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~Download Ebook ♗ The Imposter Bride ♬ When A Young, Enigmatic Woman Arrives In Post War Montreal, It Is Immediately Clear That She Is Not Who She Claims To Be Her Attempt To Live Out Her Life As Lily Azerov Shatters As She Disappears, Leaving A New Husband And Baby Daughter, And A Host Of Unanswered Questions Who Is She Really And What Happened To The Young Woman Whose Identity She Has Stolen Why Has She Left And Where Did She Go It Is Left To The Daughter She Abandoned To Find The Answers To These Questions As She Searches For The Mother She May Never Find Or Really Know Intriguing premise, not well executed The book just dragged, I found myself skimming even though I am trying to read slower than usual to make my summer stack of books last longer The story could have been interesting, the dialogue did not feel realistic, especially when immigrants give long passages of speech in perfect, highly literate English, and most of the story was told thru the perspective of a very dull young girl.I did not find the characters fully realized, and telling me over and over that a young girl has a crush on a boy, without ever making me understand why made me feel that the author presumed that I knew him and would just understand There was a lot of repetition, and the name dropping of places in Montreal was fun for me as an ex Montrealer, but might leave those not familiar with the city wondering why one restaurant or street is different from another The characters would do think see something that I felt would change the direction of their life, make it interesting, and then that thread would be dropped It really felt like the author had reread her childhood diaries crushes, incidents with best friends, first contact with anti semitism, dates, spending time with her aunt cousins and then incorporated another story a refugee s assumed identity after the war around her childhood Finally, the ending felt thin and hollow. This book was very intriguing in the beginning With a very promising main plot line and several minor subplots that were equally interesting I see the story has been described several times already, so I won t I simply found it disappointing We are taken through Ruth s entire life feeling her emptiness and asking her questions Wondering what tormented Lily so muchwhy rocks arrived as birthday gifts And so forth There was a mystical uncut diamond and mysterious journals One empty It was insinuated that Ruth would finish that journal, but all the end of the story that too was just a plan I felt that Ruth meeting her mother would bring that character to life, and answer all of those questions, pull the story together But the meeting was short and uneventful, giving me no satisfaction whatsoever in understanding all of the wonderful mysteries the author created It was almost as though the author was just tired of writing it, and decided to have the two meet with the mother giving no answers and the daughter somehow being ok with that I wasn t ok with that lol I wouldn t recommend the waste of time that is this book, sadly I think Nancy Richler wanted to write a good book The Impostor Bride dances around being good, but lacks rhythm and grace and so slouches awkwardly around the dance floor, making it awkward for everyone reading, but the effort at goodness is altogether too sincere to turn away The plot offers originality a war bride shows up in Canada, is scorned by her betrothed because he sees something amiss in her, she marries his brother, gives birth, abandons the child and runs away We learn over the course of the novel the practical reasons for her abandonment the titular impostor , and are meant, I think, to also contemplate the psychic and affective reasons she might also leave The book makes a sincere attempt to point the finger at the oft suggested unspeakable atrocities of the Holocaust as being too much for the young bride, but without entering these events or even shadows of them into the plot and without offering Lily s narrative point of view even a third person limited would have gone a long way these unspeakable reasons are left to the reader s speculation and are not, as Richler might have hoped, compelling enough to justify the abandonment of a child Indeed, our first person protagonist the abandoned daughter rightly points out that many of her peers have parents of this generation of unspeakable events who did not leave even if they do exhibit erratic behaviour , so why did her mother leave For this reason the plot events that supposedly explain the abandonment do not hold water Nor does the eventual explanation of how members of her family knew, and didn t tell her Nor, too, the hastily and inexpertly constructed reunion scene not a spoiler, I think, because the progression of the plot is such that it can only resolve in a reunion A note on the reunion as it particularly irked me as it s the climax and the apparent justification for so much weaving in and out of time we re meant to get here not only were the scenes rushed, especially when contrasted with the earlier scenes that explore in great length everything from depressed smoking to school yard bickering, but the explanation offered by Lily which is in effect the explanation of I have no explanation, would be fine, indeed, it would be complicated and profound, if we had Ruth do something with the explanation, think something about it, reflect on it, reject it, respond, react Instead we witness the reunion, hear the paltry account of why she left, find no explanation of the mysterious rocks, hear nothing of Ruth s reaction or thoughts A plot climax without an attendant climax in character development or theme And a frustrating plot climax at that because it doesn t bring a satisfactory explanation maybe because there isn t one not that there isn t in the world, but because Richler hadn t imagined what that could be.And so I wanted to like The Impostor Bride it had all the elements of Can Lit that I adore historical fiction, strong female protagonists, World War Two, family drama And yet, it s not a book I d ever take on a second date far too awkward for the effort. I enjoyed this book and found the characters to be vividly written Lily comes to Canada from Palestine to be married but her groom sees her at the train station and rejects her His brother marries her and we learn that Lily Azerov is not who she claims to be, and soon after her daughter is born, she abandons her family This abandonment hangs over her daughter s life like a shroud.The story is told through different points of view and it s very deep and personal for everyone in it.I also found the subtext of the story very interesting There is a point in the book where Lily talks about being mistaken for someone named Gabi while in a coffee shop The man calls out to her and as she turns around, sees his face fall She doesn t know who this Gabi is but she does know this man has lost her in the war and that