminals, I definitely had a wake up call This filled the plot with suspense, some intense romance, and a lot of intrigue on my part Moreover, I liked how the author also featured the Brotherhood s POV, which gave me an insight to the supposed antagonists, as well as another perspective on the immortals This eventually tangles itself into the plot line in an interesting way, but also developing the characters in an original way My only complaint is regarding Leah Max s relationship, which definitely shows signs of insta love I get that Leah had a lust filled, intense desire for passion and warmth, but it seems a little unrealistic that Max would go from a die hard, loyal family member of the coven, to willing to do anything for Leah, even if it means betraying the coven, in a couple of weeks However, Max is still another interesting character that s willing to make a lot of sacrifices, so I would say that The Fire of Dawn is still worth the read Overall, The Fire of Dawn is a refreshing read with a original take on vampires, and definitely worth your time I would recommend this to people who may have given up on the vampire sub genre of PNR UF The Fire of Dawn definitely presents a new take and a realm of possibilities for those previously extra sparkly creatures. I just finished The Fire of Dawn by V.V Aku and I was surprised to like it as much as I did The Fire of Dawn is a novel that I couldn t quite identify the characters in it but before that let s talk about The Fire of Dawn as a whole.Leah celebrates her 18th birthday with her bestfriend when suddenly the club is engulfed by a huge surge of fire from an unknown source killing her bestfriend and everybody in the club Leah seems to believe that this is a dream until she sees her condition clothes filthy, her body is full of soot and grime and there are unexplainable changes in herself Leah runs to escape but suddenly finds the unbearable thirst for human blood Leah is so confuse and ends up killing a guy in a beach that is where she is discovered by the immortals Without knowing who to trust, Leah is hesitant with the new comers but her curiosity was piqued by the groups revelations Soon enough Leah learns that this group is her family and later on will learn her history and what she is really In addition to a history unknown to her, Leah soon discovers that she is in the middle of a war between immortals and the brotherhood What will Leah do now Basically that s the gist of it First that I d like to point out is that the immortals claims to be not vampiric in nature but does share similarities It s actually hard to grasp and separate the two entities but I would admit that this idea is very interesting It s just hard because I can t personally label these immortals the have the speed, the thirst for blood, a number of supernatural powers to help them BUT they do die easily They can withstand sunlight, or it weakens them They are immortal but destructible It s like they are weaker than a vampire but stronger than a human being It was hard following the first part of the story but when the blood thrist was introduced I immediately though vampire but then the immortals explained what they really are so that helped Let s talk characters Leah was very confused at first which resulted to the reader in this case me to be confused as well She is somewhat stubborn and lost, scared and shy Her traits are understandable and I don t really mind much since as the story progress, Leah eventually became a strong main character For an immortal, she is not as vicious than the rest but rather remorseful which is why the other immortals believe that she can reunite all the clans together There is a love interest for Leah who is Max but Adam will also played a significant part in her life during the later part of the book I particularly love the scene wherein Max was first introduced to Leah From that exact moment when my hand slid into his, I knew that I wasn t alone any I knew that I was home.That scene signifies that Leah is not only around people that can protect her but also is the start of her interest in Max Unfortunately it wasn t as heart pounding as I wanted it to be.Max was strong, beautiful and charismatic I can t really picture Max and his love interest with Leah It wasn t really working for me which is why I can t consider him Leah s mate The connection was too fast I love you s was exchanged as early as page 62 Nook copy I hate insta love I can t reiterate it as much as I want to but there are some insta love that works and some just needs development and time Another issue I have with Max was when she was teaching Leah to feed, it felt forceful to me which results to me hating Max a little bit.Adam is part of the Brotherhood and not the immortals camp He is human and is very persistent in squashing the war between the two camps He is sincere and charismatic as well without the instant love interest present His connection with Leah was on the caring type couldn t really consider a love interest but of a brotherly love but it is there.I just like to insert Lili here She is I think one of my favorite character Portrayed as Chinese, she was very mature and a strong force in the immortal group I love her dialogues and her wisdom passages I particularly loved this one Your head is filled with worries and speculations about the past, present and future, It prevents you from seeing what s right in front of you She inhaled and raised her arms again It doesn t matter where you have been or where you are going.The immortal and brotherhood camp is a combination of different characters There are characters that will make you laugh and sympathize and there are some that will make you cringe It is very balanced on my opinion and I love how Aku wrote this out.The story both has a superb conflict and resolution I love how the two camps fight over what they believe is the right and how they resolve it by finding a common ground The ending was what I expected and I couldn t be happier This is quite an interesting read and I couldn t put it down I love this story and am looking forward to what happens next. Leah Koopman finds herself waking up after celebrating her 18th birthday to the most horrible dream She remembers a fire, an explosion, her best friend being incinerated along with a lot of others Surely this can t be true, but then she looks down and finds herself covered in soot and realizes that her nightmare is real She takes off running, suddenly realizing that everything has changed She notices that she can now see things she that couldn t see before All of her senses are heightened She has strength and speed that she can t explain She also has an insatiable thirst burning her throat, and finds herself craving human blood Not knowing who to trust, Leah runs, and when a group of beautiful immortals try to help her, she doesn t quite trust them, but then finds herself being chased by something even dangerous, the Brotherhood, who want nothing than to see her dead As she travels with her new immortal friends, she finds herself immediately drawn to Max Machiavelli He is absolutely beautiful and Leah can t stay away from him Max feels the same way about Leah She joins his coven in Amsterdam and learns much about her family and her past Leah desperately wants to find a way