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I learned about this book through an online widow s support group The title drew me in, and then I saw it A picture of her and her husband, I could see their deep love for each other and it reminded me of me and my husband I had to read it Of all the books I have read by widows since my husband died, Ms Dettmann s is the most honest I appreciate her sharing her experiences with no sugar coating Other books I read shared the emotional trauma in generality, but not the details as this author did Most didn t share the physical aspects of deep grief and loss, but Diane did There was a point in my grief journey I thought there must be something terribly wrong with me My emotional state was much rawer and intense than what others shared None talked in detail about the physical and mental toll the loss takes I honestly thought was had some horrible disease or was mentally losing it I couldn t find anything in writing that matched my symptoms and mental condition This frightened me evenI had never had an anxiety attack before my husband s death, and not to the point I thought I was dying Page after page I found myself nodding my head and even saying, Yes, yes, as I related to her personal account Not that I want anyone to suffer through the loss of a spouse, but reading about her experiences as a widow, was comforting and I knew I was not alone I wish this was the first book I had read The book is skillfully written not only in its presentation but also in clearly expressing such a raw, vulnerable, intensely personal time A standing ovation for Diane Dettmann and her courage, for not only being so transparent, but have the courage to revisit such a painful time by writing this book It was a comfort and encouragement Thank you I received this book free from the author I was not required to write a positive review All the opinions I expressed were my own. Twenty Eight Snow Angels A Widow s Story of Love, Loss and Renewal by author Diane Dettmann is truly an inspirational read full of raw emotion You feel her joy as she begins her life as a newly married young woman You feel her sadness and her pain through her first husband s illness and then his untimely death She grieved, she struggled she took charge of her life and she grew as a person She did the work and then when she got the chance to finally love again, she did just that with all her heart and soul Grief does not come with a time table People handle their grief in difference ways and stages, and the time through which they move through the stages will vary However you look at it, though, Diane s story is proof positive that out of great loss great love can come again She gives the reader hope a reason to keep moving forward Mary Jo Wiseman, CMP Author The Meeting Planning Process A Guide to Planning Successful Meetings I really liked this book maybe that s because I am a widow and can relate Well written and inspirational. Dettmann delivers beautiful prose about some of her darkest times She takes every day life and shows the desperation, depression, and frustration that a widow goes through It is moving and courageous. `FREE BOOK ↠ Twenty-Eight Snow Angels ☠ Beach Book Festival Runner Up In The Autobiography Category A BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN STORY OF A LIFE RENEWED Diane Dettmann S Memoir, Twenty Eight Snow Angels A Widow S Story Of Love, Loss And Renewal, Invites The Reader Into Her Personal Experience Of Grief, As She Faces Life Alone, After The Death Of Her Husband With Honesty And A Clear Perspective, Diane Reveals Her Daily Struggles As She Faces The Difficult Realities Of Grief The Reader Feels Her Pain And At The Same Time Rejoices In Her Commitment To Tackle The Daily Challenges Of Life On Her Own And Succeed Her Heartfelt Story Inspires Hope As Readers Discover They Can Build A Meaningful Life Alone Or With Someone New After A Devastating Loss This Inspirational Story Vividly Portrays The Painful Depths Of Grief That Many People Experience With A Loss In Their Life Diane S Descriptive Writing Captivates The Reader And Engages Them In The Journey Through Her Painful Loss Alone For The First Time In Her Life, She Realizes The Healing Powers Passing Strangers Provide As They Float In And Out Of Her Life Along The Way, She Discovers Personal Strengths And Skills She Never Knew She Possessed With Sparks Of Humor Scattered Throughout Her Story, She Provides The Readers With A Glow In The Darkness That Inspires Them To Keep Going Twenty Eight Snow Angels Is A Book That Will Leave The Reader Thinking, Someone Finally Gets It Even Counselors, Family Members And Friends Who Read This Book Can Gain A Deeper Understanding Of How Ravishing Grief Can Be To People Who Have Experienced A Traumatic Loss In Their Life A Keenly Observed Story Of The Sudden Death Of A Husband The Reader Feels The Grief And The Hope That Follows %uAdair Lara, Author Of Hold Me Close, Let Me Go Writer Diane Dettmann S Grief Makes Small Events, Like The Sale Of A Beloved Piano, Become As Momentous As The Sale Of A National Treasure In The Process, She Rediscovers Faith, Community And Love Susan Parker, Author Of Walking In The Deep End In Twenty Eight Snow Angels, Writer Diane Dettmann Gives Us A Poignant Account Of A Life Badly Rent And Ultimately Revitalized In A Way We Can Take To Heart Peggy Lang, Award Winning Ghostwriter The Reader Is Drawn In And Captivated By Diane S Vivid Account Of Her Grief After The Death Of Her Loving Husband A Powerful Story Of Love, Grief, Hope And Faith All Can Learn From Mary Jacks, MS Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist Diane S Piano Move Was One Of Our Most Memorable It Really Touched Us All Paula Soukup, Manny S Piano Company, Inc