for a minute, he had allowed himself to belief she was still alive It was heartbreaking to read So many people lost loved ones in the war everyone bears the scars of that loss, including Lily.Ultimately, this story is about love, understanding and forgiveness I enjoyed it. This fine novel, set mostly in Montreal with segments from Poland and from Thunder Bay, is another on the short list for the 2012 Giller Prize in Canada Unlike the other three novels on the list, this is a quiet and textured exploration of family interaction less dramatic and expansive than Ru, or 419 or Inside The Imposter Bride is a reflective and introspective probing of the impact on a young woman of her mother s unexplained desertion shortly after her birth There is a quiet depth and sensitivity to the writing, and a focus on time and place that makes this novel at once commonplace yet powerful.A Polish woman who calls herself Lily Azerov comes to Montreal after World War Two, marries into a family in the close knit Jewish community there, gradually tries to escape from her war time nightmares, and has a child, Ruth an all too common story in the post Holocaust world Then suddenly, stepping out to buy a bottle of milk, she departs, leaving her husband a note of apology Why has she gone How has this come to pass And what are the results for her daughter and the family she leaves This could be a drama, a story of suspense and danger yet Richler does something interesting than that She presents instead a careful dissection of how Ruth over the years grapples with what seems a profound rejection that turns her life toward a conformist effort to find affirmation in a conventional life Ruth s story, in turn, gradually becomes the vehicle by which the enigma of Lily is ultimately unfolded and Lily s story comes to be seen in many respects as the antithesis of Ruth s Lily s life, it becomes clear, is one of passion, of defying the odds, of survival despite immense dangers an unconventional life that she could not, it turned out, carry forward in the close family confines in Montreal What are the implications of this juxtaposition of the two lives of mother and daughter For me, that s a fascinating question What does Ruth make of the life that Lily in the end reveals to her How does Lily feel about the much safer world that Ruth has built for herself With her skills and sensitivity, I wanted to see Richler confront these questions But she does not She writes her story, and she writes it well But Ruth remains a character with depths that remain unexplored There is a tension suggested with her husband, but this is not pursued in the book Lily, too, remains an unfinished character for me never really addressing the reality of her daughter despite the insight we develop into why she left Montreal.It is, of course, easy to say that I wanted another 100 pages in a book already 350 pages long But Nancy Richler has written this novel so well, she conveys such sensitivity and understanding of family, that I feel justified in demanding even while recognizing how much this author has given us in this excellent book. This book, in my mind, started out worthy of four stars but slowly lost them as I got further and further into the story The main problem I had with this book is that the central issue Ruth s curiosity about the reason her mother abandoned her as an infant is built up throughout the novel, but in the end the reason is not all that interesting In fact, Ruth s mother herself often says things like, I can t even tell you why I did that or I can t even tell you why I felt that way, I just did After 350 pages I expected there to be some big revelation is Ruth not really Lily s daughter or possibly not Nathan s How does Palestine and the fact that both Lily and Nina spent time there factor into the revelation But alas, there is nothing so shocking in store And, even of an issue is that the main character, Ruth, is fine with her mother s pathetic defense That s all I needed to know, she thinks Which, I suppose, is good news for Ruth but bad news for the reader I m not sure what I expected when I picked this book up I guess I expected some sort of a variation on the tale of one woman tricking a man into marrying her in guise of someone else But, that s not what this story is at all Well, I guess it kind of is, but it s so much than that.While reading this book I felt profoundly sad Mostly because of the circumstances from which many of the characters came from WWII Many of them being refugees who were some from post traumatic stress disorder even though such a term hadn t yet been coined There was a scene that sums this experience up quite succinctly It occurs relatively near the beginning of the novel when Ruth was in school Her teacher does his best to keep his past from poisoning his present but, on this particular day, his best attempts fail him and he silently cries in front of his class This event changes Ruth forever it changed me forever as well Nothing provoked such a reaction and yet, he was clearly reacting in response to unseen forces He had traveled across the ocean to escape what tormented him but it followed him, psychologically.That is the affect this book had on me I expect, if you were to read it, it would affect you as well Read this book treat it as a study into human psychology I promise you won t be disappointed. This is one of those books that makes me wonder what the publishing companies are really thinking I ve read many self published titles that are much, much better than this book, so what s the deal The main problem is that the book is so dull I kept hoping for it to pick up, for some of the pieces to click together, but it just droned on, as if the writer had to reach a particular word count None of the characters leave any kind of mark in the reader they are all superficially written and completely interchangeable Apart from that, the plot is a convoluted mess that is never cleared up There is so much left unanswered, as if the author just ran out of time and said screw it, they ll get it Well, no, we don t get it What about the stones that Ruth keeps getting What is the symbolism of those Why did her mother leave her, really There is just a lot that we re supposed to take on faith and it just doesn t work This book needed a major overhaul, a complete rewrite so that the readers don t fall asleep halfway through a chapter I can t recommend this one There s so many interesting books out there try something else. I read Nancy Richler s second book a long while ago, and I don t remember being impressed Years down the line, I remember virtually nothing about it When this came along on one of my lists of Globe Mail bestsellers, I was ready to give it a chance, but wasn t really expecting much I was wrong This is a huge leap forward from Your Mouth is So Lovely, and The Imposter Bride had me in its quiet palm.Note The rest of this review has been withheld due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook