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One of those where you can t go home again I loved this as a teen I thought it was romantic But now He hits her He also lies to her, manipulates her, and almost kills her in a car wreck But the hardest scene for me is the very brief one in which he hits her He feels shame, but it s one sentence of shame And then we move on and we see that she loves him and wants to help him Quite a lesson there. I don t know what to say I m so confused by this book I mean, when it ends, some kind of catharsis has clearly occurred we have Marsh finally accepting that his dad is dead and Edna, uh, acknowledging that shewants romantic attention from Marsh for some ungodly reason despite how he s abused her, shamed her, treated her like crap, pressured her to drink, embarrassed her in public repeatedly on multiple occasions, manipulated her, lied to her on purpose, and almost killed her I mean, what I m baffled I m completely baffled by this book At first I kind of thought it was supposed to be about quirky kids trying to find their way in a world where no one understands them, and okay, Marsh tells lies to cope and Edna has an overinvolved mom who keeps criticizing her and harassing her to get a boyfriend But then it justgrows increasingly bizarre, as if this is taking place in a nightmare world None of the authorities in the book are sensible, including the guidance counselor, who seems to exist just to say obscenely inappropriate things to shame students in front of each other and be a living fat joke LOTS of fat shaming comments centered on their supposed whale of a teacher are always popping up in this book, and it s not to show how other people are mean it s supposed to be cute for someone to announce to someone else how they should physically force the counselor to sign up for Weight Watchers But even considering this takes place in the 1970s, can you really sign kids up for group therapy against their will in the company of other students and have their bedwetting be common knowledge in the group and force them to trust each other to literally throw them in the air and catch them even when they protest Can you decide someone needs therapy because they re a boy who wears perfume or a girl who has short hair, and have these gender nonconforming aspects of them upheld as some self evident reason these kids are clearly messed up Are you allowed to blindfold them and make them touch each other s faces, without any choice of opting out That s not funny or cute or an acceptable bonding experience for people who haven t consented That s weird and creepy.And I know, I KNOW I can t hold the book to today s standards of so called political correctness, but there was an overwhelming amount of offensive terminology and phrasing in this book Teachers are called fags by a parent, and they aren t called out for it A fortune teller is referred to as a gypsy and the word gyp is also used The threat of being shot by minorities is portrayed as a natural eventuality if you stay in urban environments after dark There s a horrible joke about white kids using the yellow pages but not knowing if the Chinese kids are allowed to use the white pages WHAT For a book that had the potential to examine mental illness sensitively, there was an awful lot of outright grossness regarding crazy and insane people, with Marsh terming his mother Schizo Suzy and claiming he hated her when she was being schizo There are multiple references to retards At one point, completely unprovoked, the relatively sympathetic female main character Edna announces that a party attendant looks like he may have an extra chromosome and is therefore likely to be a criminal, but she talks to him to make Marsh jealous and spends an incredibly awful speech on him explaining how he is sick and looks gross and she feels sorry for him, while he replies with such complete non sequiturs such as I want you to suck on my giggle weed, pressuring her to take drugs as she insults him smiling Add that to the consistent messages from Edna s mother about her potential horrible fate to end up single with no children, and how she embraces Marsh as a romantic interest despite his horrible treatment of her, apparently believing his companionship is better than ending up Alone because her mother and a witch with cockroaches crawling out of her boobs told her so.But overall, I m justreally CONFUSED about this book People s actions were generally not connected with what was going on They would suddenly sob with tears rolling down their cheeks over something that had not been indicated as emotional They would pressure each other to do things when there was no disclosed benefit for either of them They would behave in a variety of bizarre ways that did not appear to lead out of any of their previous thoughts or attitudes At one point an acquaintance of Edna s from her therapy group is throwing a party at her fancy house and she s been pressured to provide a bunch of stuff that she doesn t want to because her boyfriend is demanding it That