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@Download Epub Ö The Whore's Asylum ò Popular EPub, The Whore S Asylum By Katy Darby This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Whore S Asylum, Essay By Katy Darby Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You A slow burner that is beautifully written Picks up speed and has a rather poniont if sad ending A story of the realities of love. It looks so pretty but the contents are not egregiously bad, but they re not very good, either The Whore s Asylum tries awfully hard but the plot is thin and the necessary padding not up to the mark The first half is the best Fraser and Chapman are decently drawn characters, and though the laboured style does its best to kill the thing, it rolls along at a steady pace The epistolary, exposition packed second half seemed dreadfully long and so slow and tedious, it took every ounce of energy in me to keep turning the pages The relationship between Fraser and Chapman that is the very heart of the tale failed to convince me Their growth of their friendship is dealt with so quickly as if the author was bored by this very necessary scene setting, only wanting to get on to the fraught tale of Diana it just didn t develop at all for me, and it is so central to the plotI feel it would have made for a much better tale if of the time that was spent on those dreadful dreary letters at the end was given to developing the details of their friendship, and because I wasn t persuaded that Fraser and Chapman had grown so close, it made Fraser s violent reaction to his friend s engagement seem ludicrous, and Chapman s response completely over the top.At least Fraser and Chapman were solid, workmanlike characters, Diana was not, she was, throughout, a device Lord Lucky was just ridiculous an evilly chortling, moustache twirling Dick Dastardly and not in a good way His melodramatic d nouement was especially absurd, certainly worthy of the purplest of Victorian prose Maybe that was the point But if it was intended as a clever parody, it didn t work it made me giggle uncontrollably, which I m pretty sure was not the intention.And what was the point of the illustrations They weren t needed and not well done, very out of keeping with the writing style which squeezed itself through terrible hoops to stay in character They reminded me of picture plates from the comics and books I read when I was nine years old they seemed very out of place and silly In short, I read a book like this to be entertained, and I wasn t The plot was unconvincing and the prose so desperately dull, it was an epic struggle to finish. I picked this up as the cover and title caught my attention Reading the back I gathered it would be a gritty, sink your teeth into tale of the back streets of late 1800s Oxford.I found it a very slow paced story and where it should of taken me about three days to get through, it took me three long weeks where it just didn t excite me Story was focussed on two upper class university students and a mystery woman who had featured in one of the characters lives some years earlier.The whores asylum seems like it is an after thought and only really comes in about 2 3rds through Just two of the girls are brought into the story and only one really has much to do with the tale.I may of enjoyed it if I didn t have any expectations, or not had seen the cover or the title.Will not be recommending it to any friends. I love Victorian period dramas As I was just sliding off a high induced by the Encore miniseries The Crimson Petal and the White, based on the 2002 novel by Michel Faber which I am dying to read , I chanced upon The Whores Asylum by Katy Darby Published in 2012 by Penguin, this is the debut novel of a young woman who teaches writing in England as I do in California, but that is not why I fell in love with her book.The Whores Asylum is aptly titled, with a pretty cover, and in fact has a couple of engaging, colorful whores in it, yet it does not fit genre expectations It is an intelligent study of the human heart rather than the narrative of a clever whore who raises herself up and escapes from misery in Victorian England By no means am I trivializing the referred to miniseries I only mean The Whores Asylum is a labyrinthine sanctuary where the reader must get lost to find meaning It s a delightful book to get lost in Darby gives the amiable narrator s voice to one Dr Edward Fraser whose affinities and friendships set the entire tone of the novel At the outset, young Fraser has not determined whether to follow his proclivities for righteousness or his fascination for the classical past It is significant that he has already achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Cambridge with first class honors and is now pursuing a Master s in Philosophy at Oxford Fraser is no simpleton This character, far layered than Holmes Watson and definitely significant to the plot, tells of his great friendship for Stephen Chapman, a young man studying medicine Chapman and Fraser are good for each other they room together in Oxford, sharing their lives, dreams and aspirations with each other Since the novel is told in hindsight, Fraser wants to explain why Chapman died in such hideous manner, and make amends for his failings, if he can, by so doing.One of Darby s delightful ploys is to play a trick on readers who may, for instance, be likely to judge Fraser as a prude We are, after all, of the 21st century and do not see things as British society did back in Victorian times There are other judgments the reader may make which I do not feel inclined to give away At the very least, the reader will be likely to find young Fraser too judgmental in his view of the young woman with whom Chapman has fallen in love Still, there is no doubt that Fraser s friendship is sincere and he tries to do right by Chapman The reader is free to disagree with Fraser s point of view on any number of topics or plot twists, and that disagreement is, I believe, something Darby engineers with skill.The characters in The Whores Asylum develop as they are supposed to in serious, prize winning literature More than anyone else, the layers of Diana Anna and Fraser are peeled back over and over, until the person finally seated on the couch beside the reader they are that alive is not the one the reader had an opinion about at the beginning or even halfway through the novel I blushed next to Edward Fraser, hoping he would forgive me for my judgments Through the metamorphoses, the plot keeps us hooked and the changes are all believable.I can see why Darby titled this novel The Unpierced Heart in its first incarnation, for the overall story is about judgments and choices made around, for and about love The Whores Asylum is set against a background of rich Gothic trappings and told in a strong, literary Victorian voice I cannot wait to see what Darby writes next.