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FREE EBOOK ß A Family Institution ó Based On An Event From The Author S Life, This Is A Story About An Unusual Mid Life Crisis Triggered By The Discovery Of An Aunt Who Was Mistreated For Mental Illness In TheS AndS Coming To Terms With His Own Family History Leads To A Journey Of Self Discovery That Tests Not Only Current Relationships, But New Ones As Well This Novel About Secrets And Revenge Is Told With A Comic Touch And Will Have You Reading Until The Wee Hours Of The Morning I received this book as a First Read The pace is insanely slow The story is interesting and provides a nice glimpse into mental illness It can be dark and cringeworthy at times It does however inspire one to learnabout the history of mental illness and how treatments have changed over time. This book follows a middle aged man through his journey to uncover the truth about his family history, which has been kept secret for over 40 years Ira, the story s protagonist, runs into several obstacles and temptations during his search for the truth, which makes him question the people he loves, and reflect on his own happiness as a middle class family man It is a very well written book, with a compelling story I couldn t put it down and I m proud to say that I personally know the author whose own life experience provided the foundation of the story An interesting, fast paced adventure The entire story takes place in about ten days ten action packed days I thought the first person narrative was really well done I followed this character through his brief mid life crisis and even though he made some questionable decisions found myself cheering him on in his quest If you start it, be prepared to commit as you will get sucked in and NEED to find out how the story ends I highly recommmend this book. Whenever I read a book by Howard Reiss, I am struck by his lyrical prose and his talent of stringing words together to make beautiful sentences He excels at describing the thought processes of his characters in a realistic fashion and he is a master storyteller This is important to me because it allows me to love a book even if I don t love the personality of the characters which was true for this book Usually, it would be hard for me to read a book if I don t like the main character especially but I also realize that if a character elicits such negative responses from me, then the author did a good job of developing that character and giving him a multi dimensional personality This novel describes the journey of a man in a mid life crisis to discover the truth about his past, present and future butimportantly to me, this book tells the horrors of what people with mental illnesses suffered in the past That s an important topic to me, one that I teach so I was happy to see it explored deeply, honestly and with empathy I would strongly recommend this book to people as well as Mr Reiss other novels.