seems like a recipe for disaster, and in the usual book you d probably just see the boyfriend s football friends trash the house, drink all the liquor, and steal from her parents, right The innocent put upon rich girl believes the guests might hang out by the pool and play leap frog what what what leap frog You smell the disaster coming But then not only do tons of people show up and she must provide veal cutlets for themsomehow among the extra attendees is an actual straight up religious cult that hasn t ever been mentioned before Some charismatic leader who brings people in a van from another city and have them literally chanting on the pool patio or something, and the god boy is going around touching people and telling them to find their spiritual song etc., but things get out of hand and the ceremonial candles make the house catch on fire and the house literally burns down and the pet raccoon gets burned alive and after the main characters leave there is no aftermath about this Why was a religious cult invited Nobody there had any motivation that suggested they would be into this, but when the cult shows up suddenly everyone s a sheep for it Maybe everyone there, including the author, was sucking on the aforementioned giggle weed.I actually really liked The Pigman, and there are some similar threads between that book and this, but the slight quirkiness of the characters and the disastrous party at the end precipitated by irresponsible characters letting things get out of hand did not feel like this at all I felt absolutely no interest in these characters except maybe the frigging raccoon, and the raccoon died because Marsh had to jump off a balcony into a pool to go fight people or something and none of that was explained either It just read like a bunch of stuff was happening to people with no rhyme or reason and their responses and subsequent actions were not connected to the things that were popping right out of a random events generator I don t know why I was subjected to very long manifestos from Marsh s letters purported to be his father s, but they aren t , and why he NEEDED Edna to read them as a show of trust when there was nothing in them at all that needed to be said or shared, and likewhy the word terrific was used over and over My review here is probably also very fragmented and disorganized, but I just can t quite get across how thoroughly confused I am by everything about this book, including the fact that it exists as a published book and has so much praise I just don t see what anyone sees in this thing I actually felt like I was reading weird high school word vomit from someone who thinks they re sharing deep and or quirky revelations but it s mostly just the kind of thing you write on the back of your social studies folder in eighth grade I will now pretend this book doesn t exist and I d like your cooperation in helping me maintain that illusion please and thank you. #DOWNLOAD ó Pardon Me, Youre Stepping on My Eyeball ⚟ Pardon Me, You Re Stepping On My Eyeball By Paul Forget Keeping Up Appearances These Kids Burned Down The Glass House I M Not Sure If Paul Zindell Intended Marsh And Edna S Story As A Cautionary Tale Or A Romance, But I Took It As A Romance When I First Read Pardon Me You Re Stepping On My Eyeball Back In High SchoolPardon Me, You Re Stepping On My EyeballNot Retrouvez Pardon Me, You Re Stepping On My Eyeball Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Pardon Me, You Re Stepping On My Eyeball Wikipedia Pardon Me, You Re Stepping On My Eyeball Is A Young Adult Novel Written By Paul Zindel, First Published InPlot Summary The Novel Follows Two Alienated Teenagers In Staten Island,year Old Louis Marsh Mellow And Edna Shinglebox, As They Cope With Their Family Issues Pardon Me, But You Re Obviously Mistaking Me For SomeoneAffichez Les Coordonnes Et Les Dtails De Pardon Me, But You Re Obviously Mistaking Me For Someone Who Gives A Fuck Incubus Pardon Me WITH LYRICS YouTube Pardon Me Was Made By Incubus Full Credit To Incubus I Had Nothing To Do With Making Or Producing The Song ALL CREDIT GOES TO INCUBUS Pardon Me, You Re Stepping On My Eyeball By Paul Pardon Me, You Re Stepping On My Eyeball By Paul Zindel Book Cover, Description, Publication History Pardon Me Lynx Peace Edition YouTube Playlist Best Of Naughty Boy Subscribe ForPardon Me Feat Naughty Boy Ft Professor Green, Laura Mvula, Wil The Mavericks Pardon Me Official Video YouTube UMG On Behalf Of Big Machine Me Gusta Music Publishing , LatinAutor, BMG Rights Management, UMPI, ASCAP, Big Machine Music Publishing , CMRRA, BMI Broadcast Music Inc AndMusic RightsIncubus Pardon Me Official Music Video YouTube Pardon Me While I Burst Pardon Me While I Burst A Decade Ago, I Never Thought I Would Be A Twenty Three On The Verge Of Spontaneous Combustion Woe Is Me But I Guess That It Comes With The Territory Pardon My French, But You Re An Asshole YouTube Celebrity Jeopardy Kathie Lee, Tom Hanks, Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds SNL Duration Saturday Night Live ,, Views Edna Shinglebox