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@Free Ë The Oswald Reflection ¹ eBook or E-pub free

@Free ⚤ The Oswald Reflection á Was Lee Harvey Oswald A Patsy, The Fall Guy In Asinister Plot To Assassinate Pres John F Kennedy Was Oswald The Lone Nut Assassin Like TheWarren Commission Claimed Him To Be Tom Regan Didn T Believe The WarrenCommission Report, But He Couldn Tdispute Their Findings Without Havingany Tangible Proof, Evidence ThatOswald Had A Double And He Wascaught Up In A Vast ConspiracyTom Regan Seeks The Answer To A Questionthat Puzzled Investigators For Than A DecadeDid Lee Harvey Oswald Have A Double He Quit His Job And Risked His Life To Find The TruthRegan S Investigation Took Him From Wisconsinto Oklahoma, Arizona, Utah, Oregon,Washington, Nevada, California, And FinallyMexico Until He Found The Truth About OswaldHis Story Is Based On Actual Events Andtestimony From The Only Man To Confess Beingpart Of The Most Incredible Conspiracy In History I m at a bit of a loss with this book as to whether it s a work of fiction or a true story I downloaded it believing it was a true one but then inside it s labelled as a work of fiction Upon reading the author s notes, though, and you have to wonder.It centres around the idea that Lee Harvey Oswald had a double that was running around the Dallas area just before the JFK assassination and the double had purposely been paraded around in order for the CIA FBI and any other department involved to kill Kennedy and ensure the real Oswald was blamed.It all seemed very believable to me and was well written although it did get a bit confusing in a couple of places with too many aliases floating around and trying to keep a handle on everybody involved.It was a very intriguing tale I love anything Kennedy related so it was always going to interest me.