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I always try to be fair in my reviews, but I have to admit that I am biased when it comes to this book About twenty eight years ago, I came across a copy of this book at a garage sale and I devoured it It was perhaps the first historical fiction book that truly gave a how it could have happened view of the life of Robin Hood This book weaves a spellbinding tale about the life and times It is well written and easy to read The last day and a half that I ve spent going over it have been one of the best in a long time If you liked the feel of Russel Crowe s Robin Hood, you will like the feel of this book Although, you might not like this Robin Hood as much as classicly told stories, I find this one the most believable and deserving of being brought to the big screen. If there was a real Robin Hood in 12th 13th century England, it s easy to believe he was Robert Atheling a.k.a Earl Locksley a.k.a the outlaw Robin Hood.Nicholas Chase venerable novel Locksley is the very best version of the classic tale I ve ever read, and it has lost nothing on re reading many years after its publication.Chase actually a joint pseudonym for brothers Christopher and Anthony Hyde loves his history, and he has incorporated the fictional tale of Robin into the actual history of Kings Richard and John, sons of Eleanor of Aquitaine.In slotting Robin into the historical landscape, Chase has managed to reveal the fates of certain historical characters which the history books have failed to explain.Robin s intervention in the cause of English and continental history, is in the cause of safeguarding his loved ones, his sister Marian and a young woman married to another man Richard s bride, the Princess Berengaria.In addition we meet the outlaws of Sherwood, the Jewish money lenders of the City, the archbishops and even the Pope as Robin travels far and wide to do the bidding of one royal or another.Always he is torn between the fate of his immortal soul and that of his family and friends.The background, action, historical details and characters all ring with authenticity, even when they re creations of Chase imagination.THIS version of the Robin Hood story is one to keep for a return visit down through the years.Kerry Hennigan14 February 2017 The stage for a multifarious hero A number of authors have written historical novel about the reigns of King Richard the Lionheart, his brother King John, their mother Queen Eleanor of Acquitaine This was time when England gradually lost its foothold in northern France and Philip II, and later King Louis VIII, of France cast their eyes on even conquering England by hook or by crook The barons of England were in constant revolt against their kings after the death of Henry II, Richard and John s father The barons devised the Magna Charta to attempt to limit the royal autocracy John signed it reluctantly but he never took its rule by law seriously Richard spearheaded a Crusade the third , supposedly in liege with King Philip II but the two became intense rivals as Philip favoured John to rule England Whether Richard was gay or bisexual has been open to debate but in this book author Chase presents the king as so averse to women that he never consummated his marriage to Queen Berengaria.Chase has created an interesting character in Robin Atheling, Earl of Locksley The narrative portrays the time period from 1190 to 1217 As the book progresses Atheling is portrayed as an opportunist whose loyalty is to his country and does not necessarily include the king He manages to have kings, queens, archbishops, the pope, Jewish bankers and a band of outlaws in his confidence He is presented as a brave knight, a destitute vagabond, the original Robin Hood rebel, an entrepreneurial merchant, a devious smuggler, a mastermind of deal making and subterfuge, an adulterer and lover, and an opportunistic murderer The dirt, the smells, the barbarisms, the persecutions and the fractious social relationships of this time period are well described Chase is a masterful writer of the English language and he packs a lot of interesting narrative and dialogue into this medium length book. What a shame this is such a little known work that one sees remaindered about the place and can pick up often enough for fifty cents It s got nothing to do with the quality of this first rate retelling of the story of Robin Hood Who knows why these things happen publishers must err occasionally, I suppose Or perhaps the author really is, as I ve read somewhere, a pair of brothers writing under a joint and singular pseudonym, and they ve fallen out Don t tell anyone you read that here Instead, put pressure on someone to dig it out for you from somewhere, at any cost It s probably one of the most under rated books of the last century And who can resist dear old Robin My favourite version of the Robin Hood legend In this he is the younger brother of the man intended to be the heir The two brothers uncover a plot against King Richard Marian is not Robin s love, but his sister who was the lover of Little John Robin was appointed the protector of Berengaria of Navarre, King Richard the Lionheart s intended, and of course fell in love with and lived with her under the pretence that they were brother and sister.The book follows Robin s life from the time of the Third Crusade, through his outlaw days in Sherwood and his years as a respected innkeeper in London.Through it all, he serves both Richard and John It is noted that a king owes the people who serve him the same degree of loyalty, as they give him It is shown that this rarely happens. This is probably the most unique telling of the Robin Hood legend that I ve read so far It s told completely from Robin s perspective It begins with Robin in the crusades He ends up becoming a sort of undercover spy for Richard Also, Marian is Robin s sister in this versiondon t worry, for those who like romance, there s another lady love for Robin I recommend this book for anyone interested in Robin Hood. Some creative placement in history, with added emphasis on John s reign, but ultimately not a Robin Hood book and some of the interactions with historical figures were not that believable. I really, really, really need to stop reading dreadful versions of Robin Hood But it s kinda my thing, I guess In this one, Robin starts off as the spare to his brother Garth s heir until Garth is killed on the Third Crusade Richard sends Robin back to England to keep an eye on John, who is starting a little rebellion in the country that Rich will only spend 6 months of his reign in This is standard operating procedure for a Robin Hood legend except Robin totally has the hots for Richard s wife Berengaria Later, nicknamed Gala, which is stupid But this is sorta with Rich s blessing, because in this version and in about 97% of Robin Hood legends he s totally gay Turns out, Marian is Robin s sister in this legend, although she and Gala switch identities when Richard dies I don t even know you guys This way Gala can stay with Robin and bang him any time she wants even though she s pretending to be Marian Marian, meanwhile, becomes a nun and forges a bunch of letters in Gala s name Also, if anything happens during John s reign, it s totally Robin s doing I mean really Anything It s almost boring, really He s never out of the picture, considering how much he claims to hate politics Urgh. `FREE E-PUB ⇗ Locksley ↠ Nicholas Chase Was A Pen Name Used By Anthony And Christopher HydeRobert Godfrey Bouvier Atheling Of Locksley Assumes Different Identities Including Robin Hood And Daniel Delore The Story Is Told From His Perspective, A Life That Weaves Through Major Historical Events Of The Reign Of King Richard I And King John, In A Time Of Violence And Political Intrigue