and Louis Marsh Mellow are disaffected youth in the mid 1970s When they are enrolled in a group therapy class at school they come to know each other and maybe help with each other s emotional problems Everything in this book is bizarre, from Marsh s stories about his and his father s exploits with women to Edna s visit to a local psychic The descriptions are wacky and vivid and very representative of the time period and the youth scene Marsh and Edna are fully realized characters, if a bit over dramatic It is likely that the intended audience for this book no longer exists, but a modern teen reader might appreciate getting a sense of teens and their struggles in a prior time period. This thing was probably brimming with life lessons ignore them if you notice them and you ve got a fun story that races its way through an absurd mental blockade and a young girl playing along all too readily it s dastardly that the assault she took barely registered in the story line I suppose those were different times I enjoyed everything else.The characters were all kinds of silly fun, especially the school psychologist.There s no way to get bored with a story featuring so many peculiar ancillaries God Boy, pocket raccoon, insane therapy practices, insane parents, a fortune teller, mass group nudity, a car accident, a rocket I think that s it Good times I cannot say enough good things about this book I absolutely loved it Paul Zindel has always been a favorite of mine, although I have not read him in years This is the story of two troubled teens Marsh and Edna They strike up an unusual and rather forced at first friendship relationship Marsh comes from a broken home, with a mother who is crazy and a father who is in a mental institution and writes him letters He has a pet raccoon which is so cool and makes up wild stories about mostly everything This book has an incredibly addicted seventies vibe because well, it came out in 1976 When I read this I was in the process of moving, but I read my eyes out anyway It was terribly funny and heartfelt I adored Marsh, I thought he was so cute as was his raccoon I am thinking about re reading it very soon because I loved it so much A must read for anyone with a sense of humor and heart One of my favourite YA books a surprisingly thorough and well felt examination of strength and honesty I remember being somewhat shocked when the protagonist learns to stand up for herself, overdoes it and is cruel, and then has to go back and fix things That s a pretty nuanced understanding of being honest Anyway, a funny, heartfelt book that I reread a lot in my teenage years.This was the first Zindel I read, and I later found many of his books are very similar in tone and theme This remains my favourite, probably just because I read it first. Nobody wrote about teen freak outcasts better than Paul Zindel and this is one of his best YA novels, alternately very funny and sad, with a tremendously appealing heroine in Edna Shinglebox you can t help rooting for Edna to make it through her often grotesque trials and tribulations with her wacked out parents, her extremely troubled sort of love interest, Marsh Mellow, and the typical teen traumas of high school, self loathing, etc I was genuinely moved by the ending, where both Edna and Marsh get what Edna calls their Symbolic Moment Beautiful stuff. Ah, young adult literature My Paul Zindel phase coincided with my Nirvana s Nevermind phase so that the two will forever be linked in my mind In a way, the partnership is fitting The grunge movement had something of the 70 s and the books of Paul Zindel were imbued with the turmoil and alienation that would be a driving force in 90 s music Both capitalized on my burgeoning teen angst I must have been about 13 at the time.This was my favorite of Zindel s books Certain scenes were so vivid to me they now feel akin to actual memories I doubt they would strike me in the same way today I don t think any book really could at this point in my life All those pubescent love chemicals, I suppose Oh, to be young, and sad, and filthy God love it. Forget keeping up appearances These kids burned down the glass house I m not sure if Paul Zindell intended Marsh and Edna s story as a cautionary tale or a romance, but I took it as a romance when I first read Pardon Me You re Stepping on My Eyeball back in high school And I don t think that was a good thing People who are real can appear crazy, because they re not sucking in, plucking, polishing, and posturing to fit into everyone s expectations I like being around real people But there are also people, like Marsh, who are legitimately crazy Marsh badgers Edna, hits Edna, and nearly gets Edna killed in a car wreck The witch may think he s a great boy underneath it all, but I think Edna s got the wrong idea Marsh needs help, not a girlfriend.I m giving Pardon Me You re Stepping on My Eyeball 4 stars, because the writing is amazing I love the zany descriptions and fun style The content might have me scratching my head, but maybe that s what a good book is supposed to do.