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@Read E-pub Û The Linnet Bird ⚡ Em Liverpool, Na Inglaterra Vitoriana, N O H Lugar Para Uma Rapariga Pobre Ainda Crian A, Linny Gow Conhece Estes Tempos De Agrura Quando A M E Morre, O Pai Obriga A A Prostituir Se Apenas Com Anos De Idade Mas Linny Tenta A Todo O Custo Sair Da Vida Degradante Que Leva E Consegue Um Casamento Por Conveni Ncia Com Sommers Ingram, Um Abastado Ingl S, Partindo Sem Hesitar Para A Ndia Aparentemente, Linny A Esposa Perfeita Bonita, Graciosa, Subserviente Os Sonhos Desfazem Se Quando O Marido Revela O Seu Verdadeiro Car Cter Um Livro Soberbo E Imprevis Vel Um bonita hist ria de coragem, que como n o podia deixar de ser, tem epis dios bem tristes e dolorosos, mas que s o superados e no final recompensados da melhor maneira possivel Adorei as descri es sobre a India e os seus costumes e tamb m as curiosidades sobre as suas inumeras especiarias A mirra commiphora mukul tem uma resina perfumada que extra da e aplicada nas pessoas inchadas com os seus fluidos, e tamb m no incha o doloroso das articula es Adorei I did not expect to read such another good book so soon after reading The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton This book is it is excellent Linnet Gow is born in the slums of Liverpool Orphaned early, her step father sells her into prostitution How she gets out of her desperate situation, ends up in India and Afghanistan, again loses her freedom and struggles to re gain it is the main plot of this novel She does fall in love once but is all too soon forced to leave him.I highly recommend this book as it is a PAGE TURNER So far I m about 2 3 of the way through the book, and I confess I m only continuing to read because of the time I ve already invested in it Sort of like throwing good money after bad The main character, Linney, is forced into prostitution in Liverpool at the age of eleven I m assuming the raunchy and crudely executed descriptions of child and later, teenage prostitution are the reason this book made it past the editor s desk Perhaps someone at Crown Publishing was so taken with the images that they failed to notice how painfully two dimensional the stock characters are fervid, religious old woman kind, crippled son who loves Linney from afar evil, scheming Englishman whom she s forced to marry, etc I won t pain you further This book should be a lesson on character cliches Also, the voices don t match The narrator Linney tells her story in one boring voice, and then writes long letters to her friend in a completely different, stiltedly elegant voice It s like two different people talking There are also several vernacular terms too crude to reproduce here that I m fairly certain would not have been in use in the 1820s and early 1830s Nothing about this book rings true to me.I d better stop now When I began this review I felt mildly antipathetic toward this book, but now I m feeling downright hostile Read it at your own peril, but don t say you weren t warned Edited to add, I ve decided I ll never finish this book Life is simply too short to waste on some things, and this wretched book is one of them. view spoiler The Linnet Bird by Linda Holeman 9780755322916 this isbn is not available here on Goodreads 376 pages Headline Book Publishing, a division of Hodder HeadlineWithdrawn from Calderdale LibrariesDedicationFor Holly Kennedy, who had faith in this story.Opening Quote A linnet in a gilded cage,A linnet on a bough,In frosty winter one might doubtWhich bird is luckier now.But let the trees burst out in leaf,And nests be on the bough,Which linnet is the luckier bird,Oh who could doubt it now Christina Rossetti 1872 hide spoiler