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!Download Book ☫ Female Friends ☩ In This Brilliantly Witty, Caustic Yet Compassionate Novel, Fay Weldon Explores The Lives Of Three Friends Majorie, Grace And Chloe, Who Met As Children During The Evacuation Of Waretime London Their Unusual Friendship Survives Despite Shared Lovers, Turbulent Marriages, And Clamoring Children In this early novel Fay Weldon has already mastered a very rare talent writing beautifully about truly horrible people.Chloe, Marjorie and Grace are girlhood chums who always had a nasty undercurrent, sprouting into outright frenemies as time goes by They each appear to be a particular archetype Chloe the mother particularly of other people s children , Marjorie the outwardly hard career woman, Grace the unstable, reckless slut but are farmultifaceted and interesting Chloe is ostensibly the most sympathetic and normal, but even she is capable of deceit and howling errors of judgement Grace is abominable a poisonous, manipulative, lying bitch I couldn t think why the others had stayed in touch.It seesaws back and forth in time, meaning you need to read closely to keep track of what era you re in, and which character you re following Although my favourite part was the girls growing up during the war, all periods were quickly and deftly created As the quote on my copy claims, it s compulsively readable after a subdued and slightly confused start, trying to make sense of who was who, I read it avidly at lunch breaks, finishing it at last in an afternoon.Though not my favourite Weldon that remains The Life and Loves of a She Devil it s a stunning achievement, especially since it was written so early in her career I will definitely seek out the rest of her books. I do not know how this book came into my hands It is a US 1st, I think from St Martin s This is a sad book that ends well enough There is so much energy in the voice, despite the point of view character s marriage to a really, truly awful person Reading it is a good reminder of why women arelikely to seek a divorce than men Women may expect to be supported, but they less often treat their spouse as an ornament And it is also a comprehensive exploration of why the women s movement reappeared in the 70s The story begins with the accidental meeting of Chloe, Grace, and Marjorie during the war when Marjorie is evacuated from London by her thoughtless mother and due to a mistake about trains, lands in Grace s home town and is chosen by Grace s parents to be their charitable duty because they are slow to choose and she is the last Chloe is in the village because her mother is also escaping the war in London Life is messy and guilty and the children are abandoned and left and taken up and rescued in the next generation There is a crazy painter, writers for the BBC, many terrible parents of both sexes and terrible husbands and unfaithful wives who try very hard to be good.Weldon wrote for Upstairs, Downstairs, but also wrote the wonderful novel of Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austen, which is really a wonderful thing that Austen fans should all read, even though, as I recall, she never makes it to Persuasion They never do. How do we recover from the spasms of terror and resentment which assail us, in our marriages and in our lives When we lie awake in bed and know that the worst is at hand, if we do not act and we cannot act the death of our children, or their removal by the State, or physical crippling, or the loss of our homes, or the ultimate loneliness of abandonment When we cry and sob and slam doors and know we have been cheated, and are betrayed, are ruined, and we are helpless When we walk alone in the night planning murder, suicide, adultery, revenge and go home to bed and rise red eyed in the morning, to continue as before I love Fay Weldon, haven t read her for a long time and must pick her up again This book is about women s lives it s slightly dated 1974 but ultimately the issues are still the same She has a dry sense of humor, so this book is not heavy, but her points on female issues are direct hits. Picked up this yellowing and falling apart book for 25p, a long time since I last read Fay Weldon so thought I d give it a try Really quite depressing in how these women live their lives, their relationships with each other, with men and everyone else Maybe it s because it s dated Maybe I didn t get the humour, certainly couldn t find the compassion it s billed as having very unforgiving and negative depictions of women Would give to my daughter to cut up for her art projects but probably too many sex references I loved this book A story which really caught my attention Three girls from different backgrounds with only their geographical circumstances in common We watch as they grew up and make complete misses of their lives Brought together by the war they remain friends The story is told looking back at their childhood Their current lives seem a mess and as the story continues that mess is unraveled to show how they ended up where they did Every character is a bit complicated I think the depressing vibe come from the reductionist writing style Cramming three lives into a 238 page book does necessitate this I recognised myself in parts Fey Weldon is one of my favourite authors and this didn t disappoint She mentioned in in a talk i attended and said that the ghost was based on a real experience from her life It as appears in another of her books, the bulgravia connection i think.I enjoy her social comment and insight into behaviours She doesn t sugarcoat life. I always want to like Fay Weldon s books, but there s just something, irritating about them I didn t like the knowing voice in this one, which wasn t any of the three main female characters I failed to like or emphathise with any of the main three female characters, or any of the male ones for that matter I didn t really find there to be much of a point or story plot to the novel to be honest A struggle. This book felt very depressing It followed the lives of three women who have been friends since their youth and discusses the different choices they make into adulthood They all settle and none of them ever seem to be truly happy This book is definitely not a pick me up but it is still a decent read. Fay Weldon is a witch She is a conjurer She is to feminism what nitromethane is to fuel This, her third novel, is a messy book with a confusing back and forth layout but, and it s a big but, is still bitter and venomous, and spiteful and very funny and uncomfortable to read Fay Weldon brings out the worst in her characters without making a fuss about it and that s compassion Their particulars, grotesque and even cruel, give the novel its absurdness but she Fay Weldon is actually painting on a bigger canvas without, as I said, making a fuss about it Marital life, betrayals, friendship, sexual politics andin this witty and somewhat compassionate little novel. This book seems calculated to make you believe that everyone in the world is a complete asshole, completely helpless, or both Reminiscent of 70s early 80s Margaret Atwood Well done, but not something I want to read again.