to avoid continuing to kill humans to survive After being captured, she meets, Adam, a human and a member of the Brotherhood, who also has the same vision Can they work together and come to an agreement between the immortals and the brotherhood, or will everyone end up dead in the process This was an interesting book The immortals in the story don t claim to be vampires, but they do live off human blood, though they don t share all the common traits with your typical vampire This was a different and interesting concept Leah is very powerful, and destined to be the leader to bring the different covens together again She is also very opposed to the killing of humans Being raised as a human for the first 18 years of her life, she has an aversion to the slaughter of humans, even if only done for survival It was kind of hard to get a grasp on exactly what was going on in the beginning of the book, but once it was made clearer what was happening, the story progressed at a fast pace Max and Leah are mates, and there is quite a bit of hot romance between them Max loves Leah dearly and would do anything for her He is quite the hottie himself Adam, the human, was a very nice guy and helped Leah out a lot She cared about him a great deal Several other members of the different covens were also interesting to get to know The setting and locations in the story were all beautiful, and the progression of the story is interesting and keeps your attention If you like vampire and immortal stories, or are looking for a fresh perspective on the vampire scene, then The Fire of Dawn might be something you would enjoy checking out. 4.5 Stars from Between the BindThis book begins with our heroine, Leah, celebrating her 18th birthday at a club with her friends Then, she wakes up vaguely remembering an explosion, not knowing where she is or how she got there As she s running through the streets trying to find her way home, Leah discovers that she can move extremely quicklyand her throat is burningand blood is all over her body.Finally finding her way back home, Leah s watches her parents cry and comfort each other in through the windows Wanting to see them but knowing something isn t quite right, she keeps her distance This is where she smells others like her Meeting the most beautiful man she has ever seen, a ferocious woman with formidable powers, and learning she has never been who she thought she was, Leah quickly acclimates to her new world and family.Although they do not call themselves vampires, these Immortals are rather similar they drink blood to survive, have unique powers depending on the immoral, and are amazingly beautiful They even form family units based on their creators But that is where the similarities end.Since creation, these creature have warred with the Brotherhood, a group of devout humans bound to protect and serve human kind, eliminating the immortals whenever possible V.V Aku creates these antagonists in such a smart way They are protecting who we, as readers, are They aren t innately evil, torturing immortals and being inhumane, they are only trying to stop immortals from feeding and murdering humans I was intrigued by the Brotherhood and sympathized with their cause.My only qualm was how quickly the relationship between Leah and Max moved forward Leah hardly had one day to adjust to this new life before she had an incontrollable attraction and developing relationship with Max Although I didn t always like Max, the reader can understand his need and desire to protect Leah from all harm, even if that requires him being overprotective and jerky This was a lovely book V.V Aku is an incredibly talented writer, with a style that pulls the reader in from the first page and leaves you with an ending you ll never guess on the last I truly enjoyed every moment of reading this book so, go grabs you a copy Overall If you ve ever wanted the gritty details of blood lust as a vampire, Fire of Dawn won t disappoint The first few chapters really fit the narrative, while the main character, Leah, is overdosing on her new abilities so are we The author doesn t simply tell you the Leah can see better than humans taste better hear better smell better She dowses the reader in details making you understand that Leah is definitely a vampire I loved how Leah s first human kill is portrayed Leah is powerless like an addict to deny herself the blood of a human Did I mention that these aren t sparkly vampires Sunlight doesn t kill them, but it makes them weaker They don t sleep in coffins They can die from blunt trauma as well as fire And several of the characters do die, which is always a plus in my eyes.Characters I did have trouble connecting with some of the characters I didn t really care if some of them died and I particularly hated the love interest, Max I m not quite sure why, as he was both a good guy to Leah and a blood thirsty monster to anything with a pulse so typically my type of guy I did enjoy both Adam and Koos, who are part of the Brotherhood They felt like they had real purpose and personalities Adam wants to work with Leah to find a compromise, while Koos thinks that she needs to be destroyed to minimize the threat of the vampires.Plot I like how there were no good or evil people, only shades of grey The vampires must feed on humans to survive The Brotherhood want to protect humans by killing the Vampires As Leah is the only child ever born to two vampires, she is powerful and thus the survival of the vampires is thrusted upon her as soon as her powers are realized Things get a little tricky when Elena one of the vampires predicts that Leah will destroy the vampires Will she Well, you ll have to read The Fire of Dawn to find out.Ending I m a little sad by the ending I liked the flashback near the end that fleshed out some of the characters, but otherwise it was predictable end to the main plot However, I loved that there wasn t some kind of fix all magic potion or ability that saved a certain character from death I adore authors that are willing to sacrifice characters I received a copy of this book from a book tour in exchange for my honest review Giveaway and full review of this book available at ^FREE PDF ↽ The Fire of Dawn ☔ It S The Last Day Of The Summer Holiday In The Hague When Leah Koopmans S Carefree Life As A Teen Is Brutally Flipped Upside Down Her Pale Skin Turns A Dazzling Gold, Her Senses Heighten, And Her Muscles Possess An Uncanny Strength But With These Exhilarating New Powers Comes A Thirst That Can Only Be Quenched By One Thing Human BloodWhile Her Body Craves For Fresh Victims And Her Heart Drowns In Guilt, She Meets Inhumanly Handsome Max Machiavelli, Who Claims That Leah Is Immortal Like Him Infatuation Ignites Into Blistering Passion When She Joins His Coven In Amsterdam But As The Mysteries Shrouding Her Sudden Change To Immortality Unravel, Leah Quickly Learns That Her Aversion To Taking Life Isn T The Only Thing That Sets Her Apart From This Group Of Herculean StrangersFrom The Picturesque Canals Of Amsterdam To Corsica S Limestone Cliffs And The Untamed Siberian Wilderness From First Loves To Fierce Battles, The Fire Of Dawn Is An Extraordinary Tale Packed With Romance, Betrayal, And Bloodsucking Suspense That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat Till The Very